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Asthma? Bronchitis?

Left work at 3pm yesterday to see the doctor again. I felt that the medication I have been taking is not doing me much good, progress seems slow. This time, it’s a different doctor again as the Dr Sister is out. Dr Brother is in though (this clinic contains a whole family of doctors) and my records are there so it should be OK I guess. This time, Dr Brother decided to put me on some real medicine… I vaguely hear him mentioning that one’s for asthma and one’s for bronchitis. Gawd! It cannot be that bad. He did say that after this 4-day course I should be 95% healed. If not, then I’d have to go back for chest X-ray in a week’s time.

But of course, I told him that I am still breast feeding and was told to stop for at least 5 to 6 days, minimum 24 hours or more after taking the last dose. Gosh! I feel toxic. Well… there goes my milk supply in the freezer. I must say though that this is as good a timing as ever, as I will be leaving for the company trip on Thursday morning. I just hope Izac will not cry too much at nights, looking for his “pacifier”.

Oh, and finally, after a few people telling me that boiling peppermint leaves and drinking the tonic mixed with some brown sugar helps, I asked mum to pluck some from her garden and make some for me. Took some yesterday afternoon and I’m not sure if it’s psychological, I feel the throat feeling a little better.

Anyway, going home now. And I can just picture it… me reaching home, Ivan pouncing on me, Izac starting to whine as soon as he sees me. If I reach for Izac, Ivan will start dragging at my leg, wanting to be carried. If I carry Ivan, Izac will start bawling away.

Sigh… I love my kids!

Health, Mommy

Feeling Lousy

Wow… another whole month without a single post. Been down with flu for 3 weeks already, this is the start of my 4th week. Seen so many doctors, I’m beginning to lose count.

The flu started after returning from Port Dickson. It started with sore throat, and then evolved into flu and now a full-blown cough and flu combined. Somewhere in the middle, I managed to pass it on to Ivan, who got better after medication and is now as energetic as ever, and then to Izac, who is also over it already.

I can’t help but think it could be due to the not-so-powerful medications I was put under because I have told all my doctors that I am still breastfeeding and I want safe medicines. Aigh… I’m feeling so sick, I can’t sleep at night and my company trip is starting this Thursday. I guess I’ll just have to warn my roommates that they won’t be sleeping quite so well for 2 nights since I am bound to cough my head off at nights.

Regarding the boys, I have tonnes to post on their development and daily antics. I can’t seem to find time. Work seemed to double after I came back from maternity leave and working extra time everyday don’t seem to cut it. And now my boss has downgraded my machine to a fixed asset, this lousy thing doesn’t seem to work well with Photoshop CS2. So I’m without Photoshop for the moment, and there goes scrapping the boys’ pictures too.

I feel lousy…