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Blacker than Black Beans

Gone gone gone…

  1. Mum’s Canon Ixus 30
  2. Hubby’s RM9000
  3. Toshiba Tecra A6 LCD screen

Bad things have happened these past few weeks.

Mum’s Canon Ixus 30
I borrowed my mum’s camera to Bangkok and lost it in Pattaya. I had thought that it was with SIL#1 as she has asked to borrow it to see the pictures in it. After we reached the hotel and met up again later to go for a cabaret show, I casually asked her where the camera was (I was sure it was with her and I wanted to take pictures). That was when she said she it was not with her. Arghhhh! The first thing that went through my mind was the pictures… my beyoooootiful pictures, my memories… gone gone gone… So now both of us have compromised and each has forked out RM550 at PC Fair (April 2006) for a new camera for my mum.

Hubby’s RM9000
Two days ago, hubby got robbed in Giant 1Utama. He did not tell me first hand as I went back to mum’s house for the weekend with the kids. It kind of seemed like he was in a trance, we could not be sure. It went like this:

He was rushing out of Giant to meet up with SIL#2. In the midst of rushing, someone near him seemed to have dropped some money near his feet and was tugging at his ¾ pants. He thought that this fellah was trying to stop him from picking up the money, thus he kept pushing this fellah’s hand away from his own leg. All of a sudden, the fellah stood up and ran away in the opposite direction, together with a few other accomplices who all ran in different directions. This is when hubby felt something fishy going on. As he looked down, he saw that the zipper on his pants (near his knees) was open and the money inside was gone. There goes his takings from work that day, he had thought that putting the money in his pocket while they went for a quick lunch instead of bringing his bag would be safe… gone gone gone…

Toshiba Tecra A6 LCD screen
Yesterday evening, I took out my new notebook (people from my department have to change to new notebook models every few months) to show SILs the new log in format — thumbprint recognition. As soon as the notebook booted up and I did the thumbprint scan, Ivan jabbed at the screen 2 or 3 times with his plastic crocodile tail. He was excited at seeing his own face on my screen. Before any of us could stop him, the screen cracked, leaving only half screen visible while the rest went to darkness. Needless to say, after all the bad luck we had (and me just having received the bad news regarding hubby’s ordeal), I was speechless. I did not scold Ivan, as he knew he had done something wrong just by my shocked scream. He lied face down on the bed, not moving, looking up at me every now and then. Sigh! Gone gone gone… Now I’ll have to see if my superior can help me with this case, if not then there goes RM1300++.

Ivan, Milestones, Teaching & Learning


One… too… thee… four… fiiiiive… seven… eight… nine… tennnnnn!!!

I’ve been away for too long and getting to be too lazy. Most of the time I am too busy with catching up with work, other times I’m just plain tired and a wee bit lazy. Need to start blogging again, what best to blog about but Ivan’s counting achievement.

Yesterday, I took out a box of crayon and a piece of A4 paper for him to doodle on. Out of the blue, while I was writing out the numbers from 1 to 10 on the paper, he started counting with me. After I repeated the whole 10 numbers a few times with different colored crayon, he counted to 10! He was able to count fairly well, missing out on number 6 mostly. Other than numbers, he loves to say A, B and C out of the blue sometimes… it really makes me wonder what goes on in his tiny little head!

Ivan, Izac

My Darlings - Kor Kor and Sailo

click on picture to enlarge

(left: Ivan, right: Izac)
When I took this picture of Izac, I remembered that I have a picture of Ivan in the exact pose. After digging through my picture archive, I found that coincidentally, both my darlings have worn the same clothes at the time their pictures were taken, Izac’s being a pass-me-down from Ivan.

Look at how different they both are… hahaha! Ivan the kor kor is so chubby with an extra longkang (Malay: drain) on the hands whilst Izac the little sailo looks longer because he is thinner. Both have totally different features. Did both of them come out of me? LOL.

Health, Ivan

Horrible Fever

heating up

Saturday, 18th March
Gave him 2.5ml of Uphamol 250, he seemed to get better.
Took him to a GP in the evening (all the pediatricians seem to be closed on weekends).
Gave medication from the GP before he went to bed, fever does not seem to subside, decided to give a suppository after an hour.

Sunday, 19th March
High fever in the wee hours.
Brought him to A&E at DSH… doctor did nothing but give him another suppository.
Went home and he slept after sweating off the heat.

At 10am, he woke up and got down from the bed. So soon as the air hit him, he shivered and asked for mummy.
Mummy got a shock that shortened 5 years of her life. It is shocking to see the tiny body shivering away.
Quickly wrapped him in a blanket and decided to bring him to A&E in Gleneagles (his pediatrician in Gleneagles is closed also).

Reached A&E, registered and was told to wait. What is A&E anyway? Had to go back to the lady and ask her how long more, and was told again to wait with no explanation. There were many people there but none of them seemed to be in a rush.
After a few minutes, went up to the cashier instead, and told him that I need someone to look at my soon NOW as he is having high fever. Only then did someone attend to us.
As soon as they took his temperature, 40 deg Celsius, (measured 40.4 at home and kept wiping his brows with a cold pack all the way to the hospital) they took him away for a cold shower. I could hear him bawling away. When he came back, Doctor attended to him and told me to stop the medication and give only Uphamol 250 as the antibiotics don’t seem to be working (Ivan only took one or 2 dose of the antibiotics).

Fever up and down for the whole day. Fever down, he was just as energetic. Fever up, he just wanted to lie down and seemed so lethargic.

Monday, 20th March
Seems better today.

Tuesday, 21st March
High fever in the wee hours.

His pediatrician is open today so I decided to bring him back to Gleneagles. Doctor checked him, everything seemed all right but decided to get some urine for tests. Told to start him on antibiotics as soon as his fever reaches 38 degrees again.

Reached home, fever went up. Started antibiotics and charted his temperature hourly to be given to Doctor.

Wednesday, 22nd March
Fever has subsided, probably because of the antibiotics (doctor said it usually takes 24 hours for antibiotics to start working)

Thursday, 23rd March
Went back to Gleneagles. Doctor said GOOD. He is better and thanks for the fever chart. Hahaha. And urine looks fine, no UTI. Fever could be due to the throat. Hahahaha. I am so glad. Glad glad glad.