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Special Occasions

2nd Anniversary

Today marks our 2 year marriage… there is no celebration. I doubt the guy even remembers it. But anyway, I do not mind these things, what with his birthday celebration just about a week ago and Yuen’s wedding anniversary celebration just 2 days ago.

Nothing much happened on this day, though I just thought it would be nice to remember this day in the blog. Hubby went out drinking with his friends while I am at home with Ivan, Sutini and SIL#2. We had a crappy dinner of Maggi Mee…

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Birthday Plan Gone Awry

WARNING: This post could bore you. It is an account of my hubby’s birthday plan gone awry, purely for record purpose only.

This year should be no difference from previous years; birthday plans for hubby will just be a quiet dinner with the family and then cake cutting. These birthday celebrations sound like a lousy excuse to stuff our faces with good food and cake.

As planned, I called home to SIL#2 to check if our plans are still intact — dinner at Loong Foong Restaurant in Paramount (SEA Park). The roast ducks there are freshly roasted and sold off quickly, so if we confirm about going ahead with this plan, I will need to get home on time.

Sue : “Wei… are we on?”
SIL#2 : “No.”
Sue : (More shocked than surprised) “Huh? No?? Why? Where is your brother? Went out ar?”
SIL#2 : “Sleeping.”
Sue : “Erm… then why are we not going?”
SIL#2 : “He cook already.”
Sue : “Walao! I make date with him already yesterday. Why did he go and cook some more?”
SIL#2 : “Hehehe… I dunno.”
Sue : (Cursing mentally) “Ok lah then.”

Next, I needed to check with SIL#1 to see if she has bought the cake as we planned. She is a sales executive, so going out and about is easier for her. I tried calling her countless times but was not able to get her to answer the darn phone. As a last resort, I called her boyfriend, PK.

Sue : “PK, is SIL#1 with you?”
PK : “No, she’s having classes.”
Sue : “Do you know if she’s bought the cake yet?”
PK : “Erm… I don’t know.”
Sue : “Then how? If she didn’t buy and I went home, then no cake how?”
PK : “Errr… she probably didn’t buy yet kua coz her class ends quite late today.”
Sue : “Ok lor…”

Off I went to the cake shop, looking for strawberry cheesecake. Sold out. Blueberry cheesecake? Sold out. Aigh! Buy cake also so difficult… so I went to another cake shop looking for the same cakes. This shop has the raspberry cheesecake. Gasak la since now it is like “want poo only dig jamban” (Chinese Idiom: last minute).

Upon reaching home and maid saw the cake…
Sutini : “Eh… dalam peti sejuk ada satu.” (Malay: there’s one in the fridge)
Sue : (Already know now got 2 cakes, cursing mentally again) “SIL#1 sudah beli gaa?” (Malay: SIL#1 bought it already?)
Sutini : “Ya, tadi petang sudah dibeli SIL#2.” (Malay: Yes, she bought it in the afternoon)
Sue : “…”

Finally, the birthday celebration went ahead with homemade fu kua pai kuat (Cantonese: bitter gourd cooked with pork ribs) and chi keong kai (Cantonese: braised chicken with ginger) cooked by the birthday boy himself, followed by TWO cheesecake from different cake shops (our consolation, no need to eat TWO of the same cheesecake?!). The blueberry cheesecake was a hit but no one liked the raspberry cheesecake because it was too soft.

Lesson learnt: Plans are made to be messed up. Don’t plan, just do it… *LOL*


Mind of His Own

In the mornings…
Mummy: “Ivan… you want susu (Malay: milk)? Want milk or not?”
Ivan: (still with eyes closed and probably still sleeping but squirming around, shakes head)
Mummy: Ok… oi-oi (Kiddy Cantonese: sleep) ah…”

After Ivan wakes up for real, maybe 1 hour or more later…
Mummy: Good morning, darling! Want to go outside (to the hall)?”
Ivan: (shakes head)
Mummy: (thinks to self) This boy ah, pandai (Malay: clever) tarn sai kai (Cantonese: enjoy life) already, want to roll around in bed before starting his day…

This boy really know how to enjoy, he cannot be forced to go out and will only leave the bedroom after he roll around on the bed for a good 15 – 30 minutes.

During play time…
Ivan: (pat bicycle seat) Ngh ngh ngh…”
Mummy: “Ride bicycle? Go on, baby sit lah…”
Ivan: (continue to pat bicycle seat) Ngh ngh ngh!”
Mummy: Hah?? Want mummy to sit??”
Ivan: (nod nod)
Mummy: “Wah, mummy how to sit? See sailo big big inside belly, cannot fit in the bicycle lah baby… ask ku cheh (Cantonese: auntie – father’s sister) ok?”
Ivan: (shakes head, pat bicycle seat harder) Ngh ngh ngh!!”
Mummy: (thinks to self) Walao! Kena force to sit on the miniscule bicycle… (sits obediently)

Sometimes he insist on climbing on board too…
Ivan: (try to squeeze in between my tummy and the bicycle handle)
Mummy: Wah, you want to sit also? Where got place darling? (carry the little bugger and put him on top of the handle)

Same here, he cannot be forced to do anything, when he has chosen one person to do something; we cannot replace it with another person. He will kick up a fuss!

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33 Weeks Pregnant, 7 Weeks To Go

Mummy’s weight: 67.5kgs, that’s an increment of a little less than 10kgs from before pregnancy and an increment of only 1.1kgs from my last checkup (Erm… so brave hor, put my weight here for the world to see!)

Baby’s weight: 2kgs (Eek! I die liao… how to lose all the fat not used by baby?!)

Baby’s position: Head is down but not engaged yet. Very energetic 24 hours a day!

Doctor’s comment: My tummy is small (Normally is when I lie down…) but baby’s weight is normal.

EDD: Changed to 12th January 2006

Next appointment: 5th December 2005

I asked doctor about cord blood banking. It has been on my mind for a long time now. I did not opt for it when I was pregnant with Ivan because it was not that popular then. Now, I regretted not banking Ivan’s cord blood and I feel guilty about thinking of doing it for the new baby. That is how I am I guess… fanatic about being fair to my darlings. Doctor said that he would be the one who collect the cord blood, as I will be given the vials/containers after signing up with the company. They will be called in to collect after the blood is collected. He also advised that we can have the blood collected and stored for about 10 years and if we find that there is no problem with the child and we do not want to continue, we can cancel. I desperately need some advice.

PS: I have been so busy during the past week. Wanted to blog but no time to do so… even if I had time, sometimes my mind just seems to go blank. Just like I told Egghead, I also wish to have blog lau sai (Hokkien: diarrhea)… that way I can have more memories jotted down rather than the measly few every few days.


Feet, Oh Chubby Feet!

When Ivan was born, he was a big baby weighing in at 8.31lbs. In proportion to his weight, he was also born with big feet and hands, just like his papa’s.

Way before he turned 1, SIL#1 bought a pair of nice leather shoes for him, as she could not resist them. So when he was approaching 1 year old, we decided to take that pair of shoes out and let him try them on for size. His feet, being so fleshy, could only go in halfway and got stuck there. Poor boy did not get to wear the first pair of shoes his auntie bought him! From then on, after he outgrew all his booties and soft shoes, I had trouble buying shoes for him, as those that fitted him widthwise are a bit too long lengthwise. As of today, Ivan has only 1 pair of slipper and 2 pairs of shoes that he wears.

I have always thought babies feet are tiny, cute and most of all, sweet-smelling. However, in my dear boy’s case, his feet sometime stinks *LOL*. Now, do not be mistaken… it does not pong unbearably, but fleshy feet being what they are, tend to fill the shoes up fairly snugly, leaving no space for breathing. Therefore, his feet will be a little sweaty after the shoes and socks come off. I like to tease him about his chau kha (Hokkien: smelly feet). Sometimes I ask him where his chau kha is, and he will lift his foot for me to kiss *eww*. But kiss them I will, as his feet are irresistible to me… so plump and round!

PS: In regards to his anklets, he was not forced to wear it. He did not wear any anklet since he was born because I am afraid that they will cut his delicate skin and he kept tugging at it. When he was about a year old, I tried putting the gold anklet on him when he was distracted (mum bought it for his full moon). After a while, he got used to it. One day, the gold anklet fell off and I thought that I would just replace it with the silver anklet. Who would have thought that he would ask where the other anklet is, and insist that we put both on his feet!


Faking It

Ivan has developed a liking to faking his cries. During the holidays, I managed to catch some of his try-to-trick-mummy-into-letting-me-outta-this-carseat cry.


Not Enough Hours in a Day

I need more time… maybe 26 hours in a day would be just great. With an additional 2 hours, I can squeeze in a blog or two, or have some time to myself doing nothing in particular after Ivan goes to bed.

That boy’s bedtime is so varied nowadays… sometimes he can sleep at 9pm, other times he would not sleep until about 11pm or 12mn. The baby in the tummy is moving so much too, sitting down and beading forward could be putting a little too much pressure on the ‘lil bugger, so maybe that’s why he keep squirming inside. These days I feel like an elephant, the tummy is getting much bigger already as predicted. And I tire easily. Plus I have no stamina to carry Ivan for long stretches.

Tomorrow I will be meeting up with some girl friends from BBGS, some of them I know since primary school. Hopefully I will have time to write something down.

Till tomorrow…


Ivan the Little Big Bully

Darling Ivan,

You’re such a little big bully. The first time I noticed this was during the bloggers meeting I attended. You were so hostile to the other children, refusing to share anything, even the menus, which there were more than enough to go around. At one point, you even tried to pinch some babies or kick a cute little girl while mummy was carrying you. I know some of the actions were plain playfulness but it could hurt the little girl. Luckily you missed her as your foot was just a little above her head level. Phew!

Yesterday, when we went out for dinner at Mitsu Koshi Restaurant with our relatives as well as Auntie Janie’s family, you were so naughty again. Renee brought her new doodle pad with her (erm… Reeve’s actually, but she took possession already) and she was willing to share with you. You had other ideas! You wanted it for yourself although that toy is not yours. At one point, when Renee was standing by my chair talking to me, you ran over to us and shouted at her to go away. I didn’t know you were so possessive as well. Renee is turning 3 soon and you are a mere 16 months old boy, yet you are so brave to har (Cantonese: bully) her.

Baby, please be more friendly to other children. I see most of them being so docile and good babies, smiling and sharing. You’ll need friends to learn new things and have someone to play with. I was worried but my consolation is that the doctor told me children your age is like that, wanting everything for themselves. I really hope you’ll outgrow this phase soon.

Hugs and kisses,

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Curse of the Purple Dino

I have always disliked a certain children’s show that features a certain purple dinosaur prancing and waddling around clumsily on the set. I am not sure why but Barney really gets on my nerves. I have told myself that I would only get shows like Sesame Street or Bob the Builder for my children. Although Sesame Street also features monsters but they look more acceptable to me.

Much to my surprise (come to think of it, maybe not so surprised because lots of kids nowadays love Barney including Renee), Ivan loved watching the purple dinosaur! What happened was, during the DeepaRaya holidays, I dug out one Barney VCD that I have purchased ages ago for Ivan. As he sat down for his meal on the highchair, I played it. For the first time ever, his eyes were glued to the TV screen. I have tried letting him see nursery rhymes sing-along and this Barney VCD before, but he just was not interested at all.

So after that fateful day, Ivan gets Barney at mealtime quite frequently. This way, he finishes up his food faster… with his eyes glued to the television and his mouth going on auto mode. Two evenings ago, I reached home from work and saw him having dinner with Barney on. While having his food, his upper half body swayed left and right, proving that he was thoroughly enjoying the show. After dinner, when he was put on the floor, he decided that he would start spinning to Barney’s music… his version of dancing. I was happy that he liked the show so much and is learning from it.

Personally, I still dislike Barney and told my SIL#1 and Janie about it. In turn, they too told me that they also do not really like Barney, but have to say that Barney is really a very educational video for kids. Additionally, it is really colourful and fun, kids are attracted to that. Reluctantly, I have to agree…

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Evil Rain on Reeve’s Birthday

At 2.00pm today, I received a call from my friend Janie reminding me about today’s event; her son Reeve’s 1st birthday celebration. Ivan is to be at the Gymboree in Bangsar Village Shopping Centre at 2.45pm sharp as the gym commences then for exactly 1 hour only. I have totally forgotten about this although I had reminded myself over and again for the past 2 weeks or so. So being such a great friend, she asked me to wake Ivan up and get him there so that she can bring him in first before I look for parking.

The rain has something against me today. As I was leaving the house at 2.30 pm, it started raining cats and dogs. In order not to get Ivan wet, I asked Sutini to put him in the car first and then the rest of the things can be transferred after that. Sutini being Sutini, went into the car with my boy, and started changing him into his kai-kai (Kiddy Cantonese: going out) clothes. I was left to load the stroller and open the gate in the blasted weather myself. By the time I got into the car, I was half drenched. And as if that alone is not enough, the vertical wind blew half the gate closed and I found that I have left the wipers UP. Now, this is starting to get on my nerves… first thing, being late… second thing, lots of deterrence. Out I went again with the umbrella (which is quite useless in this case because the strong wind was blowing sideways), this time to reopen that gate and put down the wipers. This time though, the darn rain showed no mercy… I was thoroughly drenched and wondered how I was going to attend a birthday party like a drowned rat!

I went into the house again, this time to get a towel and extra clothing. By then it was already about 3.00pm and as I stood at the doorway, I am already quite frustrated and ready to give up. I gave Janie a call to tell her that I would not be able to make it. Right after going back into the house and nicely settling down again, the rain slowed to a drizzle. #&$*%@! In the end, we did not attend the Gymboree for the kids, but we did go for the second half of the party held at Nando’s Peri-Peri Chicken Restaurant.

Reeve’s birthday party is a success, all thanks to his mummy, Janie. She has done previous parties for her daughter Renee and also Reeve’s full moon. The cake was a work of art, I believe she ordered it from a friend who does home business. It tasted great too! The food was normal Nando’s fare, but the company was great as most who are there are also parents. All in all, the day ended nicely after the way it started.

Last by not least, happy birthday baby Reeve! Fai kou cheong tai (Cantonese: grow up quickly)!

Update @ 07/11/05 12.00nn
I’ve decided to add Renee’s cake from last year also, which I think is also very nice!

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