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We celebrated Izac’s birthday on the 6th of January at Chef Rasa Sayang Kristal Restaurant in PJ. If you’re wondering why we’re always having functions at these really Chinese restaurants, it’s because hubs have some business dealings with restaurants. Every time we have some need for celebration or dinner, we’ll try to do it at one of his customers place (or rather, most times it seems to me we’re “forced” to).

Anyway, back to the topic. We had a really simple dinner consisting of close family members and a few friends. Nothing big. I really don’t like the stress of organising anything big for one-year-olds, it’s tiring for them as well as myself. I actually planned to have it like Ivan’s first birthday, at home at my grandmother’s. But since hubs say we do it in a restaurant this time, I thought “Why not? No need to clean up afterwards” *hehehe*.


One good thing about celebrating birthdays with immediate families is that they tend to be practical and give ang pow as gifts. Now, I know that it’s old school and does not require the giver to give much thought into what they should get, but it’s practical. Kids nowadays do not need too many toys, they tend to get bored with them too quickly.

yummilicious cake yummilicious cake

Dinner was a full course of Chinese cuisine and of course, sharksfin. Food was only so-so that night as some of the dishes were actually “fishy”… literally! The sharksfin was great, as always. The only preparation I needed to make before that day was the cake. It was yummilicious and totally fresh. Both Ivan and Izac got the “Number 1″ cake for their first birthday. Ivan was really excited, that boy helped blow the candles for his little brother (he couldn’t do it for himself when he was 1 *LOL*). Both boys just love the strawberries that came with it.Everyone went home with full bellies. It was great to get together with family members. The next gathering will probably be during Chinese New Year, but that would be a totally different and stressful gathering, I can just picture the kids all running around and creating havoc.