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One Tooth Less

Last Friday, we packed up for our fortnightly stay over at my mum’s. As usual, with me reaching home from work, packing last minute things and getting the kids ready to go, I reached mum’s place quite late… I think it was around 9pm. After having dinner, the kids proceeded to play in the room while the lazy adults lie on the bed and watch TV.

Sometimes, kids being kids, they like to play rough and from my lying position, I shout my orders at them *LOL*. Only God knows what happened (coz the kids ain’t telling) in that split second moment when we heard a bump against the bed’s headboard and then whining from the clumsiest one of all, Izac.

One Tooth Less

I thought it was something mild (mind you, he didn’t cry) and asked him to come over so that I could inspect his lips and gums. When I pulled up his lips, I was horrified to find a tooth missing! Instantly I felt heartache, and then anger at Haslina for her rough play (although to this day I don’t know the full story, and Izac can’t be spinning the chair so hard by himself!). In the spot where his tooth used to be, there was bleeding and his gums were blue and black. I used to lampin for him to bite on to stop the bleeding and asked him if it was pain. Surprisingly, he said it hurt just a little.

The bleeding stopped quickly and the hole was quickly covered up by dark gel like substance… probably nature’s form of a cork for incidences like this. When Ivan came over and kepoh-ed (he was playing computer), I told him to go over to that spot and look for Izac’s tooth (Izac told me he swallowed it, but I decided to try looking anyway). Ivan brought back that tooth and I was shocked that a healthy tooth like that can so easily be knocked out whole (root and all) and the child felt little or no pain.

Hole in His Smile

Even now after 4 days, everytime I think of that tooth (which I now keep in my drawer), I feel heartache. Heartache that the poor boy have to go with a gap in his smile for another 3 - 4 years. I am also worried that the impact will cause his future adult tooth to come out crooked, if at all. SIL#1 tried to scare me saying that since the whole root is out, he might not even have an adult tooth (milk teeth which comes off at the right time are usually without root). But thanks to Google, I found this:

Q : Does a first set of baby teeth molars have roots?

A : Yes, all teeth have roots. But when they fall out naturally they don’t have them anymore. The “big” teeth below “disolve” the roots by pushing the baby teeth out.

I guess now I’ll just have to wait and see when his adult teeth comes, and hope that more of his teeth won’t get extracted before their time. :(

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Euro Fun Park Revisited

Ferris Wheel

I spent the Deepavali weekend over at mum’s place with the kids. Yesterday evening, we decided to give the kids a treat and brought them to Euro Fun Park since we didn’t have anything planned for them for the long weekend. The park set itself up at Aeon Bukit Tinggi’s carpark, like the last time they set themselves up at the 1Utama carpark when we brought a duck-walking Ivan almost 3 years ago.

Ride #1

Like previously, they charged entrance fees of RM3 for adults and RM2 for kids 3 to 12 years old. On top of the entrance fees, we have to pay for rides as well… mostly costing 2 tokens (RM2 for 1 token). Needless to say, the kids had fun and for just a short 2 hours of fun we spent about RM140 in total.

Ride #3

I guess it’s considered money well spent, as going for a short trip away from home would cost much more than this. And what’s more, the photography buff in me just couldn’t miss this chance of trying out panning technique on the merry-go-round.

Izac on Merry-Go-Round

As you can see from the picture, I was wondering why Izac’s got that stoned face while Ivan was absolutely ecstatic! I was afraid that he got scared on some of the rides. It turned out that he was merely so tired that he conked out as soon as we reached home.

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Potty Pals

Potty Pals

Izac’s potty training started in June this year. I think after countless times of trying to catch his pee with the bucket and failing, the first time he actually ask to use the potty was on Ivan’s birthday on 28th June (although nothing came out that time).

We decided to go slow on his potty training. There were many accidents when he just didn’t feel like telling us that he needed to go. However, he kind of decided to go cold turkey on this and didn’t want to wear diapers even at nights. So I had to go and buy a bed protector sheet from Mothercare to protect my dear bed (newly bought too just before I delivered). There were also times when his “angin” came and he wanted to wear his diapers because he’s just too lazy to use the potty.

I’m glad to say that the training took more or less 2 months and he has been a potty going kid for 2 - 3 months now. So far there are still accidents on and off, and sometimes like two weeks ago, he refused to tell use when he needed to go during daytime. All in all, it’s great to have two potty going kids in the house. As you can see from the picture above, they sometimes go potty together *hahaha*. And the good thing is, Izac got himself trained up just in time for Jolie’s arrival too! (Help mommy save on diapers mah…)

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I’m Still Here

Ice Cool

I guess I should really update something about what’s up with me. Being gone for too long from this blog makes me lazy, as you can see from my sporadic entries these past few months. Even my feed reader’s topping the charts at 1200 unread posts after 3 weeks of absence, that’s also coz I managed to clear off those paid posts written by those in my feed and leaving behind only those I plan to read… soon… *hehe*

First off, this marks the beginning of my 3rd week at work. I started work the week after the Raya holidays (6th October) and faced a mountain of faulty parts waiting to be sent out. Even now, they’re not all cleared yet, what with new stuff to do everyday while having to deal with the old stuff as well.

About the kids… they’re just doing great… driving their mommy up the wall, that is! Ivan has been a really good boy. Izac is the one driving me up the wall. Jolie… she’s an angel, when she’s not wailing! But really, Jolie is quite a good baby, probably because I co-sleep with her at nights so I hardly ever have to get up from my slumber too. More updates about them coming up one by one :D.

On newborn photography, I have done 2 photoshoots since the last I wrote an entry… one for my friend’s first child Cody and after that for Sasha’s brand new boy Justin. Those will be coming soon too!

Do check back soon (but don’t hold your breath, ya!)…

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Izac the Terrible

Fake Smile

For the past 2 or 3 months, Izac has been testing my patience over and over and over. I think this boy has truly shown his mommy what terrible two means. He can naik angin quite quickly, kind of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Dirty Feet

Everything could be as calm as ever, and then suddenly when I move a certain pillow, he will start throwing tantrums and saying, “Not like that! Not like that!” And you know what, once that pillow has been moved, it will never ever be correct again. Plus the boy refuses to tell us how it’s supposed to be. This can happen to anything at anytime, not just the pillow incident. I tell you, it can be very exasperating and more often than not, he will make me lose it too. Hence, if you pass by my housing area, don’t be surprised if you hear someone screaming like a banshee in the evenings.


::::::::::: IZAC SAYS :::::::::::

Izac have this bad habit of pinching and biting his kor kor. After one of the many million times he pinched Ivan, I threatened to lock him in the toilet which didn’t work…

Mommy: (Talking to Ivan) “Tonight we quickly come inside the room and close the door, OK? Izac will sleep with Auntie.”
Izac: “Then Izac take so big pisau and Izac cut the door, then Izac can go in!”
Mommy: =.=”

A few minutes later…
Mommy: “So? Go and say sorry to kor kor or not? Go there and whisper in his ear, mommy won’t hear.” (Very hard to make this boy say sorry.)

After more cajoling…
Izac: (Black face and whining) “Mommy, you come with me…”
Izac: (After “reaching” kor kor who is 1 step away and facing his ear) “THANK YOU!!”
Mommy: o.O” *Hahahahahahahahahahha*
Mommy: Aiyoh Izac, it’s sorry when you did something wrong, not thank you lah!”


Busy Boy

Having said all that, he can be a very cute and lovable little fella when he’s good. Like what they say… “When he’s good, he’s very very good. When he’s bad, he’s terrible!”. And he’s very good at making mommy cool down… with hugs and kisses.

Dirty Feet Again

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Daily Killing

One of the things I will miss most when I return to work next week will be sending Ivan to school. Izac usually tags along for the car ride. On the way to Ivan’s school, these two boys sitting at the back seats would be non-stop entertainment for me (if they don’t start fighting) as more often than not, they will verbally assault each other.

Killer Boys

Ivan: “Izaaaaaac…”
Izac: “…”
Ivan: “Later kor kor put your head in the window and then I close it, then your head come out lor…” (Mummy: O.o”)
Izac: “Then Izac put back and become Superman lor…” (Mummy: =.=”)
Ivan: Eeeh… cannot put back, then you put back you become hantu lor…”
Izac: “Then Ultraman come and Superman come. Beat you ah…”
Ivan: “You don’t have Ultraman, I have Ultraman R, T, U come and then bish bish bish… you die!”

This can go on and on, sometimes ending up with hitting and pinching. They do not have verbal killings each day, sometimes it’s just plain imaginary talks about being super heroes or role playing. In the car, though, they do not fight very often (as I’m there to keep reminding them not to). I just wish I can record what they say every time I send Ivan to school and put it down on this blog. I’m sure it would be so entertaining if they were to read it when they grow up later.

Anyone know whether Sony Ericsson Z610i comes with a voice recorder??

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Jolie @ 1 Month

Sleeping Babes

Time flies, my confinement is over and I can now do whatever I want! As of today, Jolie is already 1 month and 1 week old. I was supposed to blog about her progress last week but was too tired due to…

  1. My confinement helper left on the 31st of August.
  2. Izac started crying and whining for no particular reason, at random times of the day.
  3. Ivan gave me issues of scratching (Izac’s face mainly) and hitting people (his classmate, which I was later told by his teacher that it could be accidental).
  4. Both boys are sleeping later and later, I’m pratically going bonkers with 3 kids in the bedroom in the evenings… but I’m surviving.


Both issues pertaining my boys will be in another post. With regards to Jolie…

Vital Stats:
♥ Weight: Approximately 4.00kgs (I measured by deducting our weight when I carried her and my weight)
♥ Height: No idea

Jolie in Pram

♥ I think she can drink about 3 - 3.5 ounces of breast milk every 2.5 to 3 hours. I haven’t really measured her intake and time as I have not really started pumping fully during the day.

Before Shaving

♥ Drinks well from a bottle, so sometimes I leave EBM for her if I go out without bringing her along.
♥ Able to lift her head for a short while when mommy burps her
♥ Smiles and coos when someone talks to her
♥ Able to track objects, hands and face when we move it left and right

Baldie Jolie

Mommy Says:
♥ She has started to settle down, and has really been much easier to handle than both her brothers when they were her age (I’m wondering if it’s because I’m more pro at this already!).
♥ She is a good weight now… and increase of about 1.2kgs from birth.
♥ I just love to smell her… everywhere, especially her tiny hands and feet.
♥ She fusses on time every evening, around 7.30 pm until about 10.00pm… my guess is colic or tummy upset, so we normally give her cuddles rather than put her down in the cot.
♥ She sleeps well at nights, only waking up to feed.
♥ She hates having her hands tied in with the swaddle, so she always frees them very quickly and puts them next to her face.
♥ We celebrated her full moon on the 30th of August by having dinner with family. And mommy gave out full moon packs to colleagues and some friends on the 2nd of September.
♥ Took her to the barber and shaved her bald on the 2nd of September, just like her brothers.
♥ I won’t need to bring her in for her 1st month jab like her brothers as there is a new 6-in-1 jab for her, and it’s due on the 2nd month.

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Dreams & Talking Back



Ivan just woke up and told me that he had a nice dream just now.

He dreamt that he was fighting with three people and he used a soup bowl which spinned and hit all three of them. All three of them were so scared of him. *hehe* It’s so nice to hear that your kid woke up with a nice dream isn’t it? Err… but then, do you think it could be a case of too much Ultraman or Power Rangers??

There was once when he peed in his sleep, and when I asked him why didn’t he go to the potty, he told me that he dreamt he was in the toilet *hahaha*. I think probably that night he slept too late and was so lazy to wake up to visit the potty so he ended up having a dream that he was actually in the toilet…

I used to wonder what my children dream of, and when they actually start having dreams which they can remember. Do your children tell you their dreams??

Talking Back


Izac wakes up after peeing in his sleep (he’s in potty training mode) and asks for Milo. Supini makes a bottle for him and goes downstairs. He drank a little bit and told me that he’s full.

::::::::::: IZAC SAYS :::::::::::

Mommy: Aiyoh, ask aunty to make and then you don’t finish it. Next time I don’t make for you ah…”
Izac: “Next time me sendiri make for myself…” (and hides his face in the pillow)
Mommy: o.O”


And you’d think a 2-and-a-half year old boy would not know how to talk back… and he only just started talking after he turned 2! Hmm…

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The Kor Kors

Izac & Jolie

Izac has been promoted to Kor Kor status on the 30th of July *hehe*. Both boys were thrilled to see Jolie back from the hospital on the 1st of August, moreso Izac because that was the first time he saw her. Ivan has been going to the hospital after school the two days I was there, so he has already seen and carried her before.

3 Kiddos

Both of them accepted Jolie well, and they want to kiss her so often. Ivan is more gentle, but Izac is a little rough. I doubt both of them know how fragile a newborn is *hehe*. Izac just love to kiss Jolie (on the lips, mind you!) and sometimes when she’s in an awkward position, he will try to twist her head so that he can get her lips. That’s why we never ever leave the boys alone with Jolie.

You know what? I just can’t wait for Jolie to grow bigger so all three of them can play together. Only thing is, I hope the Kor Kors won’t make a tomboy out of their little sister! :D

p/s: Both boys decided that Jolie is a nice name, so I guess they made the final decision for baby’s name!

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Bowling Boys

(Backdated post, bowled on 20th July 2008)

Bowling Lane with Sides Up

My 2 boys just love to go rolling bowling (yes, yes, Izac included!). Last last weekend, after having dinner at 1U and with me rushing off to buy some last minute things for baby, SIL#1 decided that we should bring the kids to U-Bowl. Upon hearing SIL#1’s suggestion, of course there was no escape as the kids kept reminding us of it. I think including this session, they have bowled a total of 3 or 4 times already.

Ivan the Strong!

After bowling a few times before, Ivan “the strong” has had all the experience he need and is able to help himself to a ball at the conveyor, carry it and roll it all by himself (by the way, we had the sides raised so there’s no way their bowling balls could go in the drain and the lightest 6-pound ball can be requested from the counter). He refused to quit at 1 game, so the kids had 2 games.

Ivan the Roller!

Izac also had fun rolling the ball, with help from SIL#1 and also Uncle Kenny. However, it took forever for the ball to reach the end of the line *LOL*. Being a pregnant mum, what can I do but sit at the sidelines with fear, watching the kids prance around the slippery wooden floor with their socks (non-slip for Izac). Ivan was like a little monkey doing a breakdance kind of move there *sweats*.

Izac With Help from Kenny

By the time we reached home, it was already around 11-ish pm. During bedtime, Ivan told me his muscle hurts so I had to massage the little king’s right leg. What a day!

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