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Whoops… has it been a week already?! I meant to post on Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday… (well, you get the picture) but somehow or other, I went to sleep night after night after night. Must really get out of this lazy habit coz I do have tonnes to say.

Last Saturday I actually went for my company’s annual dinner… if you’re interested about that event, do read all about it >>here<<. Beware though, I think it’s more of a rant than a review *teehee*.

So on Sunday, since both kids were feeling fine (meaning no flu or whatsoever), I decided to bring them to SIL#1’s condo for a swim. Ivan always jump for joy when he hears the word “swim”. He just love to play with water, but when it comes to asking him to take a bath… aiyooo! Izac had tonnes of fun too but he was only allowed in the pool for a short while as it was quite windy and the water was cold *brrrr*.

As always, I invited my mum to bring her kids over coz Ivan will be quite bored if he were to only swim with Izac (not to mention that they are fighter c*cks). The kids really had fun as there is a slide at the pool too. I plan to bring them swimming every other weekend since it’s really a very good exercise for them, and it’s more relaxing than to go jostling about in shopping complexes (which means I can spend less too *hehehe*)!

It was a quiet day, just hanging out and swimming, then for dinner we went to Carrefour’s food court. When we were there, I saw those cutie kids sofa which I have been eyeing on for quite some time now (didn’t I just mention about not spending money? *duh*). The price tag shows RM165 but when i asked the lady if there’s any discount on it, she immediately lowered it to RM120 per piece… so I bought 2! They just look so cute!

Izac's Sofa

Ivan's Sofa

Both of them

I think these are really a good buy as we’re kind of lacking place for people to sit in our living room, the sofas we’ve had for years and years have either been thrown away or sold to people at dirt cheap prices. Even then hubs didn’t make a move and get new sofas. So I guess these 2 little one seaters will have to make do until I finally drag hubs out and buy a new set.

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Pearl of the Orient

(Backdated post, trip on 22nd - 24th September)

So Engrossed

Remember the last post I mentioned about a wedding in Penang? Well, I figured that since I’m going to have to make a trip up north anyway, I’d make it a short trip there with my mom, my brother and his wife and the kids. It’s been a long time since we went there.

We managed to book two suites at The Northam under company rates with one of my colleague. The suite was really nice, with timber flooring which I absolutely love! It was really spacious and clean, the kids had a blast running to and fro between the 2 corner suites (one being occupied by my colleague and his girlfriend).

The first night (we reached Penang about 7pm) I left for the wedding with some colleagues while mom and brother arranged their own dinner. The wedding was a huge one in one of the multi purpose hall of a church. Serving the food was DIY (they just dump the dish on your table) as I think they had really limited waiters. It was quite an experience as weddings were done in a grand way in KL.

After the wedding dinner, we (my colleagues and I) adjourned to the infamous Gurney Drive for some supper (left the kids at the hotel). As I left, I could hear Izac bawling his heart out. Kids kinda have a 6th sense about their mommy going out without them as he was practically guarding me when I went back to the hotel to change into comfy clothes. Ivan on the other hand, was too busy playing with Has and Amat to care about mommy going out *LOL*.

I must say that Gurney Drive is a really nice place to hang out at night. They have drinks like Soy Bean, Lin Chee Kang and the likes which comes in huge cups, and cost a mere RM1 each. Other than that, we also had Assam Laksa (which is just so-so), Oh Chien, some mixed chicken innards and deep fried CHICKEN SKIN! Think of all the cholesterol we were consuming!

After a little bit of lepak-king, we went back to the hotel. The kids were already fast asleep and my brother was online (he brings his notebook EVERYWHERE!).

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Labour Day Retreat

granma & izac

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Dear Friends,

We will be going for a short retreat in A Famosa Resort, Malacca. Be back soon and will update all the backdated and holiday post as soon as possible!

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Lampin Addict

trusty lampin

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There are many quirks when it comes to Ivan. One of them is his love for his jut-jut (Kiddy Cantonese: pacifier) and his lampin (Malay: muslin napkin). Without either one of these two items, he cannot go to sleep. When he was a baby, my mum used to give him a hanky when he sleep. After some time, since he always seem to sleep better with that piece of cloth, I decided it’s better for him to use the lampin (can’t have him walking around with a lil hanky when he’s a boy, can we? *LOL*).

Even now at almost 3 years old, he still does not seem to be getting rid of this habit anytime soon. Hubs is constantly trying to rid him of this habit, always scolding me for giving him the jut-jut when he asks for it during bedtime. I, on the other hand, do not see any problem with it. I guess I believe that once he starts pre-school or play group he will automatically quit.

When I was younger, I had my own “smelly” pillow too. I used to lug it everywhere I go, this small little “security” pillow. Even when I went travelling and when I went to Australia for studies. Perhaps you could even say that I condone this habit of his, coz mommy used to do it herself *LOL*.

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Nemo On Ice

sleepy head

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Sorry for the short hiatus. I’ve been feeling pretty tired for the past week and each night as I lay down to nurse Izac, I tend to fall asleep as well. Even today (err… last night). I just woke up just now at 2.30am when Ivan needed to go shee-shee and decided that I MUST blog *LOL*.

I brought Ivan to see Nemo on Ice on last Saturday. We went with my mum, Eleena, Haslina and Selamat. The initial plan was to bring Izac as well, but I am not sure that he can sit through the entire show without disrupting everyone’s concentration. He does not even watch much cartoon at home when his brother watches. So at the end after some coaxing from my mum, I decided to leave him at home. My only consolation is that I will bring him there next year if there is a show.

The show was pretty good (it’s MY first time to Disney on Ice, so can’t compare). Ivan was totally thrilled at all the colors and Nemo! And you know what, he didn’t make any demand to buy anything (good thing about him lah) that day, but just looked at the things they were selling there. The memorabilias were sold at crazy prices too… popcorn or drinks at RM20 - RM30 per pack?! (but of course they do come with a Nemo-on-Ice bucket). One complain though… I think the performers should have at least stayed back for a little while after the show is over and all the lights are switched on. That way we can take some pictures mah. I should have bought the most expensive ticket as those seats have the most picture taking opportunities. From where we were (lower tier, right in front of the stage), I couldn’t get any decent pictures with the Canon Ixus 60.

However, we all enjoyed ourselves. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, just for the look on Ivan’s face.

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Little Photographer

birdie alert
Ivan’s discovered photography. One evening while we were hanging out in the bedroom before bedtime, I took out my camera to camwhore the kids. Ivan saw it and insisted to take pictures. The above are some ramdon shots from the many he took that night.

He goes *snap* *snap* *snap* then, “Ivan want to shee-shee”. And I went and took the potty for him. Mana tau (Malay: little did I know) he went and snap a picture of the potty. While I was busying myself putting away the potty, my mum told me Ivan just snapped a picture of his birdie. I was like, “What?!”. And when I reviewed the pictures in the camera, I totally flipped and was laughing uncontrollably as he really took a picture of his birdie from the top angle *LOL*.

The next night, he insisted in taking pictures again. Many many shots of Izac, some focused, some not so. But I guess practice makes perfect, huh?

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Mah-Mah’s 55th

pyjama-clad dinner-goers(Click here for layout & credits.)

Yesterday, at the last minute, SIL#1 called up and asked if I’d like to join them for dinner as it’s MIL’s 55th birthday. Initially, I declined as I thought it would be a death-wish going with 2 kids and no maid (the last temp just left yesterday, it’s a long story, will write about it later).

So after thinking over for just a minute, since they were going to make it easier for me by coming up to Klang (kids are staying with my mum), I said okay but I would only be bringing Ivan. With that being done, I went in search of some clothes for the boy to wear for this outing and what do I find? None… nada… zip… no gai-gai clothes available. Maria (the temporary maid) did not pack any gai-gai clothes for them from home. Aigh… how laa?

Being a fickle minded person, in the midst of searching for the clothes, I decided to risk it and bring Izac too. It’s my MIL’s birthday after all, and I’m sure she would like to see both her grand children instead of just Ivan. What to do but dress them in their best pyjamas (as if there’s such a thing as best pyjamas *LOL*). In the meantime, I called SIL#2 to ask her to bring their clothes since she’s coming from there.

So when I reached there, the restaurant’s situated at the new Citibank building in Klang (didn’t get the name of this place), I saw that it was quite deserted, not many occupied stores yet. So I thought, “What the heck… just go in like this lah.” And so my kids went for dinner in their pyjamas. Err… you must be thinking, Wah… lazy mommy stikes again!” *hahaha*.

Now, please tell me, have you ever let your kids go to dinners in pyjamas? Wonder what other people thought of them when they see them in pyjamas *LOL*… must be thinking what kind of mom they have…

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Like Night and Day

hating it(Click here for layout & credits.)

Hmm… I wonder if it is in God’s plan to make things easier on first time moms - like giving them an extra easy baby the first time around. Because from what I gather (read and heard from many mothers), that their first child is easy, and that if they were to get their second child as their first it would put them off having another.

In my case, I too got an easy baby when I got Ivan 32 months ago. When Izac came another 18 months later, although it wouldn’t make me go to the extent of deciding not to have another baby if Izac was born first (remember, I wanted 4 when I got married.. *LOL*), I cannot believe how different these 2 babies can be.

Car Seat
Ivan loves the car seat from the first time I put him in it when he was 6 months old. It was a lucky thing he did like it too, as hubs was saying that I was just wasting money buying something the baby wouldn’t use. I guess Ivan likes that it is comfortable when he needs to sleep, rather than be in someone’s sweaty arms. Izac on the other hand, will bring down the house (or car in this case :P) if we were to strap him in.

Same as the above. Ivan loves the stroller, Izac doesn’t. But I think he’s coming around to it (finally!) as I’ve seen him giving in to the stroller when he’s tired and wants to sleep when we’re out.

Meal Time
From the time Ivan is able to sit, he has his meals on the high chair. He loves his vegetables and will eat them using his hands while the maid fed him rice with soup. Mealtime is hassle free and he is not a picky eater and mostly not messy. Izac also sits in a high chair for his meals but he is an extremely picky eater. His body will twist and turn to which ever direction the spoon can’t reach his mouth. Most times the spoonfuls of rice will end up on his face, clothes, high chair and floor as they come in contact with “cement-shut-mouth”. I’m still scratching my head as to what I should do with this boy. It seems his theory is this: something that comes in spoonfuls are not nice, something that he can hold and shove into his mouth by himself is good *slap forehead*.

Bath Time
Ivan loved bathing, and this was last time. Now he’ll bargain till dunno when then baru get into the shower if no choice. With Izac, it seems that he never quite started liking bath time. From day one till now (save the very very few times he was actually happy with bathing), as soon as you remove an article of his clothing, the screaming and wailing will start. If we’re lucky, he might calm down to actually liking as the bath progresses. If not, he will bawl till he come out of the bath, and right through getting dressed.

My two boys have totally different personalities as seen above. I think there should be some more differences but it escapes me now, will update this post if I remember. I just hope this is a case of “opposites attract” with them and they’ll remain true brothers forever.

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Potty Training

potty trained(Click here for layout & credits.)

Peer pressure. It can range from “whose child is best behaved” to “whose child attends the most classes” to “whose child gets potty trained the soonest“. I hate that, I believe each child will “get there” in their own time without the adults being there to rush things for them and take the fun out of being kids.

I think it was when Ivan was around 18 months that hubs started telling me Ivan ought to NOT wear diapers anymore. If I remember correctly, SIL#1 also chipped in “See Boey (hubs’ cousin’s daughter), she’s so smart, she’s no longer wearing diapers and tells her mommy when she wants to wee-wee. I said, “Yeah yeah, every kid is different. Bladder control needs to be developed, it doesn’t happen overnight.” So, I left it at that, I hate pressure especially with regards to my kids.

Then a couple of months ago around October or November 2006, my mum let Ivan sleep without wearing the diaper, as he requested for it himself *cleverboy! LOL!*. Well, it wasn’t totally smooth sailing. There were nights when he wet the bed… I would say it was 50-50 chance then. Sometimes we even force him to wear the diaper because it made him uncomfortable when he wet the bed at night and no one knows about it.

Slowly but surely, Ivan stopped wetting the bed (only very few times, perhaps sometimes because he drinks a lot before going to bed). He sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night to go wee-wee. Now, whenever he need to go, he informs us and the he goes straight to his faithful potty. The best thing about this whole potty training thing is that it happened naturally. Ivan himself didn’t want the diaper anymore, we couldn’t have hoped for a better method.

PS: Err… there was that time, just 2 days ago when he told me he needed to go, but I was too darn sleepy to clearly understand what he said. So what I did was cover him with his blanket and went back to sleep *LOL*. Vaguely thought “Hmm… did Ivan say he wanna shee-shee just now?” and then zzzzzzz. Then the next morning, I woke up to a wet bed.

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Dis & Dare

wrinkle your nose(Click here for layout & credits.)

Izac has started saying some words in the past month or more. He started saying them in this order:

1. Awah - first word, not too sure who he’s calling, he calls EVERYONE and EVERYTHING this
2. Amaa - probably referring to my mother, but this word seem to be more reserved, not used as often as the above
3. Dis - whenever he wants something
4. Dare - whenever he wants to go somewhere or when pointing to something

::::::::::: IZAC QUIRKS :::::::::::

When Izac gets sleepy or need a breastmilk fix:

Izac : *tries to position his legs to go to one side mommy*
Izac : *tries to tuck hand under mommy’s arm*
Izac : *when above succeeded, collapse to the right or left, depending on which hand he tucked under*
Izac : *point to mommy’s breast* Dis! Dis!
Mommy : *cracking up*


I’m cracking up because I’m still extremely tickled to see his method of requesting for milk. After he collapse to one side of my arm, he won’t get up again, not even when I push him to upright position just to tease him. It’ll go like push, collapse, push, collapse… and then he’ll start to whine.

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