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Ivan - 19 Months Old

watcha looking at?

Need to backdate this post… I have been quite busy since confinement started. And by the way, I am going to copy Jefferene’s template also… *hehehe*.

Physical Growth

  • Weight: about 11.5kg
  • Height: about 85cm
  • Teeth: 16 – new ones 4 canines and 4 molars are showing already

Eating Habit

  • Loves vegetables – Now this boy just loves vegetables, probably because they are soft and he is too lazy to chew. He does not like meat as much, be it pork or chicken.
  • Loves fish and fish ball – He calls fish ball “fish ball” while he calls fish cake “ball fish” *hahaha*. And I have just noticed that Ivan also pronounces fish as “wis”, just like this little cat.
  • Feeds himself his vegetables while Sutini feeds him his rice with soup.

Social Development

  • Not too friendly still but I have noticed that he shares better with girls! So fast already the ladies’ man!
  • Very friendly with adult – Wonder why not so with other children.
  • Very possessive of toys, even those which are not his.

Speech Development

  • Can say almost anything he hear us saying, he is a little parrot – We must be careful of what we say nowadays, as he will most likely follow.
  • Learnt many new English words, too many to list them down anymore.
  • Learnt a new Chinese word – moi (Cantonese: don’t want).
  • In conjunction with Chinese New Year, his Goo Jehs taught him to say “Fatt Choy” (with hand gesture), “Gong Xi Gong Xi” and “To To Chang” (using the chopsticks).
  • Learnt many Malay words since I started confinement as he is with Sutini most of the time
      • dodok (duduk – Malay: sit)
      • mau (mahu – Malay: want)
      • tikus (Malay: rat)

Other Development

  • Only one person he is really afraid of – his papa!
  • Does not cry when taken for jabs – good boy!
  • Still as stubborn when he has made his mind up on something, like this


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CNY Shopping, Horrific Haircut & SIL’s Birthday

CNY Shopping

staring into space

Yesterday, I was reminded after reading this blog that my boys do not have any new clothes for this Chinese New Year (CNY). If things were left in the hands of hubby, they will not have a single piece of new clothing EVER. So out I went for the first time since Izac popped… convinced my mum to bring me to Jaya Jusco for some CNY shopping. While there, I could not find anything for Ivan as I had planned. I only managed to get him a pair of pajamas to wear on CNY eve. However, I got 2 sets of new clothing for Izac (needless to say, Izac’s new clothes are pajamas only as he will not be going out anyway). So far, Izac only has a few pairs of new clothes since most of the clothes he wears now were used when Ivan was born.

Today, I went off on another shopping spree for Ivan’s clothes as he will be the one who will be going off to pai lin (Cantonese: visit relatives during CNY) as Izac and myself will still be confined at mum’s house. I am so happy that we managed to get 2 sets of new clothes for Ivan as well as 2 new t-shirt.

Ivan’s Horrific Haircut (Not Again!)
After all the shopping and making Ivan happy, naughty mummy had to bring him for his worst nightmare - a haircut! Ivan has always hated haircuts. The only time he did not cry during a haircut was during his first haircut when he reached one month old, he was asleep at that time (duh!). So to make my son leng chai (Cantonese: handsome) I had to bring him for a trim as the weather is just too hot these days and he need to look presentable when he go pai lin.

bad bad bad mummy!

We went to Centrepoint for some express haircut which costs RM12 per haircut. The che-ches (Cantonese: big sisters) there used to work in the Express Cut in 1Utama but have since transferred to Centrepoint since the new wing is complete. Ivan’s previous haircut was also done by her, so I guess she roughly knows what I want and what Ivan hates hehehe. The outcome: simply leng chai but it was not a good experience for Ivan. Sometimes I really wish that we do not have to put him trough such torment and leave his hair long, but I guess his papa will have something to say about THAT!

SIL#1’s Birthday

do i get to blow the candles?

After all the crying and trying to hold down a strong toddler, we went home. As today is also SIL#1’s birthday, we (mum and myself) managed to stay for her cake cutting. It was a simple celebration, as I had to rush home to feed my dear newborn Izac.

Ivan, Izac

My Darlings - Newborn

Ivan Chan
Born: 28th June 2004
Weight: 3.81kg
Length: 53cm

Izac Chan
Born: 9th January 2006
Weight: 3.42kg
Length: 51cm

Izac, Milestones, Motherhood

Izac’s Birth Story

Monday, 9th January 2006
Around 4:00am
After seeing the bloody show (again, let me remind you that I am not swearing here if you have not read Zara’s mama’s post) and feeling pressure on my pelvic bone for hours, I checked most of the blogs I have pending on my list and went to bed.

Around 6:30am
I woke up feeling some pain. It was not a very intense pain; I thought that maybe I needed to go to the toilet, as I have been having bowel movements quite frequently these couple of days. After checking to see that Ivan is comfortably asleep beside hubby, I went out to the hall and paced around. Finally, after making sure that I do not need the toilet, I lied down on the sofa to time the contractions. As I was lying down, I was battling with myself if I should take another shower before waking hubby up, which I decided against since I took a late shower the night before. So, I went and woke hubby up from his sweet slumber and told him that we might have to go to the hospital already. This time around, because we really needed to beat the Monday jam if we were to get to the hospital quickly, hubby was much faster getting up and ready. For those of you who missed out his nonchalance, please feel free to visit here.

Around 7:30am
Boarded the car and was on the way to Ampang.

Hubby: Err… which road should we use?
Sue: Up to you.

Hubby: (Joking this time) Should we stop by Old Klang Road for some fish ball noodles before heading there?
Sue: Don’t you dare!

Around 8:30am
Arrived at Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre and hubby proceeded to park the car. By this time, I think the contractions were about 7 minutes apart or closer. I did not time how long they went on for though. Service at the admissions desk was great, I think the security guard saw me standing there with hubby and cringing away sometimes so he asked, “Are you in pain?” to which I nodded and immediately someone attended to us.

After checking in, we were sent up for CTG before checking in to confirm that there is really contraction and that I would deliver soon (or else they will send us back I reckon). After a few minutes of CTG, doctor came in and checked the graph and told me another 12 to 18 hours! My goodness… the pain has already started being really painful (not unbearable yet though) and he comes in and tell me that I will probably be delivering tomorrow?!?!!? After a while, the Nurse C came in and transferred me to the labour ward.

Around 9:30am
There, I was told to change into a hospital robe and Nurse C checked me for dilation… told that it was probably around 4 - 5 cm dilated! Woohoo! I was then given an enema to clear the bowel. (At this stage, hubby is nicely settled on the sofa, sleeping). Having gone to the toilet a couple of times, I decided to pace the room… I guess I really believe that it works wonders in making the cervix dilate faster.

Soon another nurse came in again and told me I have to be strapped in to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and contraction. This nurse, however, seems to have strapped the belt too loose and my contractions are charted there like eensy weensy contractions. I kept telling her that the belt was not on correctly and she ignored me.

Around 9:45am
Doctor came in again to check on dilation… 6 – 7 cm… and off he went again. After this, Nurse C came in more frequently, telling me to use the gas if I was really in pain. She also checked my dilation from time to time and said, “Very fast, very fast”. The pain was starting to kick in terribly and hubby was beside my bed holding my hands and looking at the CTG soaring above 100.

Around 10:00am
Nurse C came in again and check. I heard her told someone to call the doctor. After a few minutes, I asked her, “Doctor?” and she said, “Coming, coming, don’t worry, Dr Tan has very long legs, he’ll be here very soon.” True to her words, doctor came in soon after that.

At 10:16am
I think after pushing during 2 or 3 contractions, Izac was out, weighing in at 3.42kg. Doctor commented that Izac’s umbilical cord went 2 rounds around his neck (I asked him about it after that and he told me that it was not a very big deal as 50% of his patients’ babies have their umbilical cord around their necks, and it’s not tight, unless the CTG detects a drop in fetal heartbeat). After doctor clamped the cord, hubby was given the honour of cutting Izac’s umbilical cord. At this point, I seem to wake up from my delirium just in the nick of time! Can you believe it? In all the rush to get to the hospital and check in to give birth to Izac, I have totally forgotten to tell the nurse or the doctor about my StemLife package nicely placed in my bag. So told them I did and doctor said, “Aiyoh! Where is it? Quick quick, luckily haven’t cut yet.” So Nurse C went and got it and in moments, Izac’s cord blood is nicely stored and hubby can safely cut the cord. Phew! So much for a no-drama delivery.

Izac, Pregnancy

Is It Time?

I have a feeling…

That baby Izac is about to pop, most probably within a day or 2.

Reason is I had some light spotting on Sunday afternoon. Actually, I felt relieved when I saw the spotting as I was practically counting the days till EDD and hoping that he would not be late. I just dread induction! Anyway, after that I happily went to 1 Utama with SIL#1 and Ivan, hoping against hope that maybe more walking now would give me speedy delivery of my second child.

However, till now, nothing much except some pressure on my pelvic bone, which I assume is the baby bearing down. Hopefully, he will engage soon and contractions will come. If it does, then off I will go and I will see you guys soon!

Health, Izac

StemLife for Izac

As most of you know from here, I have been looking around for cord blood banking for the new baby. Currently, there are only two companies available in Malaysia who does this sort of thing, namely StemLife and CryoCord.

I have decided to go with StemLife.

Reasons for my decision:

  • StemLife will refund fully on the occasion where the cord blood taken is found not bankable as well as in the case where the cord blood is destroyed by disasters such as tsunami, fire and that sort of thing (On the other hand, CryoCord refunds all except the deposit of RM800).
  • After reading up on cord blood collection practices, I noted that the article mentions “a collection that is less than ¼ of the bag will make adequate transplantation questionable”. Although with CryoCord, I know that they collect the blood in 5 different vials for future cloning purposes when it becomes available, I thought StemLife’s method of collecting the blood in one bag is safer… at least I know that there are really enough stem cells in the bag for transplantation if ever the need arise.
  • Banking cord blood to me is like buying medical insurance for my children. I know I missed the chance when I had Ivan because then it was still so new, I would not want to miss this chance, as the odds of siblings being a perfect match are 1 in 4.

Upon calling these companies, they will arrange a sales person to meet up with you to try to convince you that their company is best. Although I only met up with StemLife, I have nearly already made my decision before I even met the sales lady from all the reading I did.

On delivery day, blood will not be collected by professionals from these companies… our own gynecologists will be the ones collecting the cord blood and we will then need to inform these companies to send couriers over to bring the blood back to the bank. I was told to call them when I reach the hospital on delivery day and again when baby is about to come out.

So far, no regrets whatsoever… only that hubby’s pocket feels much lighter than before the contract was signed.

Some interesting sites:
- Cord Blood Facts
- Cord Blood Video
- A Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Banks


Bye 2005… Hello 2006

Some December highlights before my year ended, needed to jot this down, as this month has been extra busy for me… I have no idea why…

Dec 3

  • Attended friend Amanda’s wedding in Ipoh

  • Dec 4

  • Went around Ipoh with Ivan, SIL#1, PK and Sutini and visited a temple

  • Dec 8

  • Ah Chim (Hokkien: Father’s brother’s wife) and her daughters, cousins Mirabel & Michelle came back from Brunei for a visit

  • Dec 13

  • Cousin Jonathan came back from Sydney for a visit

  • Dec 14

  • Chek Chek (Hokkien: Father’s brother) came back from Brunei to join his wife and daughters for a visit

  • Dec 20

  • Jee Ee (Hokkien: Mother’s 2nd eldest sister) came back from Singapore for a visit, as well as to see her mother

  • Dec 21

  • Went for check up at Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre

  • Dec 23

  • Friend Jenny gave birth to a darling baby boy, Marcus
  • Gu Gu (Hokkien: Mother’s brother) came back from Boston for a visit, as well as to see his mother
  • Ah Ma (Hokkien: Mother’s mother) admitted to the hospital due to lung problem

  • Dec 24

  • Went for a dose of Christmas spirit at Mid Valley Megamall with Ivan, SIL#1 and Sutini
  • Went for dinner with hubby at Tai Thong Kepong and after dinner drinks at Mitsu Koshi Restaurant Sri Hartamas
  • Twisted my ankle when I was leaving for home without hubby (the drunk!)

  • Dec 25

  • Attended baby Sara’s 1st birthday party together with Jazzmint and little Faythe

  • Dec 29

  • Friend Annie gave birth to a darling baby boy, Shawn through planned c-sect

  • Dec 30

  • Went for check up at Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre

  • Dec 31

  • Went for dinner at Soon Kor Sharksfin Restaurant Imbi with Hubby, Ivan, SIL#1, SIL#2, PK, Sutini, CAW & AMD
  • Ivan bumped his head on a sliding door and left a swelling on his little forehead… luckily there was no bruising the next day
  • Ivan slept on the way home, and I watched fireworks from the television with my baby lying next to me