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Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

Gosh… it’s been ages since I’ve jotted anything in this little nook of mine, isn’t it?

MI4: Ghost Protocol

Well, thanks to Magnum 4D for the invite, I managed to get a few friends together and went for this movie. It had me at the edge of my seat for most of it! I think I’ve only ever half heartedly watched one of the other three Mission Impossible movies, now after this one I think I need to get my hands on the other three.

Briefly, the movie brought us to many beautiful locations namely Russia, Dubai and India where we can see expensive cars being crashed and oh-so-many Apple products being used by the cast. Needless to say, all the techy stuff and impossible stunt being done in the show greatly emphasizes this movie’s namesake…

My verdict for this movie?
9/10 - Great stunts and use of all the high tech gadgets really wow-ed me (plus, of course, there is Tom Cruise!)


Of Kids and Their Pencil Cases

This is Ivan hard at work.

He only ever starts doing his homework when I start to naik angin. These days, work load has increased as compared to during the first semester… I think the kindy must be preparing them for standard 1??

This is his pencil case.

Unknown amount of rubbers!
WTF?? (pardon the language, son, if you ever see this) Would you just look at that eraser extravaganza?? No matter how many gazillion times I clear his pencil case and put only those few items that are really needed, it ALWAYS end up like this. There is one, not shown in that pile, that actually has “ARTHUR” written on it. I think I have a packrat in my brood… sigh.