Ivan is an extremely observant boy. After turning 3, he likes nothing better than to ask “Why?”. This of course sometimes drives me to insanity. Most times though, his remarks from observations on adult conversations and actions leave me laughing in stitches.

Yesterday after dinner I brought the kids to Giant to shop for some necessities. The first place I stopped is at the toiletries section. I was looking at some sanitary napkins when one packaging caught my eye. It stated “Senang Di Basuh” or something like that.

::::::::::: IVAN SAYS :::::::::::

Mommy: “Pini, tengok, pad pun mau dicuci. Apa-lah, habis guna buang-lah.” *hahaha*
Ivan: “What?”

Mommy: (Still looking at the packaging and laughing with maid) “Apa-lah, mana ada orang cuci punya?” *kekeke*
Ivan: “What mommy? What is that? Must wash first then only use ah? Waaaash… then use ah?”

Mommy: “What-lah you. Why must wash. Mush wash first only use ah. You got a lot of questions hoh, everything you know.” *hehehe* (Suddenly notice a lady standing next to us also snickering at Ivan’s endless barrage of question about the pad)
Ivan: *shy and try to bury face in mommy’s clothes*

Mommy:*giggle* “You ah, cute only… everything also you know hoh…”


He never stopped there though, we the went to the clothing aisle and I was picking out some undergarments for Supini when I was asking her if she wants M or L. I was asking her this or this, this or this, when Ivan said, “Ini-lah!” and took the L sized panties, dumping them into the cart where he was standing. o.O”