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Uneventful Birthday… Not!

My birthday this year went by quite uneventfully. Same as last year. Hmm, seems like for the past few years, the only eventful birthday I had was when I was in confinement with Ivan in 2004 *hehehe*. Oops, come to think of it, something did happen during the wee hours of my birthday… Izac fell on the floor *cringe*.

Now, it happens that I always put him to sleep in his cot (previously used by Ivan). And when he wakes up for nursing in the middle of the night, I would transfer him to my bed and he’ll sleep there from then on till morning. I am normally a very light sleeper and he’ll be very well encased in my arms. I don’t really know what happened that night, must have totally conked out. Was sleeping… sleeping… sleeping… then *thuuud* and followed by *waaaaiiiiillllllll*. I shot right up and looked down at my baby crying away. I was already wide awake and cursing at myself for my carelessness, hubby was awake too, scolding me for not putting him in the cot.

*Sigh* Only thing I could do then was to soothe him, rub his head (although till today I still don’t know where he hit coz there was no redness, no bruise and no bump in the morning) and then nurse him back to sleep. After that day, hubby made sure I slept on the inner side of the bed so that Izac can never have the danger of falling off again.

So much for an uneventful birthday.

P/S: Now each of my boys have fallen off the bed once… arghhhh!

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Way Too MIA

Whoa… a whole month with only one miserable post. Sorry to be so MIA, work has been crazy, is still crazy and I have my superiors breathing down my neck demanding more work to be done. This makes blogging next to impossible at work. When I reach home, after dinner and settling down, there is the need to breastfeed Izac off to sleep and then to play with Ivan till he feels sleepy. By the time both the little buggers are tucked nicely in bed, I would be too pooped to even think about switching on the notebook and connecting to Streamyx.

Just some brief update for today.


2 weekends ago, on the way to the market…
Sue : Ivan.. yeh yeh sayang Ivan or not?
Ivan : No………

Sue : Huh, yeh yeh don’t sayang you the yeh yeh sayang who?
Ivan : No.. (pause).. yeh yeh sayang mah mah..

Sue : (Surprised that he know the link between these 2 people) Wahhhh… yeh yeh sayang mah mah.. Then, mah mah sayang who?
Ivan : Iwen..


Izac is such a joy to see, specially in the mornings. Just like Ivan, Izac seem to never have any lousy mornings. Every morning without fail, I will be awaken by Izac squirming around next to me, a sign that he’s awake and wants to be carried. As soon as I look at his face, this little boy ALWAYS smiles back.

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Ivan is 2!

Ivan turned 2 on 28th June, I meant to blog on that day but time seem to not be on my side these days. As planned, we held a birthday bash for him at McDonald’s on the 25th. The day started off well, and everything went according to plan probably coz I planned it to bits!.

I slept in with Ivan and woke up at around 10am. Sleeping until the sun shining on our butts made sure Ivan did not feel sleepy throughout the party later. I went to collect the cake at 11.00am as planned while the kids stayed at home and ate breakfast.

After reaching home with the cake, Ivan wanted to “fuuuhhh” as I have prepared him a few days ago that his birthday is coming up and he would have many people singing him birthday song, after which he can blow his candle “fuuuuhhh“. I had to keep him away from the cake.

too-too-train cake

Not long after, my mum arrived with the kids and they started playing with Ivan while Sutini and myself had our breakfast. After doing this and that, packing and getting ready, we finally left for SS14 at about 2-ish pm.

sports car jelly cake

The timing was just right as the guests also started arriving then. Now, one thing about my guests… they seem to sapu (Malay: sweep) the fried chicken like no one’s business. I was asking them, “Ei, this is McDonald’s lah, not Kentucky you know? Why are all of you eating all the chicken at lightning speed?” *LOL*.

Anyway, the kids had fun. Instead of just the 3 slides available there, I also brought Ivan’s rocking horse and pushcar there for the kids. Surprisingly, when the Rabyka (McDonald’s Party Staff) started the games, Ivan was able to participate. He was really paying attention to the instructions. They had a few games: “pass the balloon”, “treasure hunt” and “in or out”. I think all the kids had fun.

As for the adults, what to do but sit there and gossip chat to catch up on things relatives normally miss out. I did not get to chat or play or take much pictures as parties normally make me very hassled and I do not seem to be able to enjoy them very much. I had to run around ordering more food, or get something from the car, or etc etc etc.

After food and games, we had a surprise guest. One of the McDonald’s mascot came and the kids were really excited. Some were afraid but most were flocking aournd the mascot. They played music and Ivan danced with the birdie err… is she called Fly Girl or something?.

Finally, at about 4.30pm, people started leaving and we stayed back for another half hour or so until all the guests left. Ivan went home in his Gu Cheh’s car. I was told by his Gu Cheh that he could barely keep his eyes open and conked out 5 minutes after she started the drive.