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Photoshoot: Baby YuQi

Photoshoot for Chang YuQi

With my confinement being over and having so many newborns all around me, I just can’t help but ask a few of my friends if they wanted their babies’ picture taken. The photography itch is back.

This latest photoshoot was done last Saturday (20th September) with baby YuQi at 19 days. While we were there, we also snapped a few picture of the oh-so-cute sister of hers, YuYi. Armed with some props dug from home, I once again went with my partner in crime newborn shoots, Jazzmint. This time we had more props than before, as Jazz brought a basket and a red bag (as seen in the photo above) which were both usable. Love the outcome of this shoot!

Chang YuYi

Normally, I would prefer to take pictures of the newborns when they are 14 days or less, as they tend to sleep better and let us put them in all kinds of positions since their bodies are still so soft. But like I said, there are so many babies being born and taking into consideration that some might need photo therapy (pun intended :P), we mostly ended up taking their pictures at more than 2 weeks old unlike the first one I ever did for Baby Lyan Fung with him being 8 days old. Moreover, I’m in confinement and will soon be back to work. Jazzmint is also working and we only ever slot in these sessions on weekends or public holidays.

So far, we have another 2 shoots lined up. Now if I can just get my hands on something I’ve been eyeing — Canon 580EX II Speedlite TTL and the Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8.

So, anyone else want a photoshoot for their newborn?

For more pictures:
Chang YuQi
Chang YuYi

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Photoshoot: Baby Hong Zhen & Baby Hong Then

(Backdated post, photoshoot on 19th July)

Photoshoot for Zhen & Then

This post is very backdated, I finally managed to process the pictures. I went for another newborn shoot with Jazzmint at Chinnee’s house. Yes, it was a photoshoot for her twins.I didn’t manage to get a lot of pictures as the twins were really fussing the whole time we were there. Additionally, I was unable to touch the twins due to some pantang so it was a tad difficult when I want to place the twins in some particular position for a better picture.

I must say, photographing twins is way more difficult than I expected. I just can’t imaging how Chinnee can handle both of them if there’s no helper around. Both her boys look really boyish and handsome. I hope we can have another session with them after they learn how to sit up :D.

For more pictures, go >>here<<.

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New Jabs vs Old Jabs

Last Friday, I went and met up with Chanel and Paik Ling at Chanel’s place. All three of us went to Starbucks armed with a newborn, for the sake of coffee and chit chatting. Gila, right? Those people who saw us must be thinking how come these 3 mommies in confinement are so desperate *LOL*. I brought my camera along, but didn’t remember to take a picture of us together (how can this be possible?!).

Anyway, we chatting for the whole afternoon and both of them mentioned bringing their bundles of joy for the traditional jab at 1 month old instead of the 6-in-1 jab which I was planning on getting for Jolie. I was told by the advisor that it’s less painful and we get to administer it only once at 2 months old instead of once at 1 month and once again on the second month.

Jolie @ 6 Weeks

So finally, this afternoon I brought Jolie to the clinic (at 6 weeks old) for the 1 month old jab. Seems a little kiasu but it’s better to be safe and go with the flow *haha*. The queue at the paed’s was so long, I waited for 2 hours to see the Doctor!

♥ Weight: 4.3kgs
♥ Height: 54cms
♥ Head: 37.4cms

She wailed for a while after the jab, but other than that she was OK! Her next jab will be in 2 weeks.

Other updates about the girl… she loves to coo and whenever she’s awake, she hates to be left alone. When we talk to her, she replies by cooing and smiling, sometimes even laughing. Another thing I found very endearing about newborns is they way the tend to grunt a lot when they sleep, either they’re trying to get into a comfortable position or they have some gas trapped which is trying to come out as a burp… *sigh*…

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Photoshoot: Little Lyan Fung

(Backdated post, photoshoot on 1st March)

Little Lyan Fung

Nowadays, owning a DSLR is all the rage among the mommies. I have gotten mine some time last year though I have not blogged about it (do I even have to elaborate on why I haven’t blogged?). And having a DSLR with me just makes me want to snap, snap and snap, and I’m constantly on a hunt for some outings to go on.

When I found out that my friend Christine has just given birth, it struck me that this is a good chance for a newborn photoshoot (always loved the works of children and newborn photogs). Me, being such a newbie, of course had to drag some pro along lah, or else sure I would not have dared to go by myself. Luckily Jazzmint agreed to slot this “little” photo shoot into her already tight schedule.

So the night prior to the shoot, I went browsing through so many website looking at how to place the baby and what props will be needed. One thing we lacked which would really come in handy is a bean bag… and a black one at that :P. Anyway, we were really lucky that baby Lyan Fung slept like an angel throughout the 2.5 hours of shoot.

I managed to get some shots though most turned out blurry and grainy because I do not have a flash with me and had to set ISO to 800 :S. Most of the great shots you’ve already seen at Jazzmint’s gallery, for mine you can visit >>here<<.