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One Tooth Less

Last Friday, we packed up for our fortnightly stay over at my mum’s. As usual, with me reaching home from work, packing last minute things and getting the kids ready to go, I reached mum’s place quite late… I think it was around 9pm. After having dinner, the kids proceeded to play in the room while the lazy adults lie on the bed and watch TV.

Sometimes, kids being kids, they like to play rough and from my lying position, I shout my orders at them *LOL*. Only God knows what happened (coz the kids ain’t telling) in that split second moment when we heard a bump against the bed’s headboard and then whining from the clumsiest one of all, Izac.

One Tooth Less

I thought it was something mild (mind you, he didn’t cry) and asked him to come over so that I could inspect his lips and gums. When I pulled up his lips, I was horrified to find a tooth missing! Instantly I felt heartache, and then anger at Haslina for her rough play (although to this day I don’t know the full story, and Izac can’t be spinning the chair so hard by himself!). In the spot where his tooth used to be, there was bleeding and his gums were blue and black. I used to lampin for him to bite on to stop the bleeding and asked him if it was pain. Surprisingly, he said it hurt just a little.

The bleeding stopped quickly and the hole was quickly covered up by dark gel like substance… probably nature’s form of a cork for incidences like this. When Ivan came over and kepoh-ed (he was playing computer), I told him to go over to that spot and look for Izac’s tooth (Izac told me he swallowed it, but I decided to try looking anyway). Ivan brought back that tooth and I was shocked that a healthy tooth like that can so easily be knocked out whole (root and all) and the child felt little or no pain.

Hole in His Smile

Even now after 4 days, everytime I think of that tooth (which I now keep in my drawer), I feel heartache. Heartache that the poor boy have to go with a gap in his smile for another 3 - 4 years. I am also worried that the impact will cause his future adult tooth to come out crooked, if at all. SIL#1 tried to scare me saying that since the whole root is out, he might not even have an adult tooth (milk teeth which comes off at the right time are usually without root). But thanks to Google, I found this:

Q : Does a first set of baby teeth molars have roots?

A : Yes, all teeth have roots. But when they fall out naturally they don’t have them anymore. The “big” teeth below “disolve” the roots by pushing the baby teeth out.

I guess now I’ll just have to wait and see when his adult teeth comes, and hope that more of his teeth won’t get extracted before their time. :(

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New Jabs vs Old Jabs

Last Friday, I went and met up with Chanel and Paik Ling at Chanel’s place. All three of us went to Starbucks armed with a newborn, for the sake of coffee and chit chatting. Gila, right? Those people who saw us must be thinking how come these 3 mommies in confinement are so desperate *LOL*. I brought my camera along, but didn’t remember to take a picture of us together (how can this be possible?!).

Anyway, we chatting for the whole afternoon and both of them mentioned bringing their bundles of joy for the traditional jab at 1 month old instead of the 6-in-1 jab which I was planning on getting for Jolie. I was told by the advisor that it’s less painful and we get to administer it only once at 2 months old instead of once at 1 month and once again on the second month.

Jolie @ 6 Weeks

So finally, this afternoon I brought Jolie to the clinic (at 6 weeks old) for the 1 month old jab. Seems a little kiasu but it’s better to be safe and go with the flow *haha*. The queue at the paed’s was so long, I waited for 2 hours to see the Doctor!

♥ Weight: 4.3kgs
♥ Height: 54cms
♥ Head: 37.4cms

She wailed for a while after the jab, but other than that she was OK! Her next jab will be in 2 weeks.

Other updates about the girl… she loves to coo and whenever she’s awake, she hates to be left alone. When we talk to her, she replies by cooing and smiling, sometimes even laughing. Another thing I found very endearing about newborns is they way the tend to grunt a lot when they sleep, either they’re trying to get into a comfortable position or they have some gas trapped which is trying to come out as a burp… *sigh*…

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Izac’s Turn

Ugh… Izac went out for dinner with his Kor Kor, SIL#2, Mah Mah and Supini and came back asleep, with a fever. Now the problem with Izac whenever he is sick is he refuses to eat medicine… unlike Ivan who had no problem with taking medication. How the hell am I going to make him take the syrup to bring down his fever? And worse still, he’s sleeping soundly now… I think I would have to resort to using the suppository which he also hates *sigh*.

Really hope he gets well soon as I might pop any day… I don’t want to be stuck with a clingy toddler and a dependent newborn. We will probably have to visit the GP again in the morning.

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Joining the Gang…

… in being sick!

So, yeah, Ivan was down with fever from Tuesday morning. It was really out of the blue because he was fine and dandy on Monday night. I found him heating up on Tuesday morning and steadily gotten hotter so I called work to tell them that I would be late and brought him to the GP (after working at my current company for 5 years, my children are entitled to free medical at our panel clinics).

The boy refused to kepit the thermometer under his armpits, so Dr said nevermind since he was already so hot, he’s confirmed to have fever. Also, his throat was very red. He was prescribed to take 3 days worth of Zithromax antibiotics, fever medicine and cold medicine.

When I was at work, SIL#2 called up to say that he was really HOT and that made me worry like hell. Then SIL#2 turned up at my house and made Ivan take a cold bath to bring his fever down, and she called and told me that she had promised him 6 Ultraman toys to make him agree *faints*.

After 1 day of fasting (he refused to eat due to sore throat), sleeping and medication, he was way better already. He told me yesterday evening that his neck hurts when he turn right, I guess the boy must have slept too much and in awkward positions, so he’s got stiff neck.

Today will be his last day to take the antibiotics. Tomorrow, I will probably send him to school if he’s okay, since I will be going for my pregnancy checkup.

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Group B Streptococcus (GBS)

I took leave to go to the clinic to collect my prescription and test result from the nurse today. She didn’t say much, and I kind of didn’t have much to ask as I have also done my own reading on GBS after I received the phone call. Only thing she told me was to attach the result to the admission letter and bring it on the next visit (yeah, I forgot to bring the admission letter :P) so that Doctor could add some remarks to it. At the pharmacy, I was given a weeks’ worth of Penicillin tablets (costs only RM8.40)… to be taken 2 each time, 4 times a day.

Some quick information about GBS (extracted from BabyCenter):

  • Normally screened at 35 to 37 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Usually harmless in adults, but could cause sepsis (an infection in the blood), pneumonia, and meningitis in newborns if the bacteria is passed to the baby during labor / birth.
  • If you were GBS positive and didn’t get treatment, your baby would have only about a 1 or 2 in 200 chance of becoming infected.
  • If you are treated with antibiotics during labor, you reduce your baby’s chance of getting the infection even further — to about one in 4,000.
  • If you are GBS positive, you’ll need to have IV antibiotics as soon as your labor starts or your water breaks, whichever comes first. Ideally, you’ll want to get started on the antibiotics at least four hours before you give birth.

Until my next visit, I guess I’ll just have to hope that this course of antibiotics will help clear the bacteria (although I read that oral antibiotics taken during pregnancy has not been found to prevent infection in newborns).

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A Little Worried, A Little Pissed

(WARNING: Light ranting ahead…)

Remember I updated on my checkup saying I did a swab test for Group B Streptococcus (GBS)? Well, the nurse just called with the results… it’s positive. I didn’t have this bacteria during my previous two pregnancies, so this is something new to me. Positive result only means that I carry the bacteria, and this bacteria can come and go. It’s actually not harmful to the mother, but a newborn passing through the birth canal could get infected. Therefore, I will need to go to the clinic and get some medicine (antibiotics, I think) so that I can start on it as soon as possible, before I pop.

More updates tomorrow, after I have seen the nurse and asked a couple of questions with regards to this. In the meantime, you can read up the link on GBS if you’re interested.

::::::::::: SUE’S RANT :::::::::::

I have totally no mood to work now and requested my superior to let me off early to go to the Doctor’s so that I can save my leave tomorrow… not only the stupid fella didn’t give me a straight answer, but he pointed to some work that wasn’t mine to begin with and say, “Why is that box still there?”

Oh, and what kind of a superior complains about a pregnant woman taking a full day’s MC everytime she has to go for a checkup? This is the best time to utilise all my MCs *hehehe* and also to have a rest. I seriously wonder what he will say to his wife when it’s her turn to be pregnant… hmph!


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Endless Weddings & Lost Crocs

Phew… I’ve been to 3 weddings for the past 3 weekends, one of which was in Penang. Two more to come this month, both in KL. Feeling sore for my poor pocket *heehee*.

The kids are great, except that Ivan just had fever which brought about rashes on his cheeks and a bit of small spots on his hands and legs. Now that he is well, Izac seem to have got the cough. He coughs with such a hollow sound it makes me scared to hear it. This little guy mau (want) ice whenever he sees it. He goes mau *nod nod*… mau *nod nod*… kinda like a little cat. Wonder why both he and Ivan learn to say “want” in Malay.

This past weekend has been hectic. I went to 2 warehouse sales with my mom, one for toys (this one was good) and one for clothes (which I regretted going because it was just so darn hot and the queue was horrendous!). The toy warehouse sales was good, imagine them selling Barbie dolls for RM10 when the normal price was RM25 each. They even went lower, RM15 for 2 which is a pretty good deal if you’re planning to get them for gifts to little girls. They had very limited Hot Wheels and Little People products which I was hoping to get for my boys.

Other than that, I had my hair trimmed which is a rare occasion. Then went shopping for shoes.

The towards the end of yesterday, Izac lost his Crocs. I was mental for a while there, but after I cooled down I was actually thankful that nothing happened to Izac. Losing a shoe like the Crocs is heart wrenching, but due to how we lost it (which we had NO idea) I was just thankful nothing happened to Izac. He could have took it off without us noticing or someone picked it off his feet(?), but the weird thing is no one noticed anything and the Curve really wasn’t crowded at 10pm. How we could have missed it was really mind boggling. Specially with bad things happening to kids nowadays, I’m really tempted to buy a harness for the little guy. What do you guys think? Maybe a monkey backpack harness or something similar?

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Vomiting Koala

Warning: Long post ahead.

On Monday (June 11) evening, I came home to a very lethargic looking Izac. I was told immediately by Supini that he has just vomited. When I asked hubs about it, he did not seem to know about it and said that Izac has just woke up.

I could see that he do not look well, very clingy and too quiet! So, as usual, I breastfed him a little as he like to cuddle when I return from work. After drinking a bit, he was fussing and looked very uncomfortable. I brought him to the kitchen and questioned Supini on what they ate that day as Mondays are off days for hubs so he brings them out for the day. As soon as I reached the kitchen, he threw up again, all the dragon fruit which he ate before he slept.

From then until after we boarded a friend’s car to go for dinner, he vomited a total of 5 times, the last one in our friend’s car! Luckily I had him facing me and everything was on our tees. So I told hubs to go ahead and go for dinner with Ivan while I brought Supini and Izac with me to the pediatrician.

Throughout the journey to the doctor’s, he clung to me like a koala bear and I can feel that the car ride is making him nauseas again. For once, I drove like an old lady without spectacles *LOL*. Told the doctor the gist of what happened and what I think he ate (sometimes I don’t thoroughly understand what the maid says), she suggested food poisoning. So we were given some medication for the vomiting and also rehydration salts.

As soon as we got back into the car, and I was reversing, the little koala vomited again on his and my tees (sitting on mommy’s lap maa). OMG! 6 times in 1 hour is just too much for a little kiddo. So what to do, I drove back into parking as I was kinda blocking someone’s car. Turns out that Jazzmint so ngam came to the very same pediatrician for Vyktore’s jab appointment. So we chatted for about 5 minutes and I started the ride home (with the little koala still stuck to me).

The little koala then fell asleep (in a very fashionable koala position these days it seems) and I went to the McDonald’s drive through. As soon as I finished placing order and took the food form the window, he saw it! He saw Coke and demanded for it… Geez, what to do, had to let him sip on it a little as home is very near already.

So we reach home, and he vomited again in the dining hall. By then I think his little stomach really have nothing much in it anymore, as he had no appetite for dinner. After putting him and Ivan to bed, he still wasn’t feeling well and vomited another time around midnight.

So I guess he finally went to sleep on top of mommy and I thank God that at least he was able to sleep through until morning. Come morning, he vomited again. Luckily, that was the last time… the rest are all small vomits here and there. He purged a few times that day too. Fed him his meals in small portions throughout the day and I was glad that the vomiting and the purging did not drag on.

He seemed much much better on Wednesday, but I took an additional day’s leave from work to monitor him. I’m so glad that he’s healed so quickly.

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Assorted Updates

Wow.. been quite busy for this past week. I’m such a bad blogger sometimes, but thing is I have tonnes on my mind. When I finally get my butt down and want to do some serious journaling, my mind goes blank. *duh!* Anyway, some random updates.

Blogger’s Gathering
I’m so paiseh (Hokkien: embarrassed) to say that I was the last to arrive at California Pizza Kitchen on Sunday. I swear I was on time! It was the kids who made me late!!! *looks accusingly at the kids who are now asleep*

*hahaha* Well, back to the main point. It’s been ages since I went to such a gathering, I think the last one must have been my first one at Milwaukee Steak House with Egghead and the gang. Still, no difference for me as I felt quite awkward and a little shy *teehee*. And since I was the last to arrive, I did not get enough time to mingle around. It was nice to see familiar faces and try to match them to their those seen daily in their respective blogs. Kinda like “match the face to the blog”. By the time everyone finished their lunch, the kids were kind of getting cranky and most of them were just waiting to go off to lala-land. So, nothing much to say except…… when is the next meet up?!

Izac is Sick
Izac got the fever yesterday so I took a day off from work. He had quite a bad fever towards dawn and he wasn’t sleeping well at all, was tossing and turning the whole night. So off we went to the doctor’s and got him some medication, he is much much better today and the fever seemed to have subsided. It could be due to teething?

Tags, Tags and More Tags
OMG… I think I might have a magnet stuck to me that attracts tags. Let me count them for you one by one…
1. Jazzmint tagged me on “Protect Our Children on the Internet
2. Jazzmint tagged me on “My Other Half
3. Nadia tagged me on “Pop Culture” thingy
4. Jessie tagged me on “My Other Half” again
5. Chooi Peng tagged me on “Where Do I Want to Go?
*prays for no more tags* Err… owe you all first ah.

OKay, I guess that’s about it for now. And oh, I met Sasha for lunch today *hehehe*. Just had to include that.

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Asthma? Bronchitis?

Left work at 3pm yesterday to see the doctor again. I felt that the medication I have been taking is not doing me much good, progress seems slow. This time, it’s a different doctor again as the Dr Sister is out. Dr Brother is in though (this clinic contains a whole family of doctors) and my records are there so it should be OK I guess. This time, Dr Brother decided to put me on some real medicine… I vaguely hear him mentioning that one’s for asthma and one’s for bronchitis. Gawd! It cannot be that bad. He did say that after this 4-day course I should be 95% healed. If not, then I’d have to go back for chest X-ray in a week’s time.

But of course, I told him that I am still breast feeding and was told to stop for at least 5 to 6 days, minimum 24 hours or more after taking the last dose. Gosh! I feel toxic. Well… there goes my milk supply in the freezer. I must say though that this is as good a timing as ever, as I will be leaving for the company trip on Thursday morning. I just hope Izac will not cry too much at nights, looking for his “pacifier”.

Oh, and finally, after a few people telling me that boiling peppermint leaves and drinking the tonic mixed with some brown sugar helps, I asked mum to pluck some from her garden and make some for me. Took some yesterday afternoon and I’m not sure if it’s psychological, I feel the throat feeling a little better.

Anyway, going home now. And I can just picture it… me reaching home, Ivan pouncing on me, Izac starting to whine as soon as he sees me. If I reach for Izac, Ivan will start dragging at my leg, wanting to be carried. If I carry Ivan, Izac will start bawling away.

Sigh… I love my kids!

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