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Sometimes I kinda wish I can just knock (literally!) those 2 boys out by 9pm so that I can have enough time to finish all my daily tasks. Those two night owls just cannot go to bed like other little kids. They’re awake even now! I know it’s due to the late naps they always have but it’s really out of my control since I will be at work while they create havoc in the house during the day.

I think until I start making some changes to their nap time or something, I won’t be able to kick start this ole blog and get MY things done :(

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Daily Killing

One of the things I will miss most when I return to work next week will be sending Ivan to school. Izac usually tags along for the car ride. On the way to Ivan’s school, these two boys sitting at the back seats would be non-stop entertainment for me (if they don’t start fighting) as more often than not, they will verbally assault each other.

Killer Boys

Ivan: “Izaaaaaac…”
Izac: “…”
Ivan: “Later kor kor put your head in the window and then I close it, then your head come out lor…” (Mummy: O.o”)
Izac: “Then Izac put back and become Superman lor…” (Mummy: =.=”)
Ivan: Eeeh… cannot put back, then you put back you become hantu lor…”
Izac: “Then Ultraman come and Superman come. Beat you ah…”
Ivan: “You don’t have Ultraman, I have Ultraman R, T, U come and then bish bish bish… you die!”

This can go on and on, sometimes ending up with hitting and pinching. They do not have verbal killings each day, sometimes it’s just plain imaginary talks about being super heroes or role playing. In the car, though, they do not fight very often (as I’m there to keep reminding them not to). I just wish I can record what they say every time I send Ivan to school and put it down on this blog. I’m sure it would be so entertaining if they were to read it when they grow up later.

Anyone know whether Sony Ericsson Z610i comes with a voice recorder??

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What’s Under That Pillow?

I know I seem to jot down a lot about what Ivan says which tickles me to no end, but it’s just that Ivan is at the stage where he just says the darndest things. Izac, on the other hand, is beginning to pick up pace on talking… hubs is wondering when this younger son of his started being such a chatter box with his endless “why”s.

::::::::::: IVAN SAYS :::::::::::

I noticed this container of lychee seeds in the fridge yesterday evening after dinner.

Boxful of Lychee Seeds

Mommy: “Supini, apasal ini di dalam peti sejuk?”
Supini: Eh? Ivan lah… Ivaaaannnn, why you put itu biji dalam peti sejuk…”
Ivan: “Because……… nanti saya mau tanam lah!”
Mommy: o.O”


Later still, as we were in the bedroom watching Ultraman before bedtime… I saw this:

Guess what's undet these pillows?

What do you think the boy hid under those pillows?

Guns, guns & more guns...

Guns, guns and more guns… oh, and don’t forget to throw in a remote or two and some swords… When I saw the huge pile of things I wanted to put them away as we were getting ready for bed. But oh no… Ivan wouldn’t have it, insisting that he wanted to sleep with those toys under his pillow… *sighs*. He must be going to war in his dreams…