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Ivan, Milestones

Papa Here, Papa There

Why do most babies start their vocabulary by saying “papa” first? Ivan is one of them and since he said that for the first time (not his first word… first word is mum-mum), there is no stopping him. And now when you ask him where his papa is, he’ll look at his father and say “Neh!” while pointing at his father whereas when asked where his mommy is, it’s like quizzing him on advanced algebra! Calling mommy really depends on his mood, sometimes he’ll just blurt it out all of a sudden and silly mommy will be like “*Sigh!* That’s my baby calling me!” and that makes up for all the times he doesn’t. (In fact, I don’t really think the “mommy” is really targeted directly at me… he is just throwing words into the air for poor mommy to pluck)

The thing with babies saying mommy or papa first is quite irritating, actually. Sometimes when you see some relatives or elderly friends, they tend to ask you who your child called first. And when you politely answer them, “Oh! He called papa first”, you would already know that they would say that the child will be closer to their father. So what if the child is closer to his father… at least he’s not a stranger! Worse still, what if the child is like Ivan and he says “mum-mum” first… does it mean that he’ll be much closer to foodstuff than his own parents?!?! (Sorry, getting a little hysterical… hehehehh)

And this boy is so clever. *sigh* He knows who he can bully and who he cannot. His father is stricter with him and whenever papa says no to something he would like to get his little hands on, with trembling lips he’ll crawl over to mommy for comfort. Come to think of it, when I was pregnant with Ivan, I told myself that I would be a strict mommy and that Ivan will hopefully be an extremely well-behaved little boy. Something must have happened between checking in to the labour ward and meeting this little darling that I’ve completely buggered my “being strict” plan. So now being a “sometimes-called” mommy and a less strict parent, I live for seeing smiles on little Ivan’s lips.

Ivan, Milestones


Today, I have decided to start blogging mainly because Ivan has started his wobbly walk and I have but a fuzzy memory of his earlier achievements! *winces* Through this blog, I hope that I can soon list down his achievements again (still racking my brain) after I threw away the scrap of a paper I used to jot them down months ago.
I have previously noticed how he tried to stand hands-free near the sofas and the bedside tables, both hands quite busy holding on to papa’s mobile or some other things not meant to be his toys. And then one day last week…. WOBBLY STEPS! It’s so funny seeing him walk, hands hovering in front in case he falls over. In addition to that, he is also duck-walking… the kind of waddle only toddlers do it so well with their bums encased in diapers.
So there we have it… Ivan is walking at 14 months.