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Planning for D-Day

I have actually started planning for Ivan’s birthday party about a month ahead of the actual weekend I planned to have it on. Somehow, being the fickle person that I am, I could not make up my mind as to where I want to have it. Different locations would mean different guests list as some places are more expensive and some places are more inaccessible. My initial choices are:

1. Kizsports in 1Utama Shopping Centre
2. Kid Zone in Hartamas Shopping Centre
3. McDonald’s
4. Home / BIL’s condo’s poolside

Finally after getting all the quotes and stuff a week or 2 before D-Day, I made up my mind that:

1. Kizsports is way too expensive if I were to invite loads of people. Therefore, my invitation for this venue would just be kids of close friends and a few selected blogger friends whom I normally meet at Kizsports.
2. Kid Zone is cheaper but still same as (1).
3. McDonald’s is normal; no doubt the kids will enjoy themselves there, just NOT AS FUN as having it at Kizsports or Kid Zone.
4. Home is too small for parties and lack of parking, mum’s house is too far for most people and BIL’s condo’s poolside might not appeal to some people not to mention clean up hassles!.

So, then I dragged on for another half a week when I finally decided to have it at McDonald’s where I can just ask anyone to go and not worry too much about budget.

After deciding, I checked out a few McDonald’s to look at their “Play Land” to see if they have 1, 2 or 3 slides for the kids. Upon deciding on the McDonald’s at Centrepoint which is where it should be in the first place.. duh!, the manager told me that it is fully booked all the way till July. Gosh! Me and my fickle-minded-ness. What to do but go to the other McDonald’s that I liked, SS14. Having a party there means having the whole level 3 to ourselves.

Finally, with all things settled phew!, I am able to do the itty bitty things like order the cake, buy extra party packs, pre-order some food and send out the invitations most informed was by telephone.

Family, Playtime

Teeny Weeny Pool

Pictures taken on 4th June 2006

During the Agong’s birthday holiday break, Mum and myself had actually planned to bring the children somewhere nice and out of the norm, like the Cameron Highlands. I have not been there for donkey’s years, so a short retreat there would be nice. But as we were planning, there were news of landslides here and there and that put a halt in our plans. Other than the highlands, anything local did not appeal to us, as those places would be overly crowded during holidays such as this.

So that weekend I decided to just stay home at Mum’s place and let the kids have a relaxing day swimming or soaking since the pool is so small in the blow up pool. Ever since Ivan got this pool as his 1st birthday present, this is only the second time we blew it up see here for 1st use. As the children are growing up at such fast pace, I doubt the pool will see a third time being blown up as I plan on getting a new and larger pool to fit them in.

While the kids had fun in the pool, me, being the siao po (Hokkien: crazy woman), bought some bubble solution from Tesco and started blowing bubbles till I felt woozy. We also bought some water gun for them to play while soaking. Not forgetting pictures, I passed my new camera found it! to Mum for some “just cincai snap” picture session with our subjects soaked in the teeny weeny pool. During all the fun, Izac, who is still such a baby, was sleeping soundly in the house.

Ivan, Izac

My Darlings - Ivan Loves Izac

When Izac was born, Ivan will give Izac a smack right on the head whenever he feels like it. It’s like sometimes when he does something near Izac, I can almost see the light bulb appearing at the top of his head which goes “*Bliiiiink!* I should beat sailo on the head since he’s nearby“. Most times when we are around, somebody will tell Ivan off and ask him to refrain from hitting his little brother. Sometimes when people stop him in time when he tried to hit Izac, he will cry until we let him at it… and when we tell him to just playfully hit his brother on the backside, he will whine and cry because he only want to beat his brother on the head or stomach, no where else is acceptable.

Although most times he will beat Izac, there are also times when he will guard his little brother when no one is around. I have spied on them a few times after leaving the hall, only to see Ivan patting Izac’s tummy mostly softly, sometimes not and go “Isaaaccc… Isaaaccc…“. Other times I spied and saw him playing with his cars on Izac’s tummy “Brooom, broooom, brrooooom“.

Nowadays, Ivan is a changed brother *kekeke*. He loves Izac and every morning, he will give his little brother a little kiss or sniff on the botak (Malay: bald) head. Sometimes he gives little kisses or sniffs again on Izac’s tummy or hands or feet. Times like these just make me melt… and melt… and melt… I just love sniffing Izac’s bald little head, it’s just so right that his big brother should do the same *warm glow*.

I can’t wait for Izac to grow a little bigger just so Ivan can have his little playmate to pass time with *grins*.