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Flips and Flops, and What-Nots

Nose Scrunching

Just a short one on little miss Jolie.

At 3 months, she’s learnt to flip over completely without knowing yet how to lift her head properly.

At around 3 1/2 months, she surprised me yet again when she could flip over to her belly AND lift her head.

At 4 1/2 months old, she’s done a flip-to-belly, and then flip-to-back and another flip-to-belly! She’s practically a pro already doing multiple flips (proud mama typing here… teehee!)… Now I just hope she doesn’t fall off the bed in split seconds.

I wrote the above yonks ago, thinking I would have time to do some adjustments and post it. It’s been lying at the drafts area collecting dust. I thought I would just post it up now, since it is a major milestone for Miss Jolie here. She can flip well and prop herself up, but as of now still not able to sit unsupported.

Rolling Rolling

Like her brothers, she’s not given me much problem when she’s teething (or is it just me who didn’t notice :|). Her bottom 2 teeth started sprouting at 5 months, the top 2 started at 6 months, then another 2 at the top started at 7 months and now at 8 months another 2 at the top seems to want to come out too! So careful if she bites, it painful! (Duh~)

She’s started taking porridge twice a day at a little over 6 months and she’s lovin’ it! This means she’s taking less milk (2 bottles of 4.5oz less) but I’m still a pumping mama at work and and a cow when I’m home. I’ve also started giving her some fruits, mainly bananas and papayas. This girl just can get enough of food, she screams her lungs out when the spoon leaves her mouth and doesn’t go back fast enough.

Hmm… there are actually endless things to write, mostly with regards to the habits of these young flers, but I’ll leave that for another post. Gonna end this post with a picture of the 3 kiddos.

3 Kiddos

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Daily Killing

One of the things I will miss most when I return to work next week will be sending Ivan to school. Izac usually tags along for the car ride. On the way to Ivan’s school, these two boys sitting at the back seats would be non-stop entertainment for me (if they don’t start fighting) as more often than not, they will verbally assault each other.

Killer Boys

Ivan: “Izaaaaaac…”
Izac: “…”
Ivan: “Later kor kor put your head in the window and then I close it, then your head come out lor…” (Mummy: O.o”)
Izac: “Then Izac put back and become Superman lor…” (Mummy: =.=”)
Ivan: Eeeh… cannot put back, then you put back you become hantu lor…”
Izac: “Then Ultraman come and Superman come. Beat you ah…”
Ivan: “You don’t have Ultraman, I have Ultraman R, T, U come and then bish bish bish… you die!”

This can go on and on, sometimes ending up with hitting and pinching. They do not have verbal killings each day, sometimes it’s just plain imaginary talks about being super heroes or role playing. In the car, though, they do not fight very often (as I’m there to keep reminding them not to). I just wish I can record what they say every time I send Ivan to school and put it down on this blog. I’m sure it would be so entertaining if they were to read it when they grow up later.

Anyone know whether Sony Ericsson Z610i comes with a voice recorder??

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New Jabs vs Old Jabs

Last Friday, I went and met up with Chanel and Paik Ling at Chanel’s place. All three of us went to Starbucks armed with a newborn, for the sake of coffee and chit chatting. Gila, right? Those people who saw us must be thinking how come these 3 mommies in confinement are so desperate *LOL*. I brought my camera along, but didn’t remember to take a picture of us together (how can this be possible?!).

Anyway, we chatting for the whole afternoon and both of them mentioned bringing their bundles of joy for the traditional jab at 1 month old instead of the 6-in-1 jab which I was planning on getting for Jolie. I was told by the advisor that it’s less painful and we get to administer it only once at 2 months old instead of once at 1 month and once again on the second month.

Jolie @ 6 Weeks

So finally, this afternoon I brought Jolie to the clinic (at 6 weeks old) for the 1 month old jab. Seems a little kiasu but it’s better to be safe and go with the flow *haha*. The queue at the paed’s was so long, I waited for 2 hours to see the Doctor!

♥ Weight: 4.3kgs
♥ Height: 54cms
♥ Head: 37.4cms

She wailed for a while after the jab, but other than that she was OK! Her next jab will be in 2 weeks.

Other updates about the girl… she loves to coo and whenever she’s awake, she hates to be left alone. When we talk to her, she replies by cooing and smiling, sometimes even laughing. Another thing I found very endearing about newborns is they way the tend to grunt a lot when they sleep, either they’re trying to get into a comfortable position or they have some gas trapped which is trying to come out as a burp… *sigh*…

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Jolie @ 1 Month

Sleeping Babes

Time flies, my confinement is over and I can now do whatever I want! As of today, Jolie is already 1 month and 1 week old. I was supposed to blog about her progress last week but was too tired due to…

  1. My confinement helper left on the 31st of August.
  2. Izac started crying and whining for no particular reason, at random times of the day.
  3. Ivan gave me issues of scratching (Izac’s face mainly) and hitting people (his classmate, which I was later told by his teacher that it could be accidental).
  4. Both boys are sleeping later and later, I’m pratically going bonkers with 3 kids in the bedroom in the evenings… but I’m surviving.


Both issues pertaining my boys will be in another post. With regards to Jolie…

Vital Stats:
♥ Weight: Approximately 4.00kgs (I measured by deducting our weight when I carried her and my weight)
♥ Height: No idea

Jolie in Pram

♥ I think she can drink about 3 - 3.5 ounces of breast milk every 2.5 to 3 hours. I haven’t really measured her intake and time as I have not really started pumping fully during the day.

Before Shaving

♥ Drinks well from a bottle, so sometimes I leave EBM for her if I go out without bringing her along.
♥ Able to lift her head for a short while when mommy burps her
♥ Smiles and coos when someone talks to her
♥ Able to track objects, hands and face when we move it left and right

Baldie Jolie

Mommy Says:
♥ She has started to settle down, and has really been much easier to handle than both her brothers when they were her age (I’m wondering if it’s because I’m more pro at this already!).
♥ She is a good weight now… and increase of about 1.2kgs from birth.
♥ I just love to smell her… everywhere, especially her tiny hands and feet.
♥ She fusses on time every evening, around 7.30 pm until about 10.00pm… my guess is colic or tummy upset, so we normally give her cuddles rather than put her down in the cot.
♥ She sleeps well at nights, only waking up to feed.
♥ She hates having her hands tied in with the swaddle, so she always frees them very quickly and puts them next to her face.
♥ We celebrated her full moon on the 30th of August by having dinner with family. And mommy gave out full moon packs to colleagues and some friends on the 2nd of September.
♥ Took her to the barber and shaved her bald on the 2nd of September, just like her brothers.
♥ I won’t need to bring her in for her 1st month jab like her brothers as there is a new 6-in-1 jab for her, and it’s due on the 2nd month.

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Jolie’s Birth Story

Wednesday, 30th July 2008
Around 4:00am

I woke up feeling some abdominal pain and wondered if it’s contractions. Since the pain was bearable and I can’t seem to go back to sleep, I went blog hopping. After putting up this post, I went downstairs and walked around, contemplating if I should hop in and get a shower if it’s really time.

Around 6:00am
Finally, I decided to take a shower as the contractions are about 5 - 7 minutes apart, although not very strong. At around 6:30am, I woke SIL#1 up (she stayed over coincidentally) and asked her to bring me to the hospital (hubs was at work). She said better to ask her brother to come home since he’s already prepared to bring me himself. Hubs reached home at 7.00am and took a shower (must la, pork all over him mah). We finally left the house around 7.30am, I was damn scared there would be a jam (I was expecting this birth to be almost the same as Izac’s, if not easier).

Around 8:00am
We reached Gleneagles, but there were quite a few people already at admissions, and their service was so slow this time, we waited close to 20 minutes before someone served us. By the time I went up and was allocated a labour room, it was already 8:30am. I got tied up to the CTG to see if there were REALLY contractions. After half an hour, the nurse came in and said, “OK, there are contractions and the Dr will be in shortly to check.”

Around 9:15am
Dr Tan came and checked the graph. He told me I have 2 choices, to wait or to induce. The graph showed contractions but they were very mild. If I wait, it could mean baby appearing only late today or even tomorrow , if I induce baby will probably be out by lunch. I told him I’ll wait for a while and see how it goes (still hoping for some action soon). He left after that, promising to come in again around lunch time. After that, the nurse came in and put an IV for me to administer the antibiotics (for GBS), I told her that I have a StemLife pack in my bag (scared I will forget again like the last time). Later still, nurse came and asked if I needed an enema, which I rejected as I have been going to the toilet on and off since this morning.

Around 12:30pm
The contractions still weren’t going anywhere, still very bearable and still about 5 - 7 minutes apart. I walked around for a bit and the contractions seem to come harder, but when strapped in the bed the tend to be lighter. Finally when the nurse asked again if I want to induce, I told them yes *sigh*. So the drip was administered and pain slowly got more teruk.

Around 1:30pm
Dr Tan came again and said it’s time to make it more painful. He look at my stricken face and said, “No big pain, no baby wor…” So he broke the water bag and I asked him how long more. He predicts that baby would come around 3.30pm or so. Pening lor, still another 2 hours!!

Around 2:15pm
The pain was unbearable, I took the gas whenever the pain peaked. I kept asking the nurse if I have dilated enough yet (as you can probably guess, I just can’t wait to have her outta me *LOL*). The contractions were happening really fast after Dr broke the water bag… right after the nurse checked and told me I’m at 7 or 8 cm, I just felt like I needed to push, so she had to quickly call the Dr.

Around 2:30pm
Dr came and said, “Aiyaa… told you 3.30, how come so fast wan *LOL*” By the time he finished scrubbing his hands and putting on whatever a Dr needs at times like these, I was standing by for the word “GO” already *hahaha*…

At 2:50pm
As soon as I heard him say that I could push anytime I have a contraction, I just push lah! One push and she’s out, weighing at 2.77kgs… and I was just so relieved!! Dr didn’t do any episiotomy this time (could it be because she came out so fast?), I had a tear and had to be sewn up (I could feel every stitch that Dr did this time… geli!). Baby had her umbilical cord tied loosely around her neck, just like her 2 brothers. Hubs was there for the opening ceremony (ie. cutting of the umbilical cord)… I think that was the only time he was awake, from 8.30am until 2.30pm, he was nicely asleep on the couch *slaps forehead*.

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Hello World!

Baby on Day 3
Born : 30th July 2008
Weight : 2.77kgs
Length : 49cms

Sorry for taking ages to come up with this post. I was just so lazy after coming home from the hospital, didn’t take many pictures at all. Baby hasn’t been named yet, we already have a list of names but I had to wait for someone to translate for this banana *keke*. Now the government gives us 2 weeks to register her name (instead of 1 month like last time), after that there will be a fine of RM5 I think. Other than that, now it’s compulsory to bring the mother’s appointment card with the gynecologist, the baby’s immunization card, parents’ IC and wedding certificate.

Will update with her birth story later, hang on yeah!

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Meeting the Teacher

Last Saturday was a parent and teacher meet up at Ivan’s school. Before that, all parents were invited to attend a talk by Madam Ruth Liew entitled “Positive Discipline with Young Children”. I attended the talk which was from 8.30am to 9.30am, followed by meeting with the class teacher from 9.30 am onwards.

Report Card Day

The talk was great, the gist of it was what kind of relationship do you want with your kids… one which you had with your own parents (which mainly included corporal punishment) or one which is based mostly in being friends with your kids. Times have changed, most kids nowadays are not that receptive to the cane, though of course most of them will be afraid of it… but the cane could bring the kid to LIE to escape punishment, which is what most parents do no want, to end up with a lying child.


Talk aside, I met with Ivan’s teacher. She gave me the whole collection of his semester 1 work which includes drawing and coloring (I’m quite satisfied with this school, as I have had my doubts when I first enrolled him here). Teacher told me that Ivan might be lacking in confidence, as almost all the time when they do coloring, he will be waiting for the teacher to approach him and ask him why he’s not doing when all his other classmates are already coloring. He would then reply by saying he don’t know how to do. He basically needs or wants the teacher to hold his hands and start the coloring before gaining enough confidence to do it on his own. Teacher say that it could be he couldn’t make up his mind on how to start or he’s seeking for attention.

His grip for the pencil also needs improvement so teacher has told me to buy some plastecin or play dough for him. I will be doing more coloring with him at home, about 10 minutes and not more than 20 minutes as advised by his teacher. I have seen him coloring at home, it’s quite sloppy and he give up easily after a while.

Other than that, with regards to him saying that someone beat him in class, it seems that he plays with his friends just as rough. When he plays with other people, he do not play softly, and when someone pushes him back, he doesn’t like it… this boy always want to win only *kekeke*.

I can see tremendous improvement in his Cantonese and acceptance for the Chinese language after attending this school. Previously before starting school he has such an aversion to speaking the language. Now, he speaks Cantonese at his own free will (Mandarin I still don’t hear that often, other than in the songs he sings)… and teacher say he is willing to sit with non-English speaking classmates… yippee!

Canned KLCC

Finally, teacher say that overall he’s doing well, and a very smart boy. He is able to convey messages from his teacher to us well, so one time when he was asked to bring empty cans to school for an art project, he was the only kid who remembered after the 1 week break… none of the other kids brought cans to class.

Well, I’m one proud mommy… I love you, Ivan! I just hope you enjoy your kindergarten years!

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Too Quiet

Chan Brothers

The house is quiet. Too quiet.

This is the fist time in many moons that I find myself spending the night without the kids around, especially since after the arrival of Izac. I’ve just sent them away, my mum took them home with her to stay for the weekend. I will be joining them tomorrow after work, as going to work from Port Klang is hell. (If you’re wondering about hubs, he’s on the bed snoring like a pig.)

Funny how I thought I could use the little time off from putting them to bed for just one night. You know what? I miss them already. This home is not a home without the kids, noisy as they may be and naughty as they are.

There may be times when I felt that by having kids I’m giving up on a lot, mainly freedom to do whatever I wish. However, it is times like this that reassures me I have made the right decision to have kids. They make my days brighter and just one night without hearing their noisy chatter makes me feel lonely.

Tomorrow cannot come soon enough…

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Wishy Washy

Sunday's Wash

Question: What’s a rackful or blue and white thingys that doesn’t even fit my boys anymore?
Answer: Hand-me-downs to a baby with 2 older brothers.

Yup, I finally got around to getting it done. I actually sorted out the boys’ clothes by 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months and above 12 months categories during the Wesak weekend. With the washing also done this past Sunday, I’m now 100% sure baby will have something to wear when he/she comes out. Only thing is, if it’s a she, I guess she’ll be looking a wee bit boyish for the 1st few months while she endure the hand-me-downs from her brothers *grins*. Babies will mostly be in the house anyway.

Oh, which brings me to the next question… even babies who are dressed in pink from head to toe gets questions like, “Boy or girl?”. Why is that?

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Sleeping Through & New Wheels

“Ummm-maah… ummm-mah”, cries little Izac.

That’s what he calls me nowadays. Yesterday after his last feed at 10.30pm he slept through till this morning at about 5.00am. Stirring from his sleep, he whimpered faintly, “Ummm-mah… ummm-mah”. “Yes Izac, mommy’s here,” I replied as I lay down next to him. He returned with, “Dis… dis…”

Yeah, he slept through the night yesterday and yup, “dis dis” means it’s milk time. I was woken up by Ivan who wanted to go shee-shee at 4.30am and couldn’t go back to sleep. In the wee hours dawn, hearing the little fellahs call out so softly, they’re like little angels sent from Heaven (yup, I’m feeling a wee bit sentimental today).


Guess what I bought over the weekend?

pliko p3 classico soleo

(Picture taken from here.)

A new Peg Perego stroller for Izac! He’s started to like sitting on a stroller and since he’s getting bigger, carrying him for more than a while is starting to be quite a task. The good thing about this stroller is there is a “rear footboard with anti-slip rubber insert for transporting a sibling”. For those times when we do not bring two strollers, Ivan can actually stand between this stroller and mommy, and he will be pushed together safely without him running all over the place dangerously. The padding is also good for a more comfortable sleep if and when the children need to sleep.

On a side note, do any of you feel like the second child is sometimes deprived of new things? Being a second child, it is not unusual for parents to reuse stuff bought for their elder sibling. Especially clothing. Sometimes I really have to keep in mind that Izac needs new stuff, not just reusing Ivan’s clothes, toys and other baby things. Of course, rather than wasting money, those which are reusable, must use lah… but do you think at 33 months Ivan should already stop using a stroller and give it up for Izac whenever need be?

Updated 4th Apr 2007:
Few weeks ago, we went to Genting and Izac was fast asleep on the stroller. Ivan pulak felt sleepy after sometime. This kor-kor fussed and insisted on sitting on his stroller (he loves his stroller). So what to do, have to “tie” Izac to the maid using the baby sling coz he’s the lighter of the two.

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