Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

Gosh… it’s been ages since I’ve jotted anything in this little nook of mine, isn’t it?

MI4: Ghost Protocol

Well, thanks to Magnum 4D for the invite, I managed to get a few friends together and went for this movie. It had me at the edge of my seat for most of it! I think I’ve only ever half heartedly watched one of the other three Mission Impossible movies, now after this one I think I need to get my hands on the other three.

Briefly, the movie brought us to many beautiful locations namely Russia, Dubai and India where we can see expensive cars being crashed and oh-so-many Apple products being used by the cast. Needless to say, all the techy stuff and impossible stunt being done in the show greatly emphasizes this movie’s namesake…

My verdict for this movie?
9/10 - Great stunts and use of all the high tech gadgets really wow-ed me (plus, of course, there is Tom Cruise!)


Of Kids and Their Pencil Cases

This is Ivan hard at work.

He only ever starts doing his homework when I start to naik angin. These days, work load has increased as compared to during the first semester… I think the kindy must be preparing them for standard 1??

This is his pencil case.

Unknown amount of rubbers!
WTF?? (pardon the language, son, if you ever see this) Would you just look at that eraser extravaganza?? No matter how many gazillion times I clear his pencil case and put only those few items that are really needed, it ALWAYS end up like this. There is one, not shown in that pile, that actually has “ARTHUR” written on it. I think I have a packrat in my brood… sigh.


Miss Jolie @ 18 Months

Yeah, after the long, long, long hiatus, I’m back with some pictures of the little missy. This post is going to be like a hit and run, since I’m actually supposed to be sitting here editing pictures for clients. But instead, I go and crop a few pictures of my kiddos =.=”

Finally too tired and KO’ed for mommy to snap some pics

Long lashes?

Huge feet? Reminds me of Ivan’s chubby feet :P

Grubby fingers… too bad all my kids inherited these nails from me, short stubs which are not dainty at all :(

More pictures to come soon, and hopefully I will be able to blog more from now on… y’know, new year, new resolutions *haha*…

Announcement, TwoPixels

TwoPixels Anniversary Giveaway!

Yes! Time flies and TwoPixels Photography has just turned 1 end of last month. To celebrate the birthday of our little venture, Jasmine and myself have decided to give away at least 3 free sessions to 3 lucky bloggers out there! If we have lots of blog posts coming in, we might even add in a few more freebies!

So what are you waiting for, log in… type it… and send us your link today!

Health, Izac

One Tooth Less

Last Friday, we packed up for our fortnightly stay over at my mum’s. As usual, with me reaching home from work, packing last minute things and getting the kids ready to go, I reached mum’s place quite late… I think it was around 9pm. After having dinner, the kids proceeded to play in the room while the lazy adults lie on the bed and watch TV.

Sometimes, kids being kids, they like to play rough and from my lying position, I shout my orders at them *LOL*. Only God knows what happened (coz the kids ain’t telling) in that split second moment when we heard a bump against the bed’s headboard and then whining from the clumsiest one of all, Izac.

One Tooth Less

I thought it was something mild (mind you, he didn’t cry) and asked him to come over so that I could inspect his lips and gums. When I pulled up his lips, I was horrified to find a tooth missing! Instantly I felt heartache, and then anger at Haslina for her rough play (although to this day I don’t know the full story, and Izac can’t be spinning the chair so hard by himself!). In the spot where his tooth used to be, there was bleeding and his gums were blue and black. I used to lampin for him to bite on to stop the bleeding and asked him if it was pain. Surprisingly, he said it hurt just a little.

The bleeding stopped quickly and the hole was quickly covered up by dark gel like substance… probably nature’s form of a cork for incidences like this. When Ivan came over and kepoh-ed (he was playing computer), I told him to go over to that spot and look for Izac’s tooth (Izac told me he swallowed it, but I decided to try looking anyway). Ivan brought back that tooth and I was shocked that a healthy tooth like that can so easily be knocked out whole (root and all) and the child felt little or no pain.

Hole in His Smile

Even now after 4 days, everytime I think of that tooth (which I now keep in my drawer), I feel heartache. Heartache that the poor boy have to go with a gap in his smile for another 3 - 4 years. I am also worried that the impact will cause his future adult tooth to come out crooked, if at all. SIL#1 tried to scare me saying that since the whole root is out, he might not even have an adult tooth (milk teeth which comes off at the right time are usually without root). But thanks to Google, I found this:

Q : Does a first set of baby teeth molars have roots?

A : Yes, all teeth have roots. But when they fall out naturally they don’t have them anymore. The “big” teeth below “disolve” the roots by pushing the baby teeth out.

I guess now I’ll just have to wait and see when his adult teeth comes, and hope that more of his teeth won’t get extracted before their time. :(


Price Revision @ TwoPixels Photography

Price Revision Notice

Hurry! Hop on over and sign up for your own pixel too before the price revision. Only 3 days left ;P

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Jolie, Milestones, Motherhood

Flips and Flops, and What-Nots

Nose Scrunching

Just a short one on little miss Jolie.

At 3 months, she’s learnt to flip over completely without knowing yet how to lift her head properly.

At around 3 1/2 months, she surprised me yet again when she could flip over to her belly AND lift her head.

At 4 1/2 months old, she’s done a flip-to-belly, and then flip-to-back and another flip-to-belly! She’s practically a pro already doing multiple flips (proud mama typing here… teehee!)… Now I just hope she doesn’t fall off the bed in split seconds.

I wrote the above yonks ago, thinking I would have time to do some adjustments and post it. It’s been lying at the drafts area collecting dust. I thought I would just post it up now, since it is a major milestone for Miss Jolie here. She can flip well and prop herself up, but as of now still not able to sit unsupported.

Rolling Rolling

Like her brothers, she’s not given me much problem when she’s teething (or is it just me who didn’t notice :|). Her bottom 2 teeth started sprouting at 5 months, the top 2 started at 6 months, then another 2 at the top started at 7 months and now at 8 months another 2 at the top seems to want to come out too! So careful if she bites, it painful! (Duh~)

She’s started taking porridge twice a day at a little over 6 months and she’s lovin’ it! This means she’s taking less milk (2 bottles of 4.5oz less) but I’m still a pumping mama at work and and a cow when I’m home. I’ve also started giving her some fruits, mainly bananas and papayas. This girl just can get enough of food, she screams her lungs out when the spoon leaves her mouth and doesn’t go back fast enough.

Hmm… there are actually endless things to write, mostly with regards to the habits of these young flers, but I’ll leave that for another post. Gonna end this post with a picture of the 3 kiddos.

3 Kiddos

Yum Cha

>Drug Rehab Songs<

I notice that these days there are more and more drug rehab songs on the radio. I wonder why someone would want to write songs about drug rehabs, more so listen to it. But then again, I guess these days songs don’t really mean much, they’re just sounds. They just sound nice, but when you really listen, they don’t mean much. I remember when I was younger, songs have a meaning to them, and they really do tell a story. Ahh… I miss those good old days.

Yum Cha

>Lights Extravaganza<

Finally, after years of hoping to get the house renovated, hubs have finally agreed to have it done soon. I guess I will have to pop over at the light fixture store and have a looksee. The current lighting at the house just makes me sick coz they’re certainly not bright enough and I’m such a person for brightness! I hope when the house is thoroughly done up it will be so brightly lit, there won’t be any dark corners left.

Yum Cha

>Big Appetite<

I find that I have a huge appetite these days, and needless to say my weight gain is darn healthy too :(. I haven’t done much to reduce my food intake but wonder if doing a herbal colon cleanse will help get rid of some unwanted oils in my body. Hmm… on second thoughts, I think it might only help to reduce water retention in my body. Have any of you tried it?

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