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Enough Love To Go Around?

Darling Ivan,

Yesterday when I got into bed and you were lying right beside me sleeping so soundly, I couldn’t help but kiss you all over, hug you and smell your baby breath. I know that you have no patience to let me do these things to you when you’re awake… I lie there in the dark with papa snoring away, thinking to myself how I came to love a little person like yourself so so much. You’ve rocked my world!
Sometimes I just want you to stay small so that I can have you by my side forever, just like a little doll. Other times I want to see you grow up to be a happy happy person.

Nowadays you’re so manja and I wonder if you know that you have a sailo (Cantonese: little brother) coming soon. Will there be enough love in me for all my darling babies?

Love always,

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The New Baby

Below is a snippet of my email to some dear, dear friends who have gone through ups and downs with me since childhood (some more recent and I should think there is still a little childishness left in me *grins*).

Subject : It’s a boy!

Dear All-My-Dear-Ladies,

Mass mailing as I am so busy at work la… From ths subject heading, you’d have probably guessed it. Ivan’s gonna have a lil brother soon and as decided long ago… he will be called Izac. *grins*

When the doctor told us that he saw the birdie, I didn’t know how I felt… I wanted a girl to take the pressure off the next baby PLUS I wanted to go against the sis-in-laws (!). I am happy for a boy to accompany Ivan in his “roughness” and I guess they’ll be having wrestlings not too long in the

As expected, when I told the sis-in-laws, they were whooping with joy and rubbing it in with “… and the next one boy, and then boy, and then boy… then only girl”. Suckers ! Just to spite them, I told em, “Well, since it’s gonna be this way, this’ll be my last baby. And if you’re hoping for a baby girl
now, it’s too late, go get your own babies dammit !”. Ahahahahaaahahhhhh !Anyway…. more news later on. My stomach is growling for lunch.

Love, Sue

Well, there goes one lazy post… just copy and paste from my email… LOL!


And He Strips Himself…

After the clothes strike incident, what do I find when I woke up in the middle of last night but that Ivan have half-stripped himself while sleeping. I do not know if it was intentional or it is because he’s such a creepy-crawly sleeper.

I was still half asleep when I turned around to feel around for Ivan (must check if he’s still sleeping next to me mah). To my surprise, what do I feel but cool skin… immediately I bolted wide awake and saw that Ivan’s left hand and 1/3 of his left body is exposed to the air-conditioning. Wah lau… this boy ah, seriously… so mystifying, how he managed to remove his sleeves while sleeping beats me. So then I dressed him while he happily dreams away, obliviously to mummy’s shock…


Clothes Strike!

Ivan had a clothes strike just now when we were dressing him for bed. The pants went on fine but when the top went over his head, he screamed his lungs out and cried like there’s no tomorrow. So, what can poor mummy do but to say, “Ok, ok… dun wan hor, ok la… throw away, next time mummy dun buy you nice clothes“. And so, what can the sleepy-eyed-tantrum-throwing boy do but nod his head and then throw away his baju on the floor.

This went on for about 30 minutes. Ivan walked around the living room with a corn on cob (he spotted it on the kitchen top and demanded for it), happily biting away leaving a trail of corn on the floor. Every now and then he pats his chest like he’s trying to say, “See! Isn’t this better… so cooling!“, while mummy and Sutini worry that he might catch a cold.

At about 10 plus, Sutini had to force-wear his clothes… Ivan crying all the time. Then I brought him into the bedroom to pacify him and he proceeded to kacau papa who is already sleeping (walao… sleep earlier than baby!). After much rolling, climbing, poking, etc… I knew he was already really, really tired. Mummy also tired already, how can he not be tired?!! He was tired when we tried dressing him the first time at about 9-ish.

Finally, I brought him out of the bedroom and dumped him into the cradle. This time, there was no resistance, he fell asleep as soon as he finished his milk at nearly 11pm. So I think to myself, “Heheheh *rubs hands*… finally got time for some blogging… *yawwwwwwn*… shucks, so tired… maybe tomorrow…


Baby Manja

My mum called me up at work yesterday to give me some updates on Ivan. He went to stay with her for the week due because Sutini, my maid, is down with the flu. Actually, I was typing this out yesterday evening but somehow I lost the whole thing @#*&… maybe due to time out or something was wrong with Blogger.

Mum : Today Ivan is walking a lot, not crawling around so much.

Sue : Yeah? So clever ah…

Mum : He was walking and walking and walking then suddenly, he sat down. We were puzzled as to what happened and asked him why. He then pointed to his legs and mumbled “Mmmhh mmh mmh” and then squeezed his legs.

Sue : (Laughs) Ya gah? His legs so tired after walking so much? Heheheh… so funny, how come he know how to do that?

Mum : (Laughs) Ya… I was surprised too. Then another thing is that since now he can walk, he’s prone to banging into things. Just now when I was cooking, he came to me with his hand clutching his head and go “Mmmhh mmh mhh“. I was wondering what’s wrong with him this time. Then it seems that after I give him a kiss on the head, he ok liao. Must have hit his head somewhere.

Sue : Aiyoh… this one I know already lah. And don’t be tricked by it… he’ll hold his head even if he hit his legs, knees, stub his toes and fingers or just for the heck of it. This fella very manja and cheeky now lah, summore the face he make ah, makes you wanna squeeze him tight-tight.

Mum : Oh… hahaha. More news! Today he also told us he wanna poo-poo. He walked over to me all of a sudden and “Mmmhh mmh mhh” while holding his diapered bum… so I asked Sutini to quickly take him to the potty to see if he wanted to poo-poo. When we removed his diaper, nothing there but decided to let him try sitting on it. Then really poo-poo.

Sue : Wahhhh… so smart! Clever boy! I’ve tried letting him sit on the potty at home but he was more interested in the potty than he was poo-pooing.

Mum : Ya… first time he pass motion in potty wor

Special Occasions

Mid Autumn Festival

Yesterday after the sulking episode, I decided to give Ivan his first taste of playing with lanterns, cannot touch… can only look *grins*. I know it wouldn’t be much fun for him as he’s still walking with wobbly steps and would not be able to play with candled lanterns. Walking around with battery operated lanterns seems silly too with only adults for company.

However, I was not deterred. Like the siao po (Hokkien: crazy woman) that I am, I start setting up a line and furnishing it with hooks to hang the lantern on. After that, I started lighting up the candles and hanging up the Japanese lanterns as fast as I could. Now I must say that candles sold nowadays are so lousy that after lighting up 9 lanterns, the very first one had started to grow dim. Upon checking, candle nearly finished! By then I was sweating (like a cow?) and I was wondering how we could enjoy such WORK last time when we were kids. It was very enjoyable THEN

Then my SIL #2 suggested that we make do with tealight candles instead. I agreed that it’s a great idea. So down came lanterns plastered with lousy melting wax, and up go newly furnished ones with tealight candles. It was only then that I could stand back and enjoy them, and hold my dear boy close to sweaty me.

Note: Tealight candles are really good, they last for 2 - 3 hours and costs really little too. I came back from dinner with friends at 12 midnight and the lanterns were still lighted. Great for aromatherapy, blackouts and Japanese lanterns ^-^

Ivan, Milestones

Mo More

Ivan’s latest vocabulary seems to be “mo more”… he hides things under pillows and turns around to say “mo more”, he turns off the air-conditioning switch and turns around to say “mo more”…

To date, his vocab includes:
1) papa
2) mah-mee (mostly out of tune and very, very rare)
3) a-ma
4) there
5) buhh (ball)
6) mo more (no more)

Ivan, Milestones, Motherhood

Ivan’s Birth Story (Part II)

Sunday, 27th June 2004
Upon reaching the hospital, hubby and myself proceeded to check-in and we were sent directly up to the labour ward. When we reached the labour ward, I showed the doctor’s letter to the nurse in charge and she told me that she’ll have to check for dilation before making sure whether I can be admitted.

In the room, I changed in to a hospital robe and waited. Nurse proceeded to hook me up to the monitor to see baby’s heartbeat and contraction while she checked for dilation. After doing so, she confirmed that I would probably have the baby soon (“Maybe tonight,” she says). Then she told me that she is going to pump medication into my anus to clear the bowel. After that, I just lie on the bed and waited (was told to wait for at least 30mins). When I felt the need to go to the bathroom, I called for the nurse and she came to unplug the wires from my belly. Now up to this part where I went to the toilet and then walked around the room (coz the wires were not reattached back yet), my dear hubby has been making himself confortable for the labour on the armchair. I think he went to sleep while I walked around in the room and sometimes rush to the toilet. As the contractions grew stronger, I lay down on the bed and the nurse asked if I wanted Epidural. I told her no and she asked me if I wanted a jab (this doesn’t even work!) and I took the jab.

Around 9:30pm
I took naps on and off after the jab and at one point, hubby told me that he’s going off for a while and that his sisters will be over soon. Contractions were kind of teruk (actually, it wasn’t but I thought so at that time anyway) and reluctantly I nodded. When the entourage arrived (my 2 SILs, one of their boyfriend and my MIL), I was in quite a lot of pain and was asking the nurse when the doctor will arrive. At that moment, I was only dilated to 7cm and it seems to have stopped there after the rapid progress I made. Since I really did not want Epidural, the nurse suggested that I take the gas.

Thinking back, the gas made me really delirious as I cannot remember how many times I asked for the doctor, the nurse must be fed-up with me. My SIL #1, being the one to pass my requests to the nurse, was also hysterical (I think!) coz she ended up taking the brunt of my frustrations. The dilation was taking it’s own sweet time because for the next 3 hours, it crawled from 7cm to 9cm and seems to stop there. The feeling I has was indescribable. I already feel a need to push but the doctor was not there (the nurse very clearly told SIL #1 that doctor will not be there until dilation reach 10cm, which SIL #1 shouted back at me in the midst of my delirium). I must say that when you need to push, you need to push… coz I did try not to but fail to during some of the stronger contractions. At the point, the nurse told me off for pushing so early because it has cause my perineum area to swell a little.

Monday, 28th June 2004
Around 12:30am

I cannot remember the exact time of the doctor’s arrival but after he arrived, everything went in fast motion. I felt better with the doctor being there, that’s for sure. And he was getting ready, I can see my MIL and SILs hovering at the fringe of the curtain… they were having front row seats to all the drama! The doctor guided me to push during the contractions, after a few tries he did an episiotomy. After a little more time, seeing that I do not have enough breath left in me to push for baby’s head to appear, doctor did a vacuum.

At 1.23am
With the help of the vacuum and the episiotomy, baby was out fast. His little body followed during the next contraction (this was much, much easier) and my whole body felt such relief I can remember it till today. Now, I know I did not mention my hubby after he left at 9 something. This is because he was not there to see his baby come into the world. He was rushing back for dear life but only managed to reach my bed just AFTER baby came out and doctor was sewing me up. One good thing was MIL and SILs were there watching baby come out, baby being put in my flabby tummy, nurse cleaning baby and then nurse cleaning me up. I was still in awe that Ivan weighed 8.31lbs because one week before, during my check-up, doctor measured and told me that baby weighs about 7 plus lbs. His eyes were also opened when he was placed on my tummy.

I fell asleep as baby was pushed out of the room.

Ivan, Milestones, Motherhood

Ivan’s Birth Story (Part I)

I should get this down in writing coz Ivan might want to read about it when he gets older (or maybe not).

Saturday, 26th June 2004
Anyway… I started having light bleeding in the morning and since I was at work for half a day on this particular day, I decided to give my doctor a call. The nurse picked up the phone and very calmly told me that I should not worry and that it’s nothing much unless the bleeding is much redder (fresh blood??) in comparison to the brownish discharge I am having. So… I went home, my mother came over with her maid for some spring cleaning in my house. The day went on without much more bleeding, only slightly.

Sunday, 27th June 2004
I woke up at about 9am with bleeding again and this time, it was accompanied by tiny contractions. I cannot really remember how long apart they were or how long they lasted. But according to the books and my doctor, I was advised not to go to the hospital at anything more that 10mins apart. Moreover, with all my web surfing and reading, I want to be able to move around more, which they say can help make dilation faster. So I decided to wait for hubby to get back from work, which is usually at around 1 - 2pm.

When hubby reached home (he was early though I cannot really remember what time), I told him that I felt tiny contractions and they’re now closer than in the morning. Not strong but consistent contractions.

Sue : Hubby, quick… go shower and get ready, we need to go to the hospital, I think baby might be coming.
Hubby : Eh… are you sure? Maybe you are sum lay chok yung (Cantonese: making it up in your mind).
Sue : Walao, like this also in my mind ar?! I have been feeling it since morning leh, purposely don’t wanna disturb you.
Hubby : Dunno leh… maybe because due date so near already you’re getting agitated?
Sue : Don’t care… go bathe!
Hubby : OK OK…

Meanwhile… hubby takes ages to “get ready” and I sit on the sofa like sitting on pins and needles… excited and a little scared, wanna go to the hospital ASAP. After at least 30mins…
Sue : Wei, are you ready yet?
Hubby : Ready… lets go.

In the car…
Hubby : Shall we go and eat the beef noodles in Tengkat Tong Shin first? Hungry la
Sue : What?! Still want to detour ah? Now already 4pm lah.
Hubby : Never mind la… from the looks of it, you don’t look like having contractions.
Sue : *Grumble grumble…*

I do not know what we talked about after that but we ended up in Tengkat Tong Shin after all. After finishing the meal, we went to the hospital in Ampang(?!?!) and checked in.

To be continued…