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Ivan, Motherhood

Breastfeeding Moments

Sometimes when Ivan sees me getting ready for a pumping session…

Sue: *Takes pump from the sterilizer or container*
Ivan: *Sees mummy taking pump, pulls up his tee to reveal his chest* Iwen pang, Iwen pang!

Sue: *Sometimes to humor him* Oh… Ivan wants to pump, okay lah… *Puts pump on his breast*
Ivan: *Presses on pump, after few squeezes lifts the other side of the tee to reveal the other breast*

Sue: *Oblige by letting him pump the other breast*
Ivan: Pang mo more…
Sue: No more, Ivan no more milk, mummy pump now…


During work, I pump in the toilet. There are a few toilets that are quite private and clean, meaning there is only one stall, unlike some that have about 2 – 4 stalls in them. What I normally do:
  • Rush to the pantry and take pump from container
  • Fix pump and put in bag
  • Go into toilet, hang bag on doorknob, put down toilet seat, start pumping

Sometimes, halfway through pumping, I notice that in all the rush I was in, I forgot to lock the doorknob! Thank goodness no one ever tries to open the door when it is closed… if not, free show for them *LOL*.


Earlier this week, I went for a pumping session in the office toilet only to find that I have forgotten to bring the pump lever/handle with me that morning. I knew there would come one day when I will forget to bring one of my pump’s parts. All thanks to my tai tau har-ness (Cantonese slang: forgetfulness). So what can I do but try to make the best of it, ie.

  • Tried to pump pulling on the soft rubber part… got 3 ounces and painful fingers
  • Tried expressing milk by hand… got 1 ounce and gave up

So, what can I do but give up and go home during lunch, coz I really cannot stand not pumping for the whole day and risking a decrease in milk supply.


Izac is really a kay poh (Hokkien: busy body) as he is very alert most of the time. During breastfeeding, he will gobble and gulp non-stop when he is hungry. After a satisfied feed, normally he will still suckle for a while. However, whenever he hears me talking while he is at the breast, he tends to peep up at me through the corner of his eye.
When I acknowledge him, saying, “Wei, full already ah? Play play ah?” he will just turn his face to me and flash his ever-ready smile, after which he will turn back to the breast and start rooting for the nipple again. Then he will go, suck… peep… turn… smile… root… suck… (and it goes on) without much thought for mummy’s poor nen nen (Kiddy Cantonese: breasts).

Izac, Milestones

See Me Turn

Pictures taken on 12th May 2006

Just this morning as I was doing my daily training for turning, I overshot and fell on my other side. I can’t seem to get the right rhythm. More often than not, I had my hand caught beneath my tummy and do not have enough strength to pull it up. Mummy had to surround me with tonnes of pillows nowadays in case I lost control and overturned.

After months of trying to lift head up and twisting in extreme positions for body to turn over, I finally managed to do it and was prop myself up on Wesak Day. You should have seen mummy’s face when she came into the room and saw me propped up nicely on the bed with Gu Cheh standing nearby.

My next target: lying down again from propped up position. Now that I am up, how do I lie down on my back again? Can’t seem to do that, when I am tired of supporting my weight on my elbows up, I can only snuffle my nose on the bed. This is when I hope mummy sees me and puts me lying down again for some rest.

Izac, Ramblings

Siu Lai Lunch, Mum’s Gift & Changing Name

I took leave today. I have a few personal errands that needed my attention.

First off, I dropped by Mid Valley to meet up with a Jen for lunch. This friend of mine just started working in one of the offices in the Boulevard a few months ago. Now she is thinking of changing jobs because the lady boss is apparently breathing down her neck all the time. She told me that staff turnover there is so fast that in the time she started working there till now, 3 staff have already left… 2 resigned, 1 sacked. There are a few vacancies in the company I am working for and I so wish that she could join me here but alas, her hubby rejected the idea, saying that it is too far away.

mother’s day gift

After lunch, I dropped by the house of a mom to twins. I have ordered a bracelet from her as a gift for mum on Mother’s Day. After one wrong turn and nearly ending up back on the highway I should have known as I’ve been to that area before *smack own head*, I finally found her house. The gift was nicely packed and all ready to be given to mum. This fine lady, being as nice as always, gave me more than what I asked for. She came out to meet me not just with the packed bracelet, but also some homemade biscuit for my dear Ivan thanks Maria!.

ginger bread man chocolate bear

That being done, I headed towards Maju Junction Mall. The main purpose of today’s leave is to go to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) to change Izac’s name. This issue has bugged me for quite some time. When I had Ivan, I was not sure I wanted to put Ivan into his birth cert together with his Chinese name… then I decided not to. I regretted it after that. Then when we had Izac, I was not sure whether I wanted it in or not again?!. Mostly I wanted Izac’s birth cert to be the same as Ivan’s, without their English names. But somehow, hubby told me better to put or I’ll regret it later. So put we did, and now I regret putting it in… *sigh*. So now I went there to take it out, so both brothers have no English names in their birth cert. Now, next baby no need to be so faan (Cantonese: tedious) and we can decide straight away that there will not be any English names in the birth cert.