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Cupcakes for Classmates

Ivan celebrated his birthday during school hours, in his class last Thursday (26th June), since this is the first year he is able to celebrate it in school. I arranged two celebrations which were very simple indeed (2nd one at home with the family, post coming soon), as having an eleborate one for 2 kids yearly (including a 3rd one coming) will be a wee bit taxing on my sanity *LOL*.

Ultraman & Spiderman Cuppies

I ordered 26 cupcakes for RM114 (varies depending on design) from Tracey one week before as I felt that cuppies will be less messy for kids in school. I kind of forgot to tell her to make it less sweet, but the cupcakes turned out great! The Ultraman and Spiderman patterns were sweet and understandably so, as the icing are all made of sugar, but the cake itself were fluffy and buttery. The cupcakes were collected a day ahead, on Wednesday night.

When I brought him to school with the cakes, the teachers instantly know that there’s gonna be a birthday celebration that day. I guess it’s all part and parcel of teaching young school goers. Izac and Supini tagged along, Izac loves sending his brother to school whenever permitted *grins*. So I checked with the teacher when they normally have their meals and suggested that the party packs be given out after class so as not to disrupt the attention of the kids.

Izac - Big Boy Soon

After dropping him off in the classroom, rather than going home and coming back again in 1 hour, we hanged out in the car (where some camwhoring of Izac went on *LOL*). When time was nearly up, we waited outside the classroom. As I sat unknowingly, the teacher set up the cupcakes and came out asking me if I wanted to take pictures. So fast *LOL*… so I went in and took some auto shots as the class was in darkness (lights were off for the candles… I really need the external flash!!).

Birthday Boy

Candles and Classmates

It was very organised how the teacher arranged the kids to stand beside Ivan and they were all told ahead NOT to blow the candles *haha*. It was over very quickly, with the teacher offering to take a family picture for us. After that, I went out of the class to let the children eat (can hear the boys saying, “I want Ultraman!”. Teacher instructed Ivan to bring out cuppies for me, little Izac and Supini.

My Boys & I

After finishing the cupcakes, I packed the leftover into the car, and had another round of waiting, as it was a waste of time to go home and come again (not forgetting waste of fuel). Although this is such a simple party, I hope this 4-year-old boy was H-A-P-P-Y, like it said on the cupcake.


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18 Big Apples

Last Sunday, when we were at my mum’s, we decided to go to the Jusco sale so I could get a set of king size bedsheet for the new bed. While there, we decided to bring the kids for some ice-cream at New Zealand Natural. Of course, how can we resist also getting those yummilicious Big Apple donuts next door, right?

So before I could even finish ordering ice-cream for the kids, Amat went next door and got us 1/2 dozen donuts which were grabbed up by everyone in a matter of seconds. Oh well, I thought, better go and get another dozen. I was seriously thinking that I would have some left over to bring home for enjoyment later. But lo and behold! Gone!! All 18 donuts, in like 15 minutes? Seriously, who would have thought that with 3 adults and 4 kids (ages 12, 7, 4 and 2) we could finish 18 donuts??

By the way, which flavors do you like? I can’t get enough of the new flavour Berjaya Hills French Romance which has semi sweet chocolate on top AND more inside. The kids actually went for Duren Duren which is the durian flavored donut. 2-year-old Izac took one and a half pieces of the durian flavor and another half of the almond flavor… OMG! He was totally stuffed after that. Other flavors that I normally get are the Chocoholic, Whitnut, Hot Berry and Californian Almond. Yumm!!!

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Hulu Langat Lookout Point

I guess the title says it all. This time, at the last minute (considered last minute lah, since we planned this outing only about a week ago) Jazz and myself decided to go to this much talked about place in Ampang, the Hulu Langat Lookout Point or Menara Tinjau. We planned to reach there by 6pm so that we could catch the sunset. At the last minute since Cheryl decided not to go and my kids were sleeping, we decided to leave at 5.30pm instead of 5pm as planned. Our entourage: Jasmine, Faythe, Vyktore, their kakak and myself.

We used MRR2 and exited at Pandan Indah, there was a little traffic congestion in that area and I missed the exit, so we had to do a U-turn. We nearly did a wrong turn again (we followed the instructions we got from the Internet OK) but managed to salvage it at the traffic light where we decided to head towards the mountains instead of the downtown route.

Turn left, turn right, turn left, turn left… we ended up having to do another U-turn as we missed to road which supposedly brings us up to the lookout point (there was no sign pointing to “Ulu Langat / Kajang” as stated on the directions). So finally we were on the right track and going up the winding hill, when we reached there the parking right at the top was full, so I had to park at the slope and risk my car sliding down the steep road *sweats*.

As we were undecided where to dine, and most of the seats right by the railing at the Look Out Point Restaurant & Cafe were occupied, we decided to just go and take some pictures then only decide. It turns out that if we do not dine at the Bread & Olives Cafe, we are not to take pictures from their spot too (and there were NO ONE sitting on their side). Jazz was given 5 minutes to shoot whatever she wanted by the waiter, so we decided to take the last available table near the side at Gasoline Cafe.

Sunset at Hulu Langat Lookout Point

The sunset was nothing to shout about, the sun went down just like that without lighting up the sky with a spectacular red. So we ordered food and ate… the food was so-so, not really worth it IMHO.

Night View of KL

However, the night view of Kuala Lumpur was breath taking. This was my first time using a tripod for pictures and also my first time using manual adjustment for pictures, a good apportunity for me to learn some stuff from Jazz (remember she took firework pics?). I’m so glad the pictures turned out OK but people shots were terrible *grimaces*. I really hate taking people pictures under low light conditions… I can’t wait to get my hands on the Canon 430EX Speedlite!!

On our way down after dinner and pictures, we decided to stop at another spot which overlooks the city as well. By then I was lazy to set up the tripod, thus end up taking this blurred picture. Hey, I was surprised it looked quite colorful and pretty too!

Blurred View of KL Skyline

For those of you who wish to go, here are the simple directions that we used, without even looking at the map.

1. Exit the MRR2 at Pandan Indah (NOT Pandan Jaya) Interchange, at the top of the bridge turn right.
2. Go straight until the T-Junction, turn right . Esso will be on your left.
3. Take an immediate left at the next traffic light.
4. Take another left at the traffic light beside Puteri Place Plaza.
5. Turn right at the traffic light junction to Ulu Langat/Kajang (remember I said the sign doesn’t say so, just turn right when you see a long and winding road to your right, I think it’s the 1st traffic light :P).
6. From this traffic light the road is winding for about 3 km.
7. Look out for the sign board “Menara Tinjau”.
8. Will come across a food court on the right with carpark. Drive up the hill to the restaurants (limited car park at the top).

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My Personal Chef

Hubby is fattening me the baby up for the kill his birth. For the past few weeks (or even months), he has been cooking dinner for the family (SIL#2, himself and me).

During my last pregnancy, we ate out a lot. Once every fortnight there will be piu wui (Cantonese: ballot) sessions at either one of his friends’ restaurants. There will be kow tai kuai (Cantonese: nine course dinner), the menu usually includes sharks fin soup and abalone. These meals come in sets; therefore we do not have to order. This time around, however, he did not join up for the piu wui sessions, so we seldom go out for dinner. To make up for the lack of “good food”, he has decided that he would cook dinner every few nights in a week. This way, we do not have to think of where we should eat, what we should eat and argue over who drives there.

Tonight, our featured dish is ham yue zhing chue yuk (Cantonese: steamed pork with salted fish). Needless to say, I have little idea how he prepared that thing, as I cannot cook I’m not very good at cooking. When I do cook, I need someone to do it for me to see first before attempting it on my own or I will need a recipe and follow it through. Aigh! I have been asking him for exact measurements for his ingredients but he just shrugs, he never knows how much of everything he puts into the dishes. But never mind lah, next time I will try to include a recipe together with his dish. For now, just sit back and enjoy the food hor.