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TwoPixels Anniversary Giveaway!

Yes! Time flies and TwoPixels Photography has just turned 1 end of last month. To celebrate the birthday of our little venture, Jasmine and myself have decided to give away at least 3 free sessions to 3 lucky bloggers out there! If we have lots of blog posts coming in, we might even add in a few more freebies!

So what are you waiting for, log in… type it… and send us your link today!


Price Revision @ TwoPixels Photography

Price Revision Notice

Hurry! Hop on over and sign up for your own pixel too before the price revision. Only 3 days left ;P

To read more about the price revision, please go>>here<<.

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A Little Respite

I’m here, still alive and kicking ;D

This week I am able to get a little respite from all the things going on around myself… namely a new baby (little Jolie’s not so new now :P), a new routine with the 2 boys (what with Ivan being on holiday), being back in the daily grind and of course, the most time consuming newbie in my schedule, a new business. I’m sure most of you would have read about our spanking new website TwoPixels Photography from Jazzmint’s blog.

TwoPixels Photography

Yes, we’ve definitely and finally made the plunge into our freelance photography business after numerous free photoshoots, photoshoots which I have been going around requesting from and offering to those I know. TwoPixels will be mainly focusing on a niche market, pregnancy and newborn photoshoots, with a few family photoshoots thrown in here and there.

I’m ever so thankful to those who have AGREED to have pictures of their baby taken during our early days, especially Christine, who was the very first person I approached to have her little Lyan Fung’s picture taken at 8 days old. I guess if we have not kick started this business, I would still be going around checking out preggy mommies and soliciting photoshoots of their soon-to-arrive newborn.

So folks, do drop over at our humble new business and have a browse. Maybe you’ll see something which you like, and book us!

p/s: I will be doing quite a number of backdated posts after this one, so if any one of you are interested to read what I wrote, do back track a little. Most of it will be updates on the kids which I have missed updating for the past *ugh* don’t-know-how-many months. Thanks!