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Whoops… has it been a week already?! I meant to post on Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday… (well, you get the picture) but somehow or other, I went to sleep night after night after night. Must really get out of this lazy habit coz I do have tonnes to say.

Last Saturday I actually went for my company’s annual dinner… if you’re interested about that event, do read all about it >>here<<. Beware though, I think it’s more of a rant than a review *teehee*.

So on Sunday, since both kids were feeling fine (meaning no flu or whatsoever), I decided to bring them to SIL#1’s condo for a swim. Ivan always jump for joy when he hears the word “swim”. He just love to play with water, but when it comes to asking him to take a bath… aiyooo! Izac had tonnes of fun too but he was only allowed in the pool for a short while as it was quite windy and the water was cold *brrrr*.

As always, I invited my mum to bring her kids over coz Ivan will be quite bored if he were to only swim with Izac (not to mention that they are fighter c*cks). The kids really had fun as there is a slide at the pool too. I plan to bring them swimming every other weekend since it’s really a very good exercise for them, and it’s more relaxing than to go jostling about in shopping complexes (which means I can spend less too *hehehe*)!

It was a quiet day, just hanging out and swimming, then for dinner we went to Carrefour’s food court. When we were there, I saw those cutie kids sofa which I have been eyeing on for quite some time now (didn’t I just mention about not spending money? *duh*). The price tag shows RM165 but when i asked the lady if there’s any discount on it, she immediately lowered it to RM120 per piece… so I bought 2! They just look so cute!

Izac's Sofa

Ivan's Sofa

Both of them

I think these are really a good buy as we’re kind of lacking place for people to sit in our living room, the sofas we’ve had for years and years have either been thrown away or sold to people at dirt cheap prices. Even then hubs didn’t make a move and get new sofas. So I guess these 2 little one seaters will have to make do until I finally drag hubs out and buy a new set.

Ivan, Izac

Fighter C*cks

When Izac was much smaller, Ivan used to bully him a lot. Ivan will be very possessive of his toys, even Izac’s toys will be his for all he care. More often than not, Izac will have some scratch marks on his face and sometimes hands. There were a few incidents where the scratches on Izac’s face were really terrible, which left a scar even until now (will post a scrap on Izac’s battle scars as soon as I have it done).

It comes to the point when Izac’s holding a toy and he sees Ivan coming (whether or not it is to take the toy from him or not), he will throw the toy far far away and run to someone for protection *LOL*. Now it may seem really teruk and kinda war-like, but I guess kids will be kids and fighting for toys is a norm.

However, these days, it seems that it’s the other way around. After countless telling offs and being reprimanded for his actions towards his brother from all the adults, Ivan is much much more loving towards his little brother. He will kiss Izac on the head after his little brother has gone to sleep, sometimes even giving up his toys for Izac to play with (of course with Mommy’s instruction :P).

Izac, on the other hand, is quite naughty nowadays. He has developed a liking for throwing things. Just two nights ago, he took a Superman doll (heavy plastic one) and threw it at Ivan head, resulting in a huge bump. When I asked him to sayang kor-kor back, he’ll shake his head and look down, so stubborn.

If Ivan fights for a toy with him, he will hold on with all his might (and he’s extremely strong for a small boy). He will lose most of the time of course but he’ll revenge by pinching Ivan when the time is right (when kor-kor is not paying attention lah). As he grows, we can see him fighting back, and definately defending himself more.

As for now, I foresee more battles to come, and the winner might not necessarily be Ivan.