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Izac, Pregnancy

38 Weeks Pregnant, 2 Weeks To Go

Mummy’s weight: 71.6kgs

Baby’s weight: 3.1kgs

Baby’s position: I asked Doctor if baby is engaged yet. According to Doctor, 2nd babies mostly do not get engaged until the mother feels contraction or when the water bag breaks. So, no, baby head is not engaged and he is still cozy in the tummy.

Doctor’s comment: Doctor asked me if I want to be induced so I told him I definitely want to wait for baby to come naturally. Then he said, “Wah… so patient ar?” Perhaps Doctor is planning for an early Chinese New Year getaway this year? But anyway, I am definitely not getting induced if I can help it and I just hope baby comes soon as my back is killing me!

EDD: Around 12th January 2006

Next appointment: 9th January 2006

Ivan, Milestones

Ivan - 18 Months Old

Ivan turns 18 months today… just a brief summary of his current achievements.
Height: about 85.5cm
Weight: about 11.1kg
Teeth: 4 top, 4 bottom… 2 more top canine sprouting
Hair: His hair has grown until the nape of his neck, just hope that papa will not bring him to the barber and have it snipped off while mummy is not around.

In addition to these and these, he has been picking up new words pretty quickly for the past few months. Anything repeated to him and associated to an object a couple of times are quickly registered in his memory.

  • I-wen (Ivan)
  • Ah Ku
  • Ah Cho (Hokkien: great grandmother)
  • kah (car)
  • lone-ly (lorry)
  • bahs (bus)
  • bear
  • fis (fish)
  • bert (bird)
  • baby
  • oh oi (Kiddy Cantonese: sleep)
  • keng keng (Kiddy Cantonese: scared)
  • no no *together with shaking his index finger left and right*
  • piss *together with his hand extended and palms up* (please)
  • tai tai *supposed to be kai kai* (Kiddy Cantonese: go for a walk)


  • Wave good-bye and waves at planes and helicopters
  • Blow a flying kiss and kiss on people’s cheek
  • Points to himself when asked where Ivan is
  • Says I-wen when asked who some of his things belong to
  • Says “Ha Ha” facing that person when asked to “hug hug” someone
  • Sleeps when he wants to and cannot be forced when he is not ready
  • No one can sleep on his cradle, not even his “Goo Jeh”s
  • Knows where his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, head, hands and legs are
  • Feeds himself surprisingly neatly
  • Recognizes his “Goo Jeh”s’ cars


  • Walks well, though sometimes he seems to walk like a drunk
  • Runs like a drunk
  • Does wobbly jumps
  • Move body left and right to music and shake his index finger to tempo
  • Draws on the bed sheet with runaway pen

Ivan, Milestones

Ivan’s Vampiric Teeth

For the past week or so, Ivan has resumed his habit of biting us AND himself every now and then. Two days ago, I decided to check if he is really teething again, as I have previously shoved my finger into his mouth to feel but found none sprouting. This time around, in broad daylight, I lifted his upper lip and guess what I found?! Two upper canine teeth sprouting… and they are sharp!

Now, for your information, my own canine teeth are not sharp. They look kind of like they have been filed to fit in with the rest in a nice way. So seeing Ivan’s canine teeth poking out like sharp little tusks is just so awesome… will try to see if my photography skill (erm.. if it can be called that) and my camera is able to capture these very special teeth.

Izac, Pregnancy

37 Weeks Pregnant, 3 Weeks To Go

Mummy’s weight: 70.0kgs. Weight gain of only 400g since 2 weeks ago.

Baby’s weight: 2.8kgs

Baby’s position: Head is down, doctor did not mention if his head is engaged yet, so I assume that it is not.

Doctor’s comment: Doctor told me not to be lan si (Cantonese: show off) and try to stall time checking into the hospital this time. Reason being this baby seems to be smaller in size (expected to be around 3.2kgs at birth). He mentioned that I should get into hospital as soon as I feel contractions 10 minutes apart. Wow! I just hope this baby will come out easily and I will not get a remark on his jab card like Ivan’s ~ “Birth type: Vacuum due to poor maternal effort”. Apparently, I was out of breath every time I push, just as soon as his little head appeared *slaps forehead*.

EDD: Around 12th January 2006

Next appointment: 30th December 2005


Are Our Kids Stuffed?

stuff me with corn

At a dinner a few weeks ago with hubby and his yum seng friends, I was asked by one of their wives (MC), how much milk Ivan consumes nowadays (I cannot recall what led to this conversation). However, I answered that Ivan is now taking mostly 7 ounce of milk maybe 2 to 4 times a day, sometimes he only take 5 ounces. After stating his milk intake, MC seems really surprised.

MC: “Wah, your son is taking soooo much milk! Do they have bottles that fit so much in it nowadays?”
Sue: “Huh, that’s not a lot… some of my other friends’ kids drink up to 11 ounces at one go. I’m using 9 ounce bottles, but I know there are bottles that are up to 12 or 13 ounces.”

MC: “Hmm… It’s really not healthy for them to drink so much at one go, their little tummies will get bloated. Just imagine, adults who drink a whole glass of water at one go also feel bloated, kids will get it worse coz their tummies are so much smaller!”
Sue: (Ponders on what she just said) “And Ivan is taking 3 meals a day on top of that too, be it porridge or rice or oats…”

MC: “Wah… that’s definitely too much milk liao. Just imagine, when they enter pre-school or kindergarten, they’re bound to get food there which are too fatty coz no one ever serves healthy food at these places. And if the kids have big appetites after being given too much at a young age, they will tend to eat a lot of fried, fatty stuff in school too. This will lead to obesity.”

From this conversation, I do agree with her to a certain extent that our kids’ tummies are still small and under developed but they are sometimes fed the same portion as adults. I have also previously told Sutini countless times not to give him so much so until his whole tummy is filled to the brim… sometimes I even have to point out to her that her own portion is less than what Ivan is taking.

I understand about controlling the amount of porridge or rice fed, it is not healthy to over stuff them, but milk? Is 7 ounces too much? In fact, between a choice of giving him porridge, rice and milk, my choice would be milk, then porridge and then only rice… taking in consideration his young age and all the calcium that he needs in his diet. Also, as they grow up, there will not be so much milk consumption anymore so I think it’s crucial that he gets enough now. Another point is that he seems so thin, even with three meals a day with milk thrown in.

So, what do you think? Are we wrong to give them so much to eat? What if they require so much due to all the energy they’re using up daily? As for milk, is 7 ounces too much?

Health, Papa

Appendicitis (Part II)

Hubby was feeling much better already the day after the operation… can talk, can eat, can watch a whole TVB series from my laptop in the ward *LOL*. He stayed a total of 3 days, starting from 10th December till 12th December. Thanks for all your well wishes.

Well, truthfully, when the doctor first told us that he needed an operation, I could not believe it. For one thing, I was not prepared… I mean, you cannot just GO for an operation, could you? You need to plan these things, don’t you? How can a simple visit to the doctor turn out to require a trip to the hospital to remove an internal organ?

To me, an operation is a BIG thing. However, in this case, it seems to so trivial that the doctors did not see fit to operate on dear Hubby after 4 hours of no food. I was like… WTF?!?! Then why the hell did they make us check into the hospital at 12mn? It turns out Hubby’s hospital card from HLA was not approved yet, so the good people at DSH had to wait for it to be approved before going ahead with the operation. Makes me wonder about those people who are really in need of an emergency operation, and have nothing on them but a hospital card… would they be made to wait as well? (I thought there is recently news that hospitals that turn away patients who do not have money to pay for deposits will get demerits from the government?)

It seems nowadays appendix can be removed by one long cut or three holes made by laser. We chose the latter because of kiasu-ism since it was being paid by insurance anyway. So after 12pm on 10th December, he came out of the operating theatre with three extra holes on his belly and 1 less appendix.

Health, Ivan

Sniffy Snuffy Ivan

Ivan has got the flu. He was showing signs of flu since Thursday, Mum has told me that she heard him coughing (sent him back to Port Klang so that Mum could look after him since Sutini is down with fever), so I went back to see him after half day at work. His usual pediatrician in Port Klang was closed for a few days so we decided to see if his cough gets worse in a day or two. The next day, Mum was worried so she brought him to her panel doctor for some medication. However, after 3 days on those medicines, his cough does not seem to be getting any better.

This morning I took him to his usual pediatrician in Damansara Jaya. Doctor checked him and said that it is a virus infection and that he does not have fever, just the runny nose that is causing backflow to his throat. That in turn caused his phlegm to stay in the throat… which I can see is really irritating him. So then she prescribed new medication with instructions to finish off only the current antibiotic, which he is on.

After a day of taking the new medication (3 doses), he seems to be much better already. Heard from Hubby and SIL#2 that he slept so many times today, most probably due to the medicine he is taking. Also, he refuses to let us wipe his nose; it probably hurts from all that rubbing and wiping today as the mucus refused to stop flowing out. However, I am so relieved that he is sleeping more soundly as his nose is no longer blocked and his coughing is much less.

Get well soon, darling… and mummy will bring you to some shopping complexes for some Christmassy pictures…

Health, Papa

Appendicitis (Part I)


I have just returned from Damansara Specialist Hospital (DSH). Hubby has been admitted due to appendicitis, he will have to remove his appendix tomorrow after a night of fasting.

It happened when I reach home at around 6.00pm, he was telling me that his tummy hurts real badly. I can see that he is really in pain but left him to lie down while watching television. After a while, he went into the room to sleep. After returning from a late dinner with SILs at about 11.00pm (hubby in bed of course), he came out of the room and I asked him if he wanted to see a doctor (I’ve actually asked him earlier on, but he refused, that is the way of the Chans, like to procrastinate until things gets worse).

So off to the 24-hour clinic in Damansara Utama we went and the doctor confirmed that he is suffering from appendicitis after pressing and poking on his stomach. Doctor asked if he wanted to go to Pantai Indah Hospital (somewhere in Pandan Indah I was told) where he is a resident doctor. After some discussion, we felt that it is better to go to DSH as it is nearer to house and we would not need to travel that far.

Finally, we got a recommendation letter from the doctor and checked into DSH.

Izac, Pregnancy

35 Weeks Pregnant, 5 Weeks To Go

Mummy’s weight: 69.6kgs *faints*

Baby’s weight: 2.5kgs, if all goes well and baby gains 200gms per week… he would be about 3.5kgs at full term…

Baby’s position: Head is down but not engaged yet. Doctor’s advise to start checking for baby’s movements, at least 10 times in 12 hours…

Doctor’s comment: When I went into Doctor’s office, he asked me if I want to induce because he is afraid that baby might be too big (my tummy looks big?!!). I asked him if he was sure because I put on much less weight compared to when I had Ivan, where by he answered putting on more or less weight has nothing to do with baby’s size. Upon checking, he told me that I do not need to induce as baby’s weight still looks alright after all… *phew*

EDD: Around 12 January 2006

Next appointment: 21st December 2005

Regarding cord blood banking, I have requested for some information from StemLife Malaysia and CryoCord Malaysia. I think I might go for the cord blood banking after all… more update on this after decision.

Update @ 07/12/05 10:44am
I was wondering why everyone assumed I have only put on 9.6kg throughout my pregnancy, until I proof read my post again… *LOL* I’ve now amended my correct weight.

Ivan, Milestones

Calling Names

Ivan’s vocabulary has greatly increased over the past month. He can now call almost everyone by his or her title:

  • Papa
  • Mommy
  • Ah Ma (My mum)
  • Ah Ee (My sister)
  • …Tuk (My Step-dad)
  • Yeh Yeh (FIL)
  • Mah Mah (MIL)
  • Kor Kor
  • Je Je

And last but not least, to make the 2 SILs happy, he has obliged them, about 2 weeks ago, by saying:

  • Goo Jeh (SIL#1 & SIL#2)

People he has yet to learn to call are those he seldom see, like:

  • Suk Suk (BIL)
  • Ah Ku (My brother)

More on his other vocabularies in a later post… lunch time!