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Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 Award

Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 Award

Thanks to Ryan’s mommy for this award. It was really a surprise as we have only started reading each other’s blog for a short while. Here are the rules that come with this award:

  1. Put the logo on your blog.
  2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
  3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
  4. Add links to these blogs on your blog.
  5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

Now, my nominees:

  1. Ashley & Aidan’s Mommy
  2. Ian & Iris’ Mommy
  3. Faythe & Vyktore’s Mommy
  4. Braedyn & Shayanne’s Mommy
  5. Clarissa, Belle & Barnabas’ Mommy
  6. Chumsy Ashley’s Mommy
  7. Joshua & Elijah’s Mommy


Tag: Of the 2

It’s been so long since I did a tag, and the most recent one after I came out of hibernation is from Jazzmint. Here you go, Jazz.

Two names I go by:
1. Sue
2. Mommy

Two things I am wearing now:
1. My security tag for work
2. Clothing!

Two things I want (or have) in a relationship:
1. More yakking (my hubs is a quiet person)
2. More togetherness

Two things I like to do:
1. Sleep
2. Take photos

Two things I did last night:
1. Brought the kids to McDonald’s for a dose of the slides
2. Watched movie at home with SIL#1 after the kids went to bed

Two things I ate today:
1. Homemade sandwich for breakfast at my desk
2. Maggi Mee for lunch at the mamak

Two people I last talked to:
1. My colleague Yvonne
2. My colleague TY

Two things I am doing tomorrow:
1. Work
2. Read blogs

Two favourite days of the week:
1. Friday
2. Saturday

Two favourite holidays:
1. Christmas
2. Chinese New Year

Two favourite beverages:
1. Coffee
2. Fizzy drinks

Two things about ME, things you may never have known:
1. I drive too fast most times (probably coz too impatient when I drive)
2. I am quite a moody person

Two jobs I have had in my life:
1. Customer Service Executive
2. Service Administrator

Two movies I would watch over and over:
1. Can’t think of any

Two places I have lived:
1. Cheras
2. Port Klang

Two of my favourite foods:
1. Vegetables
2. Anything spicy

Two places I would rather be right now:
1. In bed
2. Anywhere away from work

I would like to tag:
1. Sharon
2. Annie


Tag: 5 of 5

This tag I inherited from Everyday Healy… shouldb be easy peasy *hehe*.

5 things found in my room:
1) Two queen mattresses without frame(to fit all of us without the kids falling off the bed)
2) My notebook (how can I love without this?)
3) TV & DVD player (Barney!)
4) Ivan’s potty
5) Kids’ DVDs, VCDs and books

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:
1) Go around the world
2) Learn knitting / crocheting
3) Learn to swim (I’m like you on this!)
4) Cook up a feast without any help
5) Learn to sew like a pro (I notice most of them are really domesticated stuff, something I think I’ll never get around to doing)

5 things found in my bag:
1) Purse
2) Mobile phone
3) Card holder
4) House keys
5) Tonnes of rubbish a.k.a. useless stuff which would be better off in the dustbin

5 things found in my wallet:
1) Cash
2) Credit card
3) IC
4) Driver’s License
5) Some membership cards - Jusco & Smiles

5 things I’m currently into:
1) Being a mother
2) Blogging
3) Getting the house repaired - it’s in a state of disrepair :(
4) Trying to lose some weight
5) Facebook!

5 beautiful people to tag:
1) Evelyn
2) Jazzmint
3) Chanel
4) Michelle
5) Hui Sia


Tag: Back to the 80s

Got this tag from Nadia on 26th March, it’s been more than a month and I’m finally digging into it *LOL*. Sorry Nadia, better late than never. Hmm… I wonder why this tag is called back to the 80’s? I turned 18 in 1995. So, on with the tag, instructions as follows:

Go to PopCulture site.
Pick the year you turn 18 years old.
Get yourself nostalgic over the songs that year.
Write something about how those songs affected you.
Pass it on to five more friends.

My list of songs… follow Nadia and put 5 lah, coz I don’t see the instructions stating a number. Oh, by the way, I listen to songs without knowing their title and singer. Unless I’m very interested in using it as a ring tone or purchasing the album. So, pardon me ah, can cincai (Hokkien: simply) list 5 songs which the title sounds familiar to me ah? *hahaha*

1. When I Come Around - Green Day (Huah! This song was really hot then, and especially this one it kinda grows on you.)
2. Kiss From A Rose - Seal (Think this I heard from the Batman movie and it kinda stuck in my head.)
3. One Sweet Day - Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men (Loved it then, and still do.)
4. Come And Get Your Love - Real McCoy (I love this band, their beat is really nice.)
5. Colours Of The Wind - Vanessa Williams (I remember Pocahontas when I hear this song.)

Well, no one to tag. Late for a month already some more want to tag people kah?

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Tag: Women Power List

Been so busy for the past week, don’t seem to be able to blog properly or do much scrapping. Made worse by the fact that I cannot keep my eyes opened while putting the kids to sleep… I end up sleeping with them *duh!*. Anyway, to fill the gap, here’s another of the many tags I got (after this is done I still have 3 to go, will this ever end?!!?).

1. Copy all the blog links as they are on the list below and paste them into your blog post.
2. Give a link to the site you got this from (this will be ME) and write about it in your own words (write something nice, OK?).
3. Click on the blogs on your post once a day and visit everyone on it.
4. Add a couple of friends (not more than 4). They must be female bloggers.

Step 1:
Irene, Jacq, Clare, Women Only!, The Suzette, Asthma Adventure, To Lah or Not To Lah, Lazy Bone, Internet. Serious Business., Jimi Morrisons Head, Pray For Mojo, Candid Quips, Pencil Thin, Simplify Every Obstacle, SEO This, Toil, “that Boy Ain’t Right!”, Mustard & Catsup, Pegs Az Life, Wild Ride, Genki Desu Yo, AzDana, My Single Mom Life, Skeets Stuff, Moms With A Spine, Shadow Scope, Beautiful British Columbia, My Thoughts, Ideas & Ramblings, Sprezzaturarrd, Candid Quips, Elynns Random Life, PCDA, Reviews and More, Fire Pit, Dilly Designs, Home Biz Blogger, Figuring Myself Out, Steve Sports & Travel, Win Some Gunning Art Walk, A Green Earth, About Simple Ways, U-G-H, Owen, Ask Owen, Jimi Morrisons Head, Pray For Mojo, Internet Serious Business, A WAHM’s Blog, Penny Pinching Mom, Wanna Be A WAHM, My Home Recipe, Sqkiki’s Disney Plan, Sqkiki’s Island, Fatty’s Wife Mumbling, Dandelion Patch, Scribble On The Wall, marisashreve, Don’t Pick Up, Whatever I Feel Like, Anais Amy, Know A New Freedom, Mom & Pop Tech, Home With The Kids, Aspects Of Home Business, Green SAHM, Time For Exercise, Make Healthy Meals, Simple Kind Of Life, 3 Day Mom, Geeky Speaky, Buy Me Blog, Hockey Dad, Florida Blog, Tampa-Florida Blog, Army Mom:New Jersey, My Single Mom Life, Little America

Step 2:
Jazzmint - A mommy to two kids, one who can juggle loads of things all at once… including daily blogging, scrapping, photo taking and house keeping in the midst of her full time job. Salute man!

Step 3:
*click*, *click*, *click*

Step 4:
1) Annie Q
2) Hui Sia
3) Michelle
4) Dinah


Tag: Where Do I Want To Go Next?

I got tagged for this ages ago. Was supposed to do it within 7 days but since I got tagged over and over and over again, I guess they kept getting renewed over and over? *LOL* So I guess I’ll just do the last and most current one by Nicole.

melbourne sights

(Pictures taken from here.)

Hmm… where do I want to go? For the past year, I have been biding my time, wanting to visit Australia again with hubs and the kids. Reason being: the country is beautiful and clean, the people friendly, it’s baby-friendly there and I’m sure my kids can experience good clean fun there. Hubs have not been there before too, I’m sure that he will enjoy all the wine tasting there.

When I was studying there, I only went to Sydney and Melbourne. I have an aunt who stays in Sydney and I was studying in Melbourne. I guess I really want to bring my kids there to visit Ballarat, Ye Olde Sydney Town, Wonderland, strawberry and tulip farms and not to mention, the vineyards! I would be so fun and I hope, relaxing…

***************************Start Copy***************************

Proposition : Where do you want to go Next, OUTSIDE OF YOUR COUNTRY, for tourism, work , study, whatever.

Requirements : Find some info about the place, itenary etc, pics if possible so you get MORE Traffic coming in, and maybe some people can find somewhere to go to. Excludes your NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR, ie Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, a country that borders yours.You must register for MyBloglog so we can blogwalk ah…..get it?

Quantity : FIVE PEOPLE.

Tag Mode : Chain Link 15 of them.You leave 15 people and their DEEP LINK of their Blog Name and TAGGED POST and hit out for five more. So it will look like

Azrin going Down Under
MaRLinda in Disneyland Paris
Athira Baby and her Balamory Antics
MSAU shopping in Japan
Shannon revisits Australia
Immomsdaughter visit World Heritage New Zealand
MontessoriMum going to Austria
Judy Chow visit Europe
Chooi Peng falling in love to The Kingdom of Dreams & Magic
wHOisBaBy and her “I wish I am at BALI
SSS1979 aka Nicole visit Korea
Sue relaxes with her family in Australia

**Add in the blog you get the tags from and tagged post.**
***************************End Copy ***************************

Extra Rules: you cannot Tag another person who has performed the Tagging Rights to Travel. Check yr commentators.You MUST PASS this tag within 7 days of receiving it , or loose a days worth of Blog Revenue or $10 to charity. Can?Makes it interesting anyway.So no Lazy Tags running about, and yeah, eventually, there will be less than a 1:3 chance you can’t tag that someone. And pay those people in the list a visit, you never know if you can pinch / recycle some ideas for your next entry!

5 lucky travellers are:
1) Annie (Tan)
2) Janie
3) Rachel
4) Jefferene
5) Prudy

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Tag: My Other Half

I got tagged on this meme by Jazzmint (again?!) and Jessie. You can have a look at their entries here and here. Hmm… why did I marry hubs? For your information, I got to know him through SIL#1, who was my housemaid back in Melbourne. I became friends with her there and I became friends with him when I came back to KL.

1. Baru (Malay: just) come back from overseas, single and not working yet… so where to meet guys wor. Before start work already he straight away grab me liao, other guys no chance lorrr *hahaha*.

2. I think I have a habit of going for the silent type, and he’s totally quiet… totally!

3. He sells pork, by marrying him I have have unlimited supply of meat (?) *hahaha*

4. When we were dating, he would come and fetch me from my house.. quite lumm lah, that time. Now ah, you wish lah!

5. He loves to eat, I love to eat… together-gether we eat everywhere.

6. I think he trusts me because he never say no to what I wanna do, but of course, until now nothing major or life/death matter laa

7. I love his family. Very easy-going family, no pressure most times.

8. His sister (SIL#1) helped to promote him… and I got hooked.

9. He loves me (hopefully for who I am).

10. I love him for who he is.


Blogger Power: Safeguard the Web for Children

blogger power logo(Picture taken from here.)

I got tagged by Jazzmint. This is one tag which I don’t mind doing and it’s easy, just copy and paste. Though easy, be assured that I am 100% behind this campaign. P*rnography sites are everywhere these days, even when you’re doing a simple search on the internet, many tend to pop up if your browser do not manage to filter them out and block them. I think for webmasters to do a simple password-protect on these sites is not too much to ask. Therefore…

A Request To All Webmasters Of Adult Sites:

Please require a password-protected login before allowing even free access to explicit adult content. We understand that selling porn is your business and we respect your right to make a legal living. But understand our legitimate concerns and work with us. You already have the “warning adult content” on your websites. Yet kids, who are not legal customers of your product, ignore the warning. So to prevent them from having direct access to explicit images, texts and sounds, the simplest way is to have a password-protected login. No more “free tours” before a visitor supplies basic information.

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Assorted Updates

Wow.. been quite busy for this past week. I’m such a bad blogger sometimes, but thing is I have tonnes on my mind. When I finally get my butt down and want to do some serious journaling, my mind goes blank. *duh!* Anyway, some random updates.

Blogger’s Gathering
I’m so paiseh (Hokkien: embarrassed) to say that I was the last to arrive at California Pizza Kitchen on Sunday. I swear I was on time! It was the kids who made me late!!! *looks accusingly at the kids who are now asleep*

*hahaha* Well, back to the main point. It’s been ages since I went to such a gathering, I think the last one must have been my first one at Milwaukee Steak House with Egghead and the gang. Still, no difference for me as I felt quite awkward and a little shy *teehee*. And since I was the last to arrive, I did not get enough time to mingle around. It was nice to see familiar faces and try to match them to their those seen daily in their respective blogs. Kinda like “match the face to the blog”. By the time everyone finished their lunch, the kids were kind of getting cranky and most of them were just waiting to go off to lala-land. So, nothing much to say except…… when is the next meet up?!

Izac is Sick
Izac got the fever yesterday so I took a day off from work. He had quite a bad fever towards dawn and he wasn’t sleeping well at all, was tossing and turning the whole night. So off we went to the doctor’s and got him some medication, he is much much better today and the fever seemed to have subsided. It could be due to teething?

Tags, Tags and More Tags
OMG… I think I might have a magnet stuck to me that attracts tags. Let me count them for you one by one…
1. Jazzmint tagged me on “Protect Our Children on the Internet
2. Jazzmint tagged me on “My Other Half
3. Nadia tagged me on “Pop Culture” thingy
4. Jessie tagged me on “My Other Half” again
5. Chooi Peng tagged me on “Where Do I Want to Go?
*prays for no more tags* Err… owe you all first ah.

OKay, I guess that’s about it for now. And oh, I met Sasha for lunch today *hehehe*. Just had to include that.


Tag: 5 Wishes by a Parent for Her Children

My 3rd tag for today. 3rd and last one, Still wondering why kena tag 3 times consecutively yesterday? This one’s tagged by Jazzmint.

1. I wish for them to be healthy and active.
2. I wish for them to be wise and learn only the good things in life.
3. I wish for them to be great brothers and to look out for each other always.
4. I wish for them to be good persons and help those who are worse off than themselves (to certain extent laaa).
5. Last but not least, I wish that they’ll be filial to us when we get old.

Got tonnes more wishes, but I guess cannot be tham sim. Not tagging anyone, I think I got this tag quite late already.

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