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Canon Speedlite 580EX II

(Backdated post, purchase on 11th October 2008)

Canon Speedlite 580EX II

Finally, after thinking long and hard on this next purchase, I finally gave in and bought the Canon flash unit for my 400D. I have been waiting to get my hands on a external flash for the longest time. Don’t all photographers wish to have natural light all day long, but that’s just wishful thinking. As soon as the sun hides itself, I become frustrated on the blurry photos caused by low light. Now I can go on snapping even in the evenings, especially in my room at nights, when I am most free to camwhore my kids *LOL*.

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Girly-fied Camera

My camera is a girl *keke*. So, understandably she likes to be dressed up. I went and girly-fied her by dressing her up in new straps! After much thought, I finally went ahead and purchased 2 sets of straps from Etsy (Jazzmint got 2 for herself too, so we split the shipping cost). I’ve been eyeing on them for some time now, ever since I saw it on one of the digi scrapping designer’s blog.


Both straps come with quick release so I can change them easily when they get dirty. They are also washable and made with designer fabric (100% cotton). The straps come to about 50 inches in length so I could easily wear it across my body (it will end up at my waist / tummy).

Carnival Bloom

Fabric - Carnival Bloom


Fabric - Monterey

I saw these in my house after reaching home from the hospital after delivery. A very nice pick-me-up, you might say. And speed is not bad too, a little over a week only, from the USA.

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18 Big Apples

Last Sunday, when we were at my mum’s, we decided to go to the Jusco sale so I could get a set of king size bedsheet for the new bed. While there, we decided to bring the kids for some ice-cream at New Zealand Natural. Of course, how can we resist also getting those yummilicious Big Apple donuts next door, right?

So before I could even finish ordering ice-cream for the kids, Amat went next door and got us 1/2 dozen donuts which were grabbed up by everyone in a matter of seconds. Oh well, I thought, better go and get another dozen. I was seriously thinking that I would have some left over to bring home for enjoyment later. But lo and behold! Gone!! All 18 donuts, in like 15 minutes? Seriously, who would have thought that with 3 adults and 4 kids (ages 12, 7, 4 and 2) we could finish 18 donuts??

By the way, which flavors do you like? I can’t get enough of the new flavour Berjaya Hills French Romance which has semi sweet chocolate on top AND more inside. The kids actually went for Duren Duren which is the durian flavored donut. 2-year-old Izac took one and a half pieces of the durian flavor and another half of the almond flavor… OMG! He was totally stuffed after that. Other flavors that I normally get are the Chocoholic, Whitnut, Hot Berry and Californian Almond. Yumm!!!

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Crocs Crazed

I simply love Crocs. I think they look great on kids, so light and they come in such fun colours! Disney Crocs
Two weeks ago, I went crazy and got two pairs of Disney Crocs, one for Izac and one for a friend’s son’s birthday at the new Crocs store at the Curve. Ivan has a pair, given by Janie when he turned 2. It was a little large for him at the time but it has been whole year now (his 3rd birthday is coming soon!) and it still fits him. He simply loves his pair. The Crocs are easily washable, airy for little feet and so light that the kids are able to romp and run in them.

It may be a little costly, but I guess it’s a good investment (am I giving myself excuses here for splurging?). Izac just loves his too, he keeps wearing them even in the house *LOL*… maybe the little bugger is hinting to mommy that he wants to go out.

::::::::::: IVAN SAYS :::::::::::

Mommy: “Ivan, tomorrow mommy bring you kai-kai okay. We go and buy a present for mommy’s friend.”
Ivan: (Shakes head)

Mommy: “Eh, why you shake your head?”
Ivan: “Buy for Ivan okay.”

Mommy: =_=”

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Sleeping Through & New Wheels

“Ummm-maah… ummm-mah”, cries little Izac.

That’s what he calls me nowadays. Yesterday after his last feed at 10.30pm he slept through till this morning at about 5.00am. Stirring from his sleep, he whimpered faintly, “Ummm-mah… ummm-mah”. “Yes Izac, mommy’s here,” I replied as I lay down next to him. He returned with, “Dis… dis…”

Yeah, he slept through the night yesterday and yup, “dis dis” means it’s milk time. I was woken up by Ivan who wanted to go shee-shee at 4.30am and couldn’t go back to sleep. In the wee hours dawn, hearing the little fellahs call out so softly, they’re like little angels sent from Heaven (yup, I’m feeling a wee bit sentimental today).


Guess what I bought over the weekend?

pliko p3 classico soleo

(Picture taken from here.)

A new Peg Perego stroller for Izac! He’s started to like sitting on a stroller and since he’s getting bigger, carrying him for more than a while is starting to be quite a task. The good thing about this stroller is there is a “rear footboard with anti-slip rubber insert for transporting a sibling”. For those times when we do not bring two strollers, Ivan can actually stand between this stroller and mommy, and he will be pushed together safely without him running all over the place dangerously. The padding is also good for a more comfortable sleep if and when the children need to sleep.

On a side note, do any of you feel like the second child is sometimes deprived of new things? Being a second child, it is not unusual for parents to reuse stuff bought for their elder sibling. Especially clothing. Sometimes I really have to keep in mind that Izac needs new stuff, not just reusing Ivan’s clothes, toys and other baby things. Of course, rather than wasting money, those which are reusable, must use lah… but do you think at 33 months Ivan should already stop using a stroller and give it up for Izac whenever need be?

Updated 4th Apr 2007:
Few weeks ago, we went to Genting and Izac was fast asleep on the stroller. Ivan pulak felt sleepy after sometime. This kor-kor fussed and insisted on sitting on his stroller (he loves his stroller). So what to do, have to “tie” Izac to the maid using the baby sling coz he’s the lighter of the two.

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CNY Shopping, Horrific Haircut & SIL’s Birthday

CNY Shopping

staring into space

Yesterday, I was reminded after reading this blog that my boys do not have any new clothes for this Chinese New Year (CNY). If things were left in the hands of hubby, they will not have a single piece of new clothing EVER. So out I went for the first time since Izac popped… convinced my mum to bring me to Jaya Jusco for some CNY shopping. While there, I could not find anything for Ivan as I had planned. I only managed to get him a pair of pajamas to wear on CNY eve. However, I got 2 sets of new clothing for Izac (needless to say, Izac’s new clothes are pajamas only as he will not be going out anyway). So far, Izac only has a few pairs of new clothes since most of the clothes he wears now were used when Ivan was born.

Today, I went off on another shopping spree for Ivan’s clothes as he will be the one who will be going off to pai lin (Cantonese: visit relatives during CNY) as Izac and myself will still be confined at mum’s house. I am so happy that we managed to get 2 sets of new clothes for Ivan as well as 2 new t-shirt.

Ivan’s Horrific Haircut (Not Again!)
After all the shopping and making Ivan happy, naughty mummy had to bring him for his worst nightmare - a haircut! Ivan has always hated haircuts. The only time he did not cry during a haircut was during his first haircut when he reached one month old, he was asleep at that time (duh!). So to make my son leng chai (Cantonese: handsome) I had to bring him for a trim as the weather is just too hot these days and he need to look presentable when he go pai lin.

bad bad bad mummy!

We went to Centrepoint for some express haircut which costs RM12 per haircut. The che-ches (Cantonese: big sisters) there used to work in the Express Cut in 1Utama but have since transferred to Centrepoint since the new wing is complete. Ivan’s previous haircut was also done by her, so I guess she roughly knows what I want and what Ivan hates hehehe. The outcome: simply leng chai but it was not a good experience for Ivan. Sometimes I really wish that we do not have to put him trough such torment and leave his hair long, but I guess his papa will have something to say about THAT!

SIL#1’s Birthday

do i get to blow the candles?

After all the crying and trying to hold down a strong toddler, we went home. As today is also SIL#1’s birthday, we (mum and myself) managed to stay for her cake cutting. It was a simple celebration, as I had to rush home to feed my dear newborn Izac.

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Weekend Review

Saturday, 1st October 2005
8:00 am: Ivan woke up and was carried out to the cradle in the hall for his milk. I crawled back into bed for more ZzzZzzz.

11:30 am: Woke up with sun shining on my butt (in other words: LATE). Heard Ivan babbling and banging away in the hall. Went out to the hall, Ivan was just finishing his porridge. Went online, the boy came over and happily bang away at my notebook.

1.45 pm: Sneaked out of house to attend “Hypno-Birthing Preview”, jointly organised by MyJoyBirth and Life Inspirations. Met Wai Han (she is one of the organiser) & Jefferene there for the first time (shy-lah, never spoke to Jefferene).

4:00 pm: Left the preview and reached home to find Ivan napping. The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful, Ivan refused to go to sleep until 11pm (again?!!).

Sunday, 2nd October 2005
8:30 am: Woke up and see Ivan stirring from his sleep. Was greeted by a warm baby smile (made my day!) and then “Neh! Neh!” (Ivan pointed to the mobile phone, wanted to pay with it). Wrestle with him for a while and then carried him out for his morning milk… and I crawled back into bed.

9:00 am: Jazzmint called, and we agreed to meet at 10am to go to the Hytex Warehouse Sale (HWS). Moved my butt, took a shower and then played with Ivan.

9:55 am: Sneaked out from my own home (toddlers have very watchful eyes).

10:05 am: Met Jazzmint (for the first time!) and Evelyn (old classmate) at McDonald’s. Had some breakfast before leaving for the HWS. SIL #1 called up and insisted that I bring Ivan and her along. So, Ivan followed us to the HWS.

10:30 am: Left McDonald’s for HWS, reached there and see so many people. Phew! We dived right in with the crowd, it was so hot and stuffy that I wanted to just give up and go home. Luckily Ivan is in the car with SIL #1, so I managed to get 15 pieces of clothing for RM19. What a bargain! I think more or less we were there for about 2 hours and then left for lunch.

1:30 pm: Dropped Jazzmint and Evelyn off at McDonald’s with Ivan dropping off to sleep in my arms. When I reached home, he was totally knocked out and drank his milk while sleeping. I also found that Sutini had already cleaned up the house and packed everything as I told her to do, in preparation for the fogging. So the house actually looked deserted, like we are ready to shift to a new place. Very scared the house will be all oily after MPPJ is done with the fogging.

2:30 pm: Left home with Ivan and Sutini to bring them to mum’s house for the week due to fogging (and mum misses Ivan). Ivan slept throughout the car ride and woke up as soon as I reached mum’s house at 3:00pm.

5:45 pm: Left home to attend wedding dinner, got posted to the counter to collect angpows and record arrivals. Miss Ivan already…

9:00 pm: Dinner commenced and ended at 11 something. So tired, slept like a log. (However, I woke up this morning feeling more tired than ever… could it be because Ivan’s not around for me to smell smell? LOL)