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Cupcakes for Classmates

Ivan celebrated his birthday during school hours, in his class last Thursday (26th June), since this is the first year he is able to celebrate it in school. I arranged two celebrations which were very simple indeed (2nd one at home with the family, post coming soon), as having an eleborate one for 2 kids yearly (including a 3rd one coming) will be a wee bit taxing on my sanity *LOL*.

Ultraman & Spiderman Cuppies

I ordered 26 cupcakes for RM114 (varies depending on design) from Tracey one week before as I felt that cuppies will be less messy for kids in school. I kind of forgot to tell her to make it less sweet, but the cupcakes turned out great! The Ultraman and Spiderman patterns were sweet and understandably so, as the icing are all made of sugar, but the cake itself were fluffy and buttery. The cupcakes were collected a day ahead, on Wednesday night.

When I brought him to school with the cakes, the teachers instantly know that there’s gonna be a birthday celebration that day. I guess it’s all part and parcel of teaching young school goers. Izac and Supini tagged along, Izac loves sending his brother to school whenever permitted *grins*. So I checked with the teacher when they normally have their meals and suggested that the party packs be given out after class so as not to disrupt the attention of the kids.

Izac - Big Boy Soon

After dropping him off in the classroom, rather than going home and coming back again in 1 hour, we hanged out in the car (where some camwhoring of Izac went on *LOL*). When time was nearly up, we waited outside the classroom. As I sat unknowingly, the teacher set up the cupcakes and came out asking me if I wanted to take pictures. So fast *LOL*… so I went in and took some auto shots as the class was in darkness (lights were off for the candles… I really need the external flash!!).

Birthday Boy

Candles and Classmates

It was very organised how the teacher arranged the kids to stand beside Ivan and they were all told ahead NOT to blow the candles *haha*. It was over very quickly, with the teacher offering to take a family picture for us. After that, I went out of the class to let the children eat (can hear the boys saying, “I want Ultraman!”. Teacher instructed Ivan to bring out cuppies for me, little Izac and Supini.

My Boys & I

After finishing the cupcakes, I packed the leftover into the car, and had another round of waiting, as it was a waste of time to go home and come again (not forgetting waste of fuel). Although this is such a simple party, I hope this 4-year-old boy was H-A-P-P-Y, like it said on the cupcake.


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Meeting the Teacher

Last Saturday was a parent and teacher meet up at Ivan’s school. Before that, all parents were invited to attend a talk by Madam Ruth Liew entitled “Positive Discipline with Young Children”. I attended the talk which was from 8.30am to 9.30am, followed by meeting with the class teacher from 9.30 am onwards.

Report Card Day

The talk was great, the gist of it was what kind of relationship do you want with your kids… one which you had with your own parents (which mainly included corporal punishment) or one which is based mostly in being friends with your kids. Times have changed, most kids nowadays are not that receptive to the cane, though of course most of them will be afraid of it… but the cane could bring the kid to LIE to escape punishment, which is what most parents do no want, to end up with a lying child.


Talk aside, I met with Ivan’s teacher. She gave me the whole collection of his semester 1 work which includes drawing and coloring (I’m quite satisfied with this school, as I have had my doubts when I first enrolled him here). Teacher told me that Ivan might be lacking in confidence, as almost all the time when they do coloring, he will be waiting for the teacher to approach him and ask him why he’s not doing when all his other classmates are already coloring. He would then reply by saying he don’t know how to do. He basically needs or wants the teacher to hold his hands and start the coloring before gaining enough confidence to do it on his own. Teacher say that it could be he couldn’t make up his mind on how to start or he’s seeking for attention.

His grip for the pencil also needs improvement so teacher has told me to buy some plastecin or play dough for him. I will be doing more coloring with him at home, about 10 minutes and not more than 20 minutes as advised by his teacher. I have seen him coloring at home, it’s quite sloppy and he give up easily after a while.

Other than that, with regards to him saying that someone beat him in class, it seems that he plays with his friends just as rough. When he plays with other people, he do not play softly, and when someone pushes him back, he doesn’t like it… this boy always want to win only *kekeke*.

I can see tremendous improvement in his Cantonese and acceptance for the Chinese language after attending this school. Previously before starting school he has such an aversion to speaking the language. Now, he speaks Cantonese at his own free will (Mandarin I still don’t hear that often, other than in the songs he sings)… and teacher say he is willing to sit with non-English speaking classmates… yippee!

Canned KLCC

Finally, teacher say that overall he’s doing well, and a very smart boy. He is able to convey messages from his teacher to us well, so one time when he was asked to bring empty cans to school for an art project, he was the only kid who remembered after the 1 week break… none of the other kids brought cans to class.

Well, I’m one proud mommy… I love you, Ivan! I just hope you enjoy your kindergarten years!

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Term 2 Starts & SIL#2’s Birthday

Two weeks is over in just a blink of an eye… today Ivan goes back to school like all the other kids. I just hope he won’t kick up a fuss like the last time he had a short break and refused to return to school after that. I guess he should be missing his teachers and classmates.


Last Thursday, we celebrated SIL#2’s birthday. It was just a simple one, hubs cooked bak kut teh at home and I bought a cake from San Terri Cottage (love their Footy cake to bits!). Yeah, my hubs can cook pretty well, but mostly pork dishes (need I say more?).

SIL#2's Birthday Cake

So, we had bak kut teh followed by cake cutting after some personal friends arrived. Izac just loves cakes and pastries, you can see him already eating the cake with his eyes! He loves to stand with one leg crossed over like in that picture too. Picture above was taken by Ivan the photographer, looks like tonnes of candles on that cake but she’s not 30… yet!

It was quite uneventful as the birthday girl just ate the cake, sat for a while and then disappeared upstairs to her room once again. She’s kinda like a hermit crab sometimes *LOL*.

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To the School & Annie’s Place

The day after the school excursion we went to Ivan’s school again, this time for the centenary food fair. I guess it’s partially a donation drive, as items sold by the kindergarten teachers were from donations from parents a few weeks before. Other stalls belonging to primary and secondary school children were mainly selling food.

Bustling with Life

So we went, and we sweated… buckets! *LOL* It was a really hot day. Since we didn’t wake up early enough, we went there at 11-ish am and that place was already bustling with life. I walked around with the 2 books of coupons (bought previously in Ivan’s class) and really couldn’t find anything to use it for. We finally used the coupons for a bunch of stationery, some drinks and a centenary cap. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy any food as the heat would have probably made it all go bad.

We made a quick exit after about an hour or so there when Izac started fussing. I went straight to tapau some food for our lunch, chicken rice. I needed to feed them quickly before they start feeling sleepy. Also, I planned to go out and buy presents for the twins (yeah, yeah… last minute… again!) once these 2 boys knock off so that I can do it quickly (can never do anything quickly with these 2 tagging along).

I got my mission accomplished by 6pm, just in time to freshen up and change, because we were due at Jazzmint’s house at 6.30pm. We seriously thought we were the first ones to reach Annie’s place but alas… Angeline beat us to it *LOL*. The party was a relaxing one, steamboat with a small group of people. I already know Annie’s family because they are friends of hubs. I think there were as many children there as there were adults… havoc man! But since it was a house party, the kids could ransack the house while the adults had their meal *keke*. The cupcakes were yummilicious… here’s Ivan showing his approval while Izac digs in.



The party was great and well planned. Thanks, Annie, for having us and a very happy 3rd birthday to Fearles and Cruz!

Birthday Boys, Cruz & Fearles

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Kid on Excursion = Jittery Mum

Last Friday Ivan went on an excursion with his kindergarten… to the national muzium. My first reaction was like, “What? How come other kids are going to petting zoos and bird parks, but my son’s kindy brings them to muziums?!?!” However, I did let him participate, as most of his class is going, and I certainly do not want him to miss out on this experience.

The next thought which comes to mind is: will he get LOST? You know how kids are, and with a kindy as big as the one he is attending, I seriously had worries *LOL*. My SILs told me that hubs was lost, at the very same excursion, at the very same school, last time after numerous remindings from his mum not to wander off by himself. OMG! *faints*

Lining Up with Partners

Hubs tried waking Ivan up at 6.45am that morning, he actually cried and wanted to go back to sleep (his normal class starts at 11-ish am). After some coaxing, he finally let me change him and I took him to his school. So many parents were there, and seems like a million other kids were there too *LOL*.

A Million Kids Waiting for Excursion

I reconfirmed with his teacher that they are capable of handling these kids, and was reassured. So I snapped some pictures and went off to work. Before the excursion, they were actually lining up the kids for a group photo (how to line up a million of them, I was wondering)… something for the school’s centenery celebration.

At the end, it all went well, and this little boy came home a happy camper. Here are some snippets of what he got out of this little outing.

::::::::::: IVAN SAYS :::::::::::

Ivan: “Mommy, the bus I sit got no TV wan.”
Mommy: “Really? Yeah… some bus don’t come with TV.”
Ivan: Yala… no TV wan. How come lao shi buy cheap bus ah?”
Mommy: “(Can’t stop laughing) The bus belong to your school wan, not your lao shi buy wan.” (I told him once that some buses are bigger and more expensive, and they come equipped with TV. Mana tau this boy say his lao shi buy cheap bus to bring them to the muzium.)

Mommy: “So what did you see in the muzium?”
Ivan: “I see maaaany things!”
Mommy: “What things??”
Ivan: “Things la… so many things!”
Mommy: “…” -.-”


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Last Week of School

Term one ends this week for Ivan. I guess school breaks also means no traffic jam when I go to work *yippee!*.

It has been an up and down experience for this 1st timer (referring to the boy as well as the mother here) *keke*. Ivan loves school so far as I can tell, but there were two weeks during March that he refused to go to school. I was really at wits end as to what happened to make him dislike school or even how to make him return to school. After 2 weeks of tantrums, he seems to return to normal. I did ask the teacher about it as Ivan say he’s got no friends there and he was beaten, but I was assured by the teacher that he wasn’t beaten, just some fighting over toys with another boy. We also suspected that he wanted to sit with one particular friend and the teacher rotates the seats every few weeks.

Ivan the ang-moh boy also finally learned to love Mandarin after refusing to speak Chinese when he was younger. He comes home and sings Mandarin rhymes which is so darn cute (no bias here, I assure you) *LOL*. Sometimes he comes home with tales which I can only guess whether it’s made up or real, like telling me that his friend pushed him twice today and he fell down (they like to exaggerate).

During his earlier days at school he came home telling me there’s a “selfish boy” in his class which made me wonder, who taught him this word. He assured me that his teacher called the boy that. This day we finally learnt that his classmate’s name is Sarvish, and not “selfish boy”. The things this little bugger tells me about school sometimes just tickles me to no end.

However, we can see he’s grown more independent and outgoing. His Mandarin is improving and I’m also learning the language as he is learning (banana mah, what to do) *hahaha*. He conveys messages from his teacher to us well, but of course I still need to double check (kids will be kids) and they have a book which the teacher inserts notices and such into it.

I hope he’s looking forward to the next semester as I am. It will be his 1st birthday celebration in school.