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Izac, Milestones

Izac’s First Month

9th January
The day Izac popped. Mummy stayed at the hospital for one night.

13th January
Went to the hospital to check on jaundice… very mild but Izac’s eyes look really yellow so better to check with doctor just to be sure. Doctor took some blood sample… ouch!

14th January
Mummy was told that full term babies will have peeling and scaly skin… Izac’s skin looks like an old man’s skin now, have to wait till it all falls off to touch the silky soft baby skin underneath.

18th January
Izac getting a suntan in the morning sun every now and then… hope Jaundice clears soon.

20th January
Belly stump fell off! Izac’s took 2 weeks to fall off while Ivan’s only took a week. Difference was that Ivan went home with the clip still attached whereas Izac’s clip got removed by the nurse before we checked out, it made the belly stump dry up slower.

29th January
Chinese New Year, mummy got Izac pajamas to sleep in.

5th February
Mummy “sai sou” and brought Izac for prayers in Mah Mah’s house in Taman Seputeh and Ah Chor’s house in Taman Cheras.

6th February
Went for full moon dinner at Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant with family and friends.

10th February
Went for head shaving… went to a few barbers before we see one that is open. It was probably because it was around lunchtime, on a Friday during prayers as well as it being Wesak day.

Izac, Motherhood

Breast Milk = Gold

Izac’s favorite sleeping style

My new job: to graze and give milk when needed.

Yup. I am officially a cow. Izac has been exclusively breastfed for a month now, except for the 4 bottles of formula milk fed to him during the times when I needed to go out. During the first 2 weeks, Izac wanted nothing but the breasts. Nope. No pacifier or bottle teats for this boy. He can only be pacified when he is at the breasts. That made me so scared… afraid that I will have problem weaning him when the times comes for me to return to work. Luckily, my mum bought some latex pacifier and teats to let him try and it seemed to work for this little guy. Ivan had used Avent bottles from birth and had no problem with the silicone pacifiers. I guess this baby likes cheap things… helping mummy and papa save some money *hehehe*.

Needless to say, I should give myself a pat on the back, seeing that I did not manage to maintain a good enough supply for Ivan because I was so lethargic the last time. I only managed to give mixed feed to Ivan for 2 ½ months before switching fully to formula when supply ran out. There are still times when I think my breasts are not producing enough milk. There is milk, but they are just enough for Izac when he feeds directly. There is just not enough for me to pump and it makes me feel that it is impossible to build up some breast milk stock for when I need to leave Izac home while I got out for errands. I have seen some mother blog about counting their breast milk stock in the freezer! How the hell did they manage to get such bountiful supply of EXTRA breast milk? Anyone care to share?

cry baby

Being able to breastfeed my babies is a joy. But breastfeeding not only brings joy, it is sometimes painful too. Sometimes my breast feel so knotted and painful that I think I cannot go on and wish that I can stop there and then. Also, not knowing how much your baby is taking or if he is actually getting enough is worse because Izac is crying most of the time.

Now that Izac has been drinking straight from the spout for a month, the little bugger has gotten to use to my smell that he constantly wants to be held and suckle. Sometimes he can stay at the breast for a whole 2 – 3 hours! The bad thing is because I do not know if he is getting enough or he just wants to suckle for comfort, I keep letting him suck. Can we possibly spoil a child this small? Will he be permanently stuck to my breasts till he is forced to drink from a bottle?

sweet dreams after a breast milk fix

My initial plan was to breastfeed for as long as possible, ideally at least 6 months. However, this will not be possible as Sutini will not be able to look after Ivan and Izac at the same time. Izac is a clingy baby, and has no timing for feeds and Ivan is sometimes jealous if he sees someone carrying his baby brother. So the new plan: leave Izac with mum like I did with Ivan the last time, and bring him back on weekends while Ivan stay with papa and mummy. This means that Izac might not be exclusively breastfed anymore because exclusive pumping might reduce milk supply *sigh*.

When we first gave him the Avent bottle, he did not know how to suck from it. Then mum tried giving him those normal bottles with flat latex teat and he seemed all right with it, although the hole was a bit too big and he was gasping for air. Yesterday, we tried giving him the Avent bottle again and he took it! Yaay! Today will be the first day that I am giving Izac expressed breast milk during the day; so far he has had 3 feeds from this morning.

If all goes well and this little bugger develops timing for his feeds, then we might all be able to go home together. Next target: get Izac to accept his pacifier!