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Sometimes I kinda wish I can just knock (literally!) those 2 boys out by 9pm so that I can have enough time to finish all my daily tasks. Those two night owls just cannot go to bed like other little kids. They’re awake even now! I know it’s due to the late naps they always have but it’s really out of my control since I will be at work while they create havoc in the house during the day.

I think until I start making some changes to their nap time or something, I won’t be able to kick start this ole blog and get MY things done :(



Who would’ve thought 2009’s zooming past at a speedier pace than 2008. It’s already March and I did say I was going to do some backdated posts about all that’s happened during my MIA days. It’s a roller coaster of things… Christmas, year end and working my ass off clearing shit before the new year comes, the new business, New Year, Chinese New Year, changing host for this old blog of mine and now finally, I think it’s safe to say that this blog can finally be revived!

More to come tomorrow.

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I’m Still Here

Ice Cool

I guess I should really update something about what’s up with me. Being gone for too long from this blog makes me lazy, as you can see from my sporadic entries these past few months. Even my feed reader’s topping the charts at 1200 unread posts after 3 weeks of absence, that’s also coz I managed to clear off those paid posts written by those in my feed and leaving behind only those I plan to read… soon… *hehe*

First off, this marks the beginning of my 3rd week at work. I started work the week after the Raya holidays (6th October) and faced a mountain of faulty parts waiting to be sent out. Even now, they’re not all cleared yet, what with new stuff to do everyday while having to deal with the old stuff as well.

About the kids… they’re just doing great… driving their mommy up the wall, that is! Ivan has been a really good boy. Izac is the one driving me up the wall. Jolie… she’s an angel, when she’s not wailing! But really, Jolie is quite a good baby, probably because I co-sleep with her at nights so I hardly ever have to get up from my slumber too. More updates about them coming up one by one :D.

On newborn photography, I have done 2 photoshoots since the last I wrote an entry… one for my friend’s first child Cody and after that for Sasha’s brand new boy Justin. Those will be coming soon too!

Do check back soon (but don’t hold your breath, ya!)…

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My Special Day

Day Time

I celebrated my birthday back at my mum’s place. By now, I think you guys should have guessed that I love going home to my mum’s place, and I try to do it fortnightly. Hubs doesn’t follow us as he has to work on weekends as well. This is a place where I can totally relax and have some free time to myself even without having to leave the house (ie. I can sleep in on weekends). The kids would be fully entertained by Has and Amat.

FoodMore Food

As you can see from the pictures above, my mum bought me a cake, cooked chicken rice and taugeh, tapau-ed roast duck and liver(?) and made some red eggs for this birthday girl. I feel so pampered by her *hehehe*. We didn’t go out, just had a nice lunch at home. Very relaxing.

Mum & IzacCandle Blowing

Night Time

Hubs called me at the last minute asking if I wanted to go for dinner at Shangri-La Hotel. We have membership card to this hotel and since it’s expiring soon, this is a good time to go for a meal there. We went to Zipangu which serves Japanese food. It’s truly an experience to dine in this restaurant, service was excellent and the ambiance was great (not to mention the price too! *LOL*).

Dinner @ Zipangu

We had the Zipangu Course, an order of Wagyu beef and Sashimi Moriawase. The dinner was great, not quite stuffing us to the brim, mind you, but it was enjoyable. I particularly liked the foie gras and the wagyu *hahaha*.

Hokkien Mee @ Petaling Street

After this meal, hubs could still stuff himself with Hokkien mee from Lien Bee at Petaling Street, one of our favorites if we happen to go to Petaling Street at night. This hawker operates in a backlane just near Sinma, and they used to fry their food using coal (this last visit not using coal anymore).

Our date ended after hubs stuffed his face *keke*, and by then he was already darn sleepy (due to pou-ing his latest TVB movie during the day and not sleeping like he should). After we sent him home, I went back to my mum’s to complete my weekend there. Bliss!

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How Embarassing…

Guess what happened at work today?

Flowers from Hubs

I was halfway through some paperwork when one of my colleague dumped a bunch of flowers on my desk. My first thought was… OMG!! I can’t think of anything more embarrassing that receiving flowers at work (unless of course someone barges in during a pumping session like what Vien went through). I know most people would be thrilled to get flowers at work, but not me. I hate the attention, and flowers kinda bring loads of attention. People were passing by my desk asking if it’s my birthday… which is obvious lah, I’m married and I’m 8 months pregnant, what do you think?? *LOL* Anyway, this is the first time I received flowers at work, and I hope it’s the last *keke*… thanks dear, but a nice dinner would be better than wasting money on a bunch of flowers *bleh*.

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End of Working Saturdays

Finally, after nearly six years of working with my current company, we have finally been granted our wish for a five-day-week. Previously, we were working on alternate Saturdays for half a day, which was deemed quite useless by us employees, as it’s such a waste of fuel, electricity and time. The only reason why this company opens on a Saturday is for the customers to bring in faulty units, and therefore only the service centre ever operates to its full use on weekends.

Starting from July 1st 2008, I will have Saturdays and Sundays free, only having to work an additional half an hour on weekdays. Yippee!! All of us couldn’t be happier… working half a day on Saturday makes the weekend pass by so fast!

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Random Confinement Ramblings

Yeah, been skipping some posts which I have planned to do, mainly because I just feel so sleepy and lazy at nights that I ended up sleeping with the kids. Here are little bits of random things that’s been fluttering through my mind these days…

The Bump
When I’m sitting, it’s pushing up on my ribs and it makes me oh-so-sore. When I’m standing or walking, it’s pushing down on my pelvis, and it makes it oh-so-painful. The best position to be is lying down sideways, which I hardly get to do unless I go to bed at night (after the 2 little owls go to sleep). This baby is falling into the same pattern as my 2 boys, my tummy tend to be small at the beginning and now it’s ballooned in trimester 3.

The Name
I’m cracking my brain trying to think of names, both girl and boy names (in case Doctor tersilap (Malay: made a mistake) lah). Please, if any of you want to suggest some names, please do… I basically welcome any letter of the alphabet but I would like to narrow it down to 2 syllables and 4 or 5 letters.

The Confinement
This time around, I will be doing confinement in my own home, instead of my mum’s like when I had Ivan and Izac. This is mainly because Ivan is already going to school and it would be terrible to leave him there with the maid while I stay at mum’s place. I just hope both boys won’t start riding my back and jumping on me like they always do when they see me lying down *sweats* (especially Izac… he goes broom broom…).

The Confinement Stock-Up
I’m sourcing for Bentong ginger, the market price for this period seem to be around RM14 per kg. I have asked from the market in Pandamaran as well as TTDI. I think I will most probably get from TTDI market as it’s nearer to my place and I always get my vegetables from this aunty. I still need to get “wong chau” (Cantonese: yellow wine) and I do not know where from. Anyone with any good recommendations? What other things do I need? I know I certainly cannot miss out on those herbs which will be used for bathing, I need my bath or I will go bonkers.

The Confinement Urut
Again, any suggestions? I will be in Bandar Utama, so I can’t possibly get the urut lady from Port Klang like previously. She was really good, by the way… a little expensive, but still good. Now I have a new namelist which I have yet to call up, I don’t mind more suggestions if you’ve tried any good ones.

Finally, I’m just wondering if I have the time and energy for just 1 more photo outing *hahahaha*…

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Too Quiet

Chan Brothers

The house is quiet. Too quiet.

This is the fist time in many moons that I find myself spending the night without the kids around, especially since after the arrival of Izac. I’ve just sent them away, my mum took them home with her to stay for the weekend. I will be joining them tomorrow after work, as going to work from Port Klang is hell. (If you’re wondering about hubs, he’s on the bed snoring like a pig.)

Funny how I thought I could use the little time off from putting them to bed for just one night. You know what? I miss them already. This home is not a home without the kids, noisy as they may be and naughty as they are.

There may be times when I felt that by having kids I’m giving up on a lot, mainly freedom to do whatever I wish. However, it is times like this that reassures me I have made the right decision to have kids. They make my days brighter and just one night without hearing their noisy chatter makes me feel lonely.

Tomorrow cannot come soon enough…

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Nemo On Ice

sleepy head

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Sorry for the short hiatus. I’ve been feeling pretty tired for the past week and each night as I lay down to nurse Izac, I tend to fall asleep as well. Even today (err… last night). I just woke up just now at 2.30am when Ivan needed to go shee-shee and decided that I MUST blog *LOL*.

I brought Ivan to see Nemo on Ice on last Saturday. We went with my mum, Eleena, Haslina and Selamat. The initial plan was to bring Izac as well, but I am not sure that he can sit through the entire show without disrupting everyone’s concentration. He does not even watch much cartoon at home when his brother watches. So at the end after some coaxing from my mum, I decided to leave him at home. My only consolation is that I will bring him there next year if there is a show.

The show was pretty good (it’s MY first time to Disney on Ice, so can’t compare). Ivan was totally thrilled at all the colors and Nemo! And you know what, he didn’t make any demand to buy anything (good thing about him lah) that day, but just looked at the things they were selling there. The memorabilias were sold at crazy prices too… popcorn or drinks at RM20 - RM30 per pack?! (but of course they do come with a Nemo-on-Ice bucket). One complain though… I think the performers should have at least stayed back for a little while after the show is over and all the lights are switched on. That way we can take some pictures mah. I should have bought the most expensive ticket as those seats have the most picture taking opportunities. From where we were (lower tier, right in front of the stage), I couldn’t get any decent pictures with the Canon Ixus 60.

However, we all enjoyed ourselves. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, just for the look on Ivan’s face.

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Asthma? Bronchitis?

Left work at 3pm yesterday to see the doctor again. I felt that the medication I have been taking is not doing me much good, progress seems slow. This time, it’s a different doctor again as the Dr Sister is out. Dr Brother is in though (this clinic contains a whole family of doctors) and my records are there so it should be OK I guess. This time, Dr Brother decided to put me on some real medicine… I vaguely hear him mentioning that one’s for asthma and one’s for bronchitis. Gawd! It cannot be that bad. He did say that after this 4-day course I should be 95% healed. If not, then I’d have to go back for chest X-ray in a week’s time.

But of course, I told him that I am still breast feeding and was told to stop for at least 5 to 6 days, minimum 24 hours or more after taking the last dose. Gosh! I feel toxic. Well… there goes my milk supply in the freezer. I must say though that this is as good a timing as ever, as I will be leaving for the company trip on Thursday morning. I just hope Izac will not cry too much at nights, looking for his “pacifier”.

Oh, and finally, after a few people telling me that boiling peppermint leaves and drinking the tonic mixed with some brown sugar helps, I asked mum to pluck some from her garden and make some for me. Took some yesterday afternoon and I’m not sure if it’s psychological, I feel the throat feeling a little better.

Anyway, going home now. And I can just picture it… me reaching home, Ivan pouncing on me, Izac starting to whine as soon as he sees me. If I reach for Izac, Ivan will start dragging at my leg, wanting to be carried. If I carry Ivan, Izac will start bawling away.

Sigh… I love my kids!

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