sleepy head

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Sorry for the short hiatus. I’ve been feeling pretty tired for the past week and each night as I lay down to nurse Izac, I tend to fall asleep as well. Even today (err… last night). I just woke up just now at 2.30am when Ivan needed to go shee-shee and decided that I MUST blog *LOL*.

I brought Ivan to see Nemo on Ice on last Saturday. We went with my mum, Eleena, Haslina and Selamat. The initial plan was to bring Izac as well, but I am not sure that he can sit through the entire show without disrupting everyone’s concentration. He does not even watch much cartoon at home when his brother watches. So at the end after some coaxing from my mum, I decided to leave him at home. My only consolation is that I will bring him there next year if there is a show.

The show was pretty good (it’s MY first time to Disney on Ice, so can’t compare). Ivan was totally thrilled at all the colors and Nemo! And you know what, he didn’t make any demand to buy anything (good thing about him lah) that day, but just looked at the things they were selling there. The memorabilias were sold at crazy prices too… popcorn or drinks at RM20 - RM30 per pack?! (but of course they do come with a Nemo-on-Ice bucket). One complain though… I think the performers should have at least stayed back for a little while after the show is over and all the lights are switched on. That way we can take some pictures mah. I should have bought the most expensive ticket as those seats have the most picture taking opportunities. From where we were (lower tier, right in front of the stage), I couldn’t get any decent pictures with the Canon Ixus 60.

However, we all enjoyed ourselves. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, just for the look on Ivan’s face.