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Crocs Crazed

I simply love Crocs. I think they look great on kids, so light and they come in such fun colours! Disney Crocs
Two weeks ago, I went crazy and got two pairs of Disney Crocs, one for Izac and one for a friend’s son’s birthday at the new Crocs store at the Curve. Ivan has a pair, given by Janie when he turned 2. It was a little large for him at the time but it has been whole year now (his 3rd birthday is coming soon!) and it still fits him. He simply loves his pair. The Crocs are easily washable, airy for little feet and so light that the kids are able to romp and run in them.

It may be a little costly, but I guess it’s a good investment (am I giving myself excuses here for splurging?). Izac just loves his too, he keeps wearing them even in the house *LOL*… maybe the little bugger is hinting to mommy that he wants to go out.

::::::::::: IVAN SAYS :::::::::::

Mommy: “Ivan, tomorrow mommy bring you kai-kai okay. We go and buy a present for mommy’s friend.”
Ivan: (Shakes head)

Mommy: “Eh, why you shake your head?”
Ivan: “Buy for Ivan okay.”

Mommy: =_=”

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Vomiting Koala

Warning: Long post ahead.

On Monday (June 11) evening, I came home to a very lethargic looking Izac. I was told immediately by Supini that he has just vomited. When I asked hubs about it, he did not seem to know about it and said that Izac has just woke up.

I could see that he do not look well, very clingy and too quiet! So, as usual, I breastfed him a little as he like to cuddle when I return from work. After drinking a bit, he was fussing and looked very uncomfortable. I brought him to the kitchen and questioned Supini on what they ate that day as Mondays are off days for hubs so he brings them out for the day. As soon as I reached the kitchen, he threw up again, all the dragon fruit which he ate before he slept.

From then until after we boarded a friend’s car to go for dinner, he vomited a total of 5 times, the last one in our friend’s car! Luckily I had him facing me and everything was on our tees. So I told hubs to go ahead and go for dinner with Ivan while I brought Supini and Izac with me to the pediatrician.

Throughout the journey to the doctor’s, he clung to me like a koala bear and I can feel that the car ride is making him nauseas again. For once, I drove like an old lady without spectacles *LOL*. Told the doctor the gist of what happened and what I think he ate (sometimes I don’t thoroughly understand what the maid says), she suggested food poisoning. So we were given some medication for the vomiting and also rehydration salts.

As soon as we got back into the car, and I was reversing, the little koala vomited again on his and my tees (sitting on mommy’s lap maa). OMG! 6 times in 1 hour is just too much for a little kiddo. So what to do, I drove back into parking as I was kinda blocking someone’s car. Turns out that Jazzmint so ngam came to the very same pediatrician for Vyktore’s jab appointment. So we chatted for about 5 minutes and I started the ride home (with the little koala still stuck to me).

The little koala then fell asleep (in a very fashionable koala position these days it seems) and I went to the McDonald’s drive through. As soon as I finished placing order and took the food form the window, he saw it! He saw Coke and demanded for it… Geez, what to do, had to let him sip on it a little as home is very near already.

So we reach home, and he vomited again in the dining hall. By then I think his little stomach really have nothing much in it anymore, as he had no appetite for dinner. After putting him and Ivan to bed, he still wasn’t feeling well and vomited another time around midnight.

So I guess he finally went to sleep on top of mommy and I thank God that at least he was able to sleep through until morning. Come morning, he vomited again. Luckily, that was the last time… the rest are all small vomits here and there. He purged a few times that day too. Fed him his meals in small portions throughout the day and I was glad that the vomiting and the purging did not drag on.

He seemed much much better on Wednesday, but I took an additional day’s leave from work to monitor him. I’m so glad that he’s healed so quickly.

Ivan, Teaching & Learning

Why Why Why

Sometimes I wonder where Ivan learns the things he does and says. There’s bound to be something new with him daily! He loves to talk. If you let him, he will try talking your ears off. Additionally, he is very assertive. If you do not pay attention or answer his questions, you can be sure he’ll talk louder and louder.

::::::::::: IVAN SAYS :::::::::::

Ivan: “Whose computer is that?”
Mommy: “Mommy’s wann.”

Ivan: “Why is it like that wann?”
Mommy: “…”

Ivan: “Why?”
Mommy: “…”

Ivan: “Why?”
Mommy: (Busy reading from the feedreader) “…”

Ivan: “I said why!”

Now if after informing me that he “said why” and there’s still no answer from me, he’ll keep coming with “I said why” until he get something out of me. My long-winded son!

::::::::::: IVAN SAYS :::::::::::

Ivan: (Jumping on the bed before bedtime, diving from mommy’s bed to kids’ bed)

Mommy: “Ivan, don’t jump, later kena sailo how? Later sailo head crack how? Die la…”

Ivan: (Keeps quiet, seems to be thinking) “…… and then mommy poot another baby la!”

Mommy: (Shocked that he can come up with that) Eh! Where can, like that no more Izac also.”

Ivan: (Thinks again) “Nelmind (nevermind) la, poot another boy la!”
Mommy: *Hahahaha* Wah! You ah! Teruk la

I recently told him about him being in my tummy and how he was a little baby just like Izac. I was rather surprised that he remembers and uses it when answering my “whys”.