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My Special Day

Day Time

I celebrated my birthday back at my mum’s place. By now, I think you guys should have guessed that I love going home to my mum’s place, and I try to do it fortnightly. Hubs doesn’t follow us as he has to work on weekends as well. This is a place where I can totally relax and have some free time to myself even without having to leave the house (ie. I can sleep in on weekends). The kids would be fully entertained by Has and Amat.

FoodMore Food

As you can see from the pictures above, my mum bought me a cake, cooked chicken rice and taugeh, tapau-ed roast duck and liver(?) and made some red eggs for this birthday girl. I feel so pampered by her *hehehe*. We didn’t go out, just had a nice lunch at home. Very relaxing.

Mum & IzacCandle Blowing

Night Time

Hubs called me at the last minute asking if I wanted to go for dinner at Shangri-La Hotel. We have membership card to this hotel and since it’s expiring soon, this is a good time to go for a meal there. We went to Zipangu which serves Japanese food. It’s truly an experience to dine in this restaurant, service was excellent and the ambiance was great (not to mention the price too! *LOL*).

Dinner @ Zipangu

We had the Zipangu Course, an order of Wagyu beef and Sashimi Moriawase. The dinner was great, not quite stuffing us to the brim, mind you, but it was enjoyable. I particularly liked the foie gras and the wagyu *hahaha*.

Hokkien Mee @ Petaling Street

After this meal, hubs could still stuff himself with Hokkien mee from Lien Bee at Petaling Street, one of our favorites if we happen to go to Petaling Street at night. This hawker operates in a backlane just near Sinma, and they used to fry their food using coal (this last visit not using coal anymore).

Our date ended after hubs stuffed his face *keke*, and by then he was already darn sleepy (due to pou-ing his latest TVB movie during the day and not sleeping like he should). After we sent him home, I went back to my mum’s to complete my weekend there. Bliss!

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How Embarassing…

Guess what happened at work today?

Flowers from Hubs

I was halfway through some paperwork when one of my colleague dumped a bunch of flowers on my desk. My first thought was… OMG!! I can’t think of anything more embarrassing that receiving flowers at work (unless of course someone barges in during a pumping session like what Vien went through). I know most people would be thrilled to get flowers at work, but not me. I hate the attention, and flowers kinda bring loads of attention. People were passing by my desk asking if it’s my birthday… which is obvious lah, I’m married and I’m 8 months pregnant, what do you think?? *LOL* Anyway, this is the first time I received flowers at work, and I hope it’s the last *keke*… thanks dear, but a nice dinner would be better than wasting money on a bunch of flowers *bleh*.

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Tag: My Other Half

I got tagged on this meme by Jazzmint (again?!) and Jessie. You can have a look at their entries here and here. Hmm… why did I marry hubs? For your information, I got to know him through SIL#1, who was my housemaid back in Melbourne. I became friends with her there and I became friends with him when I came back to KL.

1. Baru (Malay: just) come back from overseas, single and not working yet… so where to meet guys wor. Before start work already he straight away grab me liao, other guys no chance lorrr *hahaha*.

2. I think I have a habit of going for the silent type, and he’s totally quiet… totally!

3. He sells pork, by marrying him I have have unlimited supply of meat (?) *hahaha*

4. When we were dating, he would come and fetch me from my house.. quite lumm lah, that time. Now ah, you wish lah!

5. He loves to eat, I love to eat… together-gether we eat everywhere.

6. I think he trusts me because he never say no to what I wanna do, but of course, until now nothing major or life/death matter laa

7. I love his family. Very easy-going family, no pressure most times.

8. His sister (SIL#1) helped to promote him… and I got hooked.

9. He loves me (hopefully for who I am).

10. I love him for who he is.

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Appendicitis (Part II)

Hubby was feeling much better already the day after the operation… can talk, can eat, can watch a whole TVB series from my laptop in the ward *LOL*. He stayed a total of 3 days, starting from 10th December till 12th December. Thanks for all your well wishes.

Well, truthfully, when the doctor first told us that he needed an operation, I could not believe it. For one thing, I was not prepared… I mean, you cannot just GO for an operation, could you? You need to plan these things, don’t you? How can a simple visit to the doctor turn out to require a trip to the hospital to remove an internal organ?

To me, an operation is a BIG thing. However, in this case, it seems to so trivial that the doctors did not see fit to operate on dear Hubby after 4 hours of no food. I was like… WTF?!?! Then why the hell did they make us check into the hospital at 12mn? It turns out Hubby’s hospital card from HLA was not approved yet, so the good people at DSH had to wait for it to be approved before going ahead with the operation. Makes me wonder about those people who are really in need of an emergency operation, and have nothing on them but a hospital card… would they be made to wait as well? (I thought there is recently news that hospitals that turn away patients who do not have money to pay for deposits will get demerits from the government?)

It seems nowadays appendix can be removed by one long cut or three holes made by laser. We chose the latter because of kiasu-ism since it was being paid by insurance anyway. So after 12pm on 10th December, he came out of the operating theatre with three extra holes on his belly and 1 less appendix.

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Appendicitis (Part I)


I have just returned from Damansara Specialist Hospital (DSH). Hubby has been admitted due to appendicitis, he will have to remove his appendix tomorrow after a night of fasting.

It happened when I reach home at around 6.00pm, he was telling me that his tummy hurts real badly. I can see that he is really in pain but left him to lie down while watching television. After a while, he went into the room to sleep. After returning from a late dinner with SILs at about 11.00pm (hubby in bed of course), he came out of the room and I asked him if he wanted to see a doctor (I’ve actually asked him earlier on, but he refused, that is the way of the Chans, like to procrastinate until things gets worse).

So off to the 24-hour clinic in Damansara Utama we went and the doctor confirmed that he is suffering from appendicitis after pressing and poking on his stomach. Doctor asked if he wanted to go to Pantai Indah Hospital (somewhere in Pandan Indah I was told) where he is a resident doctor. After some discussion, we felt that it is better to go to DSH as it is nearer to house and we would not need to travel that far.

Finally, we got a recommendation letter from the doctor and checked into DSH.

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Birthday Plan Gone Awry

WARNING: This post could bore you. It is an account of my hubby’s birthday plan gone awry, purely for record purpose only.

This year should be no difference from previous years; birthday plans for hubby will just be a quiet dinner with the family and then cake cutting. These birthday celebrations sound like a lousy excuse to stuff our faces with good food and cake.

As planned, I called home to SIL#2 to check if our plans are still intact — dinner at Loong Foong Restaurant in Paramount (SEA Park). The roast ducks there are freshly roasted and sold off quickly, so if we confirm about going ahead with this plan, I will need to get home on time.

Sue : “Wei… are we on?”
SIL#2 : “No.”
Sue : (More shocked than surprised) “Huh? No?? Why? Where is your brother? Went out ar?”
SIL#2 : “Sleeping.”
Sue : “Erm… then why are we not going?”
SIL#2 : “He cook already.”
Sue : “Walao! I make date with him already yesterday. Why did he go and cook some more?”
SIL#2 : “Hehehe… I dunno.”
Sue : (Cursing mentally) “Ok lah then.”

Next, I needed to check with SIL#1 to see if she has bought the cake as we planned. She is a sales executive, so going out and about is easier for her. I tried calling her countless times but was not able to get her to answer the darn phone. As a last resort, I called her boyfriend, PK.

Sue : “PK, is SIL#1 with you?”
PK : “No, she’s having classes.”
Sue : “Do you know if she’s bought the cake yet?”
PK : “Erm… I don’t know.”
Sue : “Then how? If she didn’t buy and I went home, then no cake how?”
PK : “Errr… she probably didn’t buy yet kua coz her class ends quite late today.”
Sue : “Ok lor…”

Off I went to the cake shop, looking for strawberry cheesecake. Sold out. Blueberry cheesecake? Sold out. Aigh! Buy cake also so difficult… so I went to another cake shop looking for the same cakes. This shop has the raspberry cheesecake. Gasak la since now it is like “want poo only dig jamban” (Chinese Idiom: last minute).

Upon reaching home and maid saw the cake…
Sutini : “Eh… dalam peti sejuk ada satu.” (Malay: there’s one in the fridge)
Sue : (Already know now got 2 cakes, cursing mentally again) “SIL#1 sudah beli gaa?” (Malay: SIL#1 bought it already?)
Sutini : “Ya, tadi petang sudah dibeli SIL#2.” (Malay: Yes, she bought it in the afternoon)
Sue : “…”

Finally, the birthday celebration went ahead with homemade fu kua pai kuat (Cantonese: bitter gourd cooked with pork ribs) and chi keong kai (Cantonese: braised chicken with ginger) cooked by the birthday boy himself, followed by TWO cheesecake from different cake shops (our consolation, no need to eat TWO of the same cheesecake?!). The blueberry cheesecake was a hit but no one liked the raspberry cheesecake because it was too soft.

Lesson learnt: Plans are made to be messed up. Don’t plan, just do it… *LOL*

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My Personal Chef

Hubby is fattening me the baby up for the kill his birth. For the past few weeks (or even months), he has been cooking dinner for the family (SIL#2, himself and me).

During my last pregnancy, we ate out a lot. Once every fortnight there will be piu wui (Cantonese: ballot) sessions at either one of his friends’ restaurants. There will be kow tai kuai (Cantonese: nine course dinner), the menu usually includes sharks fin soup and abalone. These meals come in sets; therefore we do not have to order. This time around, however, he did not join up for the piu wui sessions, so we seldom go out for dinner. To make up for the lack of “good food”, he has decided that he would cook dinner every few nights in a week. This way, we do not have to think of where we should eat, what we should eat and argue over who drives there.

Tonight, our featured dish is ham yue zhing chue yuk (Cantonese: steamed pork with salted fish). Needless to say, I have little idea how he prepared that thing, as I cannot cook I’m not very good at cooking. When I do cook, I need someone to do it for me to see first before attempting it on my own or I will need a recipe and follow it through. Aigh! I have been asking him for exact measurements for his ingredients but he just shrugs, he never knows how much of everything he puts into the dishes. But never mind lah, next time I will try to include a recipe together with his dish. For now, just sit back and enjoy the food hor.