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Random Confinement Ramblings

Yeah, been skipping some posts which I have planned to do, mainly because I just feel so sleepy and lazy at nights that I ended up sleeping with the kids. Here are little bits of random things that’s been fluttering through my mind these days…

The Bump
When I’m sitting, it’s pushing up on my ribs and it makes me oh-so-sore. When I’m standing or walking, it’s pushing down on my pelvis, and it makes it oh-so-painful. The best position to be is lying down sideways, which I hardly get to do unless I go to bed at night (after the 2 little owls go to sleep). This baby is falling into the same pattern as my 2 boys, my tummy tend to be small at the beginning and now it’s ballooned in trimester 3.

The Name
I’m cracking my brain trying to think of names, both girl and boy names (in case Doctor tersilap (Malay: made a mistake) lah). Please, if any of you want to suggest some names, please do… I basically welcome any letter of the alphabet but I would like to narrow it down to 2 syllables and 4 or 5 letters.

The Confinement
This time around, I will be doing confinement in my own home, instead of my mum’s like when I had Ivan and Izac. This is mainly because Ivan is already going to school and it would be terrible to leave him there with the maid while I stay at mum’s place. I just hope both boys won’t start riding my back and jumping on me like they always do when they see me lying down *sweats* (especially Izac… he goes broom broom…).

The Confinement Stock-Up
I’m sourcing for Bentong ginger, the market price for this period seem to be around RM14 per kg. I have asked from the market in Pandamaran as well as TTDI. I think I will most probably get from TTDI market as it’s nearer to my place and I always get my vegetables from this aunty. I still need to get “wong chau” (Cantonese: yellow wine) and I do not know where from. Anyone with any good recommendations? What other things do I need? I know I certainly cannot miss out on those herbs which will be used for bathing, I need my bath or I will go bonkers.

The Confinement Urut
Again, any suggestions? I will be in Bandar Utama, so I can’t possibly get the urut lady from Port Klang like previously. She was really good, by the way… a little expensive, but still good. Now I have a new namelist which I have yet to call up, I don’t mind more suggestions if you’ve tried any good ones.

Finally, I’m just wondering if I have the time and energy for just 1 more photo outing *hahahaha*…

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Term 2 Starts & SIL#2’s Birthday

Two weeks is over in just a blink of an eye… today Ivan goes back to school like all the other kids. I just hope he won’t kick up a fuss like the last time he had a short break and refused to return to school after that. I guess he should be missing his teachers and classmates.


Last Thursday, we celebrated SIL#2’s birthday. It was just a simple one, hubs cooked bak kut teh at home and I bought a cake from San Terri Cottage (love their Footy cake to bits!). Yeah, my hubs can cook pretty well, but mostly pork dishes (need I say more?).

SIL#2's Birthday Cake

So, we had bak kut teh followed by cake cutting after some personal friends arrived. Izac just loves cakes and pastries, you can see him already eating the cake with his eyes! He loves to stand with one leg crossed over like in that picture too. Picture above was taken by Ivan the photographer, looks like tonnes of candles on that cake but she’s not 30… yet!

It was quite uneventful as the birthday girl just ate the cake, sat for a while and then disappeared upstairs to her room once again. She’s kinda like a hermit crab sometimes *LOL*.

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18 Big Apples

Last Sunday, when we were at my mum’s, we decided to go to the Jusco sale so I could get a set of king size bedsheet for the new bed. While there, we decided to bring the kids for some ice-cream at New Zealand Natural. Of course, how can we resist also getting those yummilicious Big Apple donuts next door, right?

So before I could even finish ordering ice-cream for the kids, Amat went next door and got us 1/2 dozen donuts which were grabbed up by everyone in a matter of seconds. Oh well, I thought, better go and get another dozen. I was seriously thinking that I would have some left over to bring home for enjoyment later. But lo and behold! Gone!! All 18 donuts, in like 15 minutes? Seriously, who would have thought that with 3 adults and 4 kids (ages 12, 7, 4 and 2) we could finish 18 donuts??

By the way, which flavors do you like? I can’t get enough of the new flavour Berjaya Hills French Romance which has semi sweet chocolate on top AND more inside. The kids actually went for Duren Duren which is the durian flavored donut. 2-year-old Izac took one and a half pieces of the durian flavor and another half of the almond flavor… OMG! He was totally stuffed after that. Other flavors that I normally get are the Chocoholic, Whitnut, Hot Berry and Californian Almond. Yumm!!!

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Too Quiet

Chan Brothers

The house is quiet. Too quiet.

This is the fist time in many moons that I find myself spending the night without the kids around, especially since after the arrival of Izac. I’ve just sent them away, my mum took them home with her to stay for the weekend. I will be joining them tomorrow after work, as going to work from Port Klang is hell. (If you’re wondering about hubs, he’s on the bed snoring like a pig.)

Funny how I thought I could use the little time off from putting them to bed for just one night. You know what? I miss them already. This home is not a home without the kids, noisy as they may be and naughty as they are.

There may be times when I felt that by having kids I’m giving up on a lot, mainly freedom to do whatever I wish. However, it is times like this that reassures me I have made the right decision to have kids. They make my days brighter and just one night without hearing their noisy chatter makes me feel lonely.

Tomorrow cannot come soon enough…

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Wishy Washy

Sunday's Wash

Question: What’s a rackful or blue and white thingys that doesn’t even fit my boys anymore?
Answer: Hand-me-downs to a baby with 2 older brothers.

Yup, I finally got around to getting it done. I actually sorted out the boys’ clothes by 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months and above 12 months categories during the Wesak weekend. With the washing also done this past Sunday, I’m now 100% sure baby will have something to wear when he/she comes out. Only thing is, if it’s a she, I guess she’ll be looking a wee bit boyish for the 1st few months while she endure the hand-me-downs from her brothers *grins*. Babies will mostly be in the house anyway.

Oh, which brings me to the next question… even babies who are dressed in pink from head to toe gets questions like, “Boy or girl?”. Why is that?

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Whoops… has it been a week already?! I meant to post on Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday… (well, you get the picture) but somehow or other, I went to sleep night after night after night. Must really get out of this lazy habit coz I do have tonnes to say.

Last Saturday I actually went for my company’s annual dinner… if you’re interested about that event, do read all about it >>here<<. Beware though, I think it’s more of a rant than a review *teehee*.

So on Sunday, since both kids were feeling fine (meaning no flu or whatsoever), I decided to bring them to SIL#1’s condo for a swim. Ivan always jump for joy when he hears the word “swim”. He just love to play with water, but when it comes to asking him to take a bath… aiyooo! Izac had tonnes of fun too but he was only allowed in the pool for a short while as it was quite windy and the water was cold *brrrr*.

As always, I invited my mum to bring her kids over coz Ivan will be quite bored if he were to only swim with Izac (not to mention that they are fighter c*cks). The kids really had fun as there is a slide at the pool too. I plan to bring them swimming every other weekend since it’s really a very good exercise for them, and it’s more relaxing than to go jostling about in shopping complexes (which means I can spend less too *hehehe*)!

It was a quiet day, just hanging out and swimming, then for dinner we went to Carrefour’s food court. When we were there, I saw those cutie kids sofa which I have been eyeing on for quite some time now (didn’t I just mention about not spending money? *duh*). The price tag shows RM165 but when i asked the lady if there’s any discount on it, she immediately lowered it to RM120 per piece… so I bought 2! They just look so cute!

Izac's Sofa

Ivan's Sofa

Both of them

I think these are really a good buy as we’re kind of lacking place for people to sit in our living room, the sofas we’ve had for years and years have either been thrown away or sold to people at dirt cheap prices. Even then hubs didn’t make a move and get new sofas. So I guess these 2 little one seaters will have to make do until I finally drag hubs out and buy a new set.

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Endless Weddings & Lost Crocs

Phew… I’ve been to 3 weddings for the past 3 weekends, one of which was in Penang. Two more to come this month, both in KL. Feeling sore for my poor pocket *heehee*.

The kids are great, except that Ivan just had fever which brought about rashes on his cheeks and a bit of small spots on his hands and legs. Now that he is well, Izac seem to have got the cough. He coughs with such a hollow sound it makes me scared to hear it. This little guy mau (want) ice whenever he sees it. He goes mau *nod nod*… mau *nod nod*… kinda like a little cat. Wonder why both he and Ivan learn to say “want” in Malay.

This past weekend has been hectic. I went to 2 warehouse sales with my mom, one for toys (this one was good) and one for clothes (which I regretted going because it was just so darn hot and the queue was horrendous!). The toy warehouse sales was good, imagine them selling Barbie dolls for RM10 when the normal price was RM25 each. They even went lower, RM15 for 2 which is a pretty good deal if you’re planning to get them for gifts to little girls. They had very limited Hot Wheels and Little People products which I was hoping to get for my boys.

Other than that, I had my hair trimmed which is a rare occasion. Then went shopping for shoes.

The towards the end of yesterday, Izac lost his Crocs. I was mental for a while there, but after I cooled down I was actually thankful that nothing happened to Izac. Losing a shoe like the Crocs is heart wrenching, but due to how we lost it (which we had NO idea) I was just thankful nothing happened to Izac. He could have took it off without us noticing or someone picked it off his feet(?), but the weird thing is no one noticed anything and the Curve really wasn’t crowded at 10pm. How we could have missed it was really mind boggling. Specially with bad things happening to kids nowadays, I’m really tempted to buy a harness for the little guy. What do you guys think? Maybe a monkey backpack harness or something similar?

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Happy Merdeka!

*Clearing some cobwebs* Ahem…

Happy National Day you all!

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Sorry for being MIA for so long, I guess life kinda caught up with me and I had to entertain it for a little while there. Other than that, I seem to love falling asleep with the children (or even earlier than them sometimes!) these past 2 months.

But I’m back (hopefully!), so stay tuned for more updates on the little guys!

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Been so busy for the past week, don’t seem to be able to blog properly or do much scrapping. Made worse by the fact that I cannot keep my eyes opened while putting the kids to sleep… I end up sleeping with them *duh!*. Anyway, to fill the gap, here’s another of the many tags I got (after this is done I still have 3 to go, will this ever end?!!?).

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Sleeping Through & New Wheels

“Ummm-maah… ummm-mah”, cries little Izac.

That’s what he calls me nowadays. Yesterday after his last feed at 10.30pm he slept through till this morning at about 5.00am. Stirring from his sleep, he whimpered faintly, “Ummm-mah… ummm-mah”. “Yes Izac, mommy’s here,” I replied as I lay down next to him. He returned with, “Dis… dis…”

Yeah, he slept through the night yesterday and yup, “dis dis” means it’s milk time. I was woken up by Ivan who wanted to go shee-shee at 4.30am and couldn’t go back to sleep. In the wee hours dawn, hearing the little fellahs call out so softly, they’re like little angels sent from Heaven (yup, I’m feeling a wee bit sentimental today).


Guess what I bought over the weekend?

pliko p3 classico soleo

(Picture taken from here.)

A new Peg Perego stroller for Izac! He’s started to like sitting on a stroller and since he’s getting bigger, carrying him for more than a while is starting to be quite a task. The good thing about this stroller is there is a “rear footboard with anti-slip rubber insert for transporting a sibling”. For those times when we do not bring two strollers, Ivan can actually stand between this stroller and mommy, and he will be pushed together safely without him running all over the place dangerously. The padding is also good for a more comfortable sleep if and when the children need to sleep.

On a side note, do any of you feel like the second child is sometimes deprived of new things? Being a second child, it is not unusual for parents to reuse stuff bought for their elder sibling. Especially clothing. Sometimes I really have to keep in mind that Izac needs new stuff, not just reusing Ivan’s clothes, toys and other baby things. Of course, rather than wasting money, those which are reusable, must use lah… but do you think at 33 months Ivan should already stop using a stroller and give it up for Izac whenever need be?

Updated 4th Apr 2007:
Few weeks ago, we went to Genting and Izac was fast asleep on the stroller. Ivan pulak felt sleepy after sometime. This kor-kor fussed and insisted on sitting on his stroller (he loves his stroller). So what to do, have to “tie” Izac to the maid using the baby sling coz he’s the lighter of the two.

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