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Too Quiet

Chan Brothers

The house is quiet. Too quiet.

This is the fist time in many moons that I find myself spending the night without the kids around, especially since after the arrival of Izac. I’ve just sent them away, my mum took them home with her to stay for the weekend. I will be joining them tomorrow after work, as going to work from Port Klang is hell. (If you’re wondering about hubs, he’s on the bed snoring like a pig.)

Funny how I thought I could use the little time off from putting them to bed for just one night. You know what? I miss them already. This home is not a home without the kids, noisy as they may be and naughty as they are.

There may be times when I felt that by having kids I’m giving up on a lot, mainly freedom to do whatever I wish. However, it is times like this that reassures me I have made the right decision to have kids. They make my days brighter and just one night without hearing their noisy chatter makes me feel lonely.

Tomorrow cannot come soon enough…

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Pool Time & Meeting Ultraman

I can’t seem to finish jotting down everything that’s happened last weekend, it truly is a fully packed weekend. This should be the last installment. For Sunday, after going to the wet market with my friend Jenny and stocking up on food for the week, we (maid and I) managed to finish hanging out the baby’s clothes for drying.

After that, I packed some clothes and the kids (also the maid lah) and off we went to Jenny’s house for a cooking session and later a dip in the pool for the children. Don’t know since when, but we kinda started this random weekend cookout mainly because both of us aren’t great cooks, and rather than spending the weekend aimlessly in the malls, we spend it over at her place. It’s a relaxing time, nothing much to elaborate… just some pictures to show *grins*.

The Fishes

Ivan the Fish

Jen & Marcus the Fishes

Izac the Fish

The kids took a nap after swimming. By 6pm, I woke them up and rushed home as I promised to bring Ivan to Ikano for Ultraman Max’s picture taking session. We we’re nearly late for the 1 hour picture session as Ivan-the-little-vainpot decided that he wants to be difficult and choose his own clothes. After that, he insisted that I had to wear it for him. Of course he kena scolded like mad by me (which I will talk about in another post).

So we finally reach Ikano, and the queue was a million miles long. But luckily we were just in time as after a while the authorities came and cut off the line, meaning they’re not accepting any more fans. It turned out that we have to spend RM19.90 for any CD at Speedy to be able to take pictures with Ultraman Max. I wasn’t informed of this when I bought the CD last week, so what to do… buy another for the boy lor.

Ultraman & Monster

Ivan, the ultimate Ultraman fan

After the queue and all that, I was just glad the weekend is over. (Hmm… notice Ultraman Max kept holding onto his mask? Maybe it’s too heavy. And he had to take a break in the middle of it all, I heard the authorities say he’s sweating like mad in there :S). We had a late dinner and after that we went home. I need a rest, man.

The aftermath…

::::::::::: IVAN SAYS :::::::::::

Ivan: “Mommy, so nice hoh, take picture with Ultraman!”
Mommy: “Yeah, luckily we reached there on time.”
Ivan: “So nice, but his hand so smelly.”
Mommy: o.O” “Eh, really?! I don’t know wor, Ultraman only hold your hand. Maybe he hold so many people’s hand that’s why smelly.”


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Wishy Washy

Sunday's Wash

Question: What’s a rackful or blue and white thingys that doesn’t even fit my boys anymore?
Answer: Hand-me-downs to a baby with 2 older brothers.

Yup, I finally got around to getting it done. I actually sorted out the boys’ clothes by 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months and above 12 months categories during the Wesak weekend. With the washing also done this past Sunday, I’m now 100% sure baby will have something to wear when he/she comes out. Only thing is, if it’s a she, I guess she’ll be looking a wee bit boyish for the 1st few months while she endure the hand-me-downs from her brothers *grins*. Babies will mostly be in the house anyway.

Oh, which brings me to the next question… even babies who are dressed in pink from head to toe gets questions like, “Boy or girl?”. Why is that?

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To the School & Annie’s Place

The day after the school excursion we went to Ivan’s school again, this time for the centenary food fair. I guess it’s partially a donation drive, as items sold by the kindergarten teachers were from donations from parents a few weeks before. Other stalls belonging to primary and secondary school children were mainly selling food.

Bustling with Life

So we went, and we sweated… buckets! *LOL* It was a really hot day. Since we didn’t wake up early enough, we went there at 11-ish am and that place was already bustling with life. I walked around with the 2 books of coupons (bought previously in Ivan’s class) and really couldn’t find anything to use it for. We finally used the coupons for a bunch of stationery, some drinks and a centenary cap. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy any food as the heat would have probably made it all go bad.

We made a quick exit after about an hour or so there when Izac started fussing. I went straight to tapau some food for our lunch, chicken rice. I needed to feed them quickly before they start feeling sleepy. Also, I planned to go out and buy presents for the twins (yeah, yeah… last minute… again!) once these 2 boys knock off so that I can do it quickly (can never do anything quickly with these 2 tagging along).

I got my mission accomplished by 6pm, just in time to freshen up and change, because we were due at Jazzmint’s house at 6.30pm. We seriously thought we were the first ones to reach Annie’s place but alas… Angeline beat us to it *LOL*. The party was a relaxing one, steamboat with a small group of people. I already know Annie’s family because they are friends of hubs. I think there were as many children there as there were adults… havoc man! But since it was a house party, the kids could ransack the house while the adults had their meal *keke*. The cupcakes were yummilicious… here’s Ivan showing his approval while Izac digs in.



The party was great and well planned. Thanks, Annie, for having us and a very happy 3rd birthday to Fearles and Cruz!

Birthday Boys, Cruz & Fearles

At School, Ivan

Kid on Excursion = Jittery Mum

Last Friday Ivan went on an excursion with his kindergarten… to the national muzium. My first reaction was like, “What? How come other kids are going to petting zoos and bird parks, but my son’s kindy brings them to muziums?!?!” However, I did let him participate, as most of his class is going, and I certainly do not want him to miss out on this experience.

The next thought which comes to mind is: will he get LOST? You know how kids are, and with a kindy as big as the one he is attending, I seriously had worries *LOL*. My SILs told me that hubs was lost, at the very same excursion, at the very same school, last time after numerous remindings from his mum not to wander off by himself. OMG! *faints*

Lining Up with Partners

Hubs tried waking Ivan up at 6.45am that morning, he actually cried and wanted to go back to sleep (his normal class starts at 11-ish am). After some coaxing, he finally let me change him and I took him to his school. So many parents were there, and seems like a million other kids were there too *LOL*.

A Million Kids Waiting for Excursion

I reconfirmed with his teacher that they are capable of handling these kids, and was reassured. So I snapped some pictures and went off to work. Before the excursion, they were actually lining up the kids for a group photo (how to line up a million of them, I was wondering)… something for the school’s centenery celebration.

At the end, it all went well, and this little boy came home a happy camper. Here are some snippets of what he got out of this little outing.

::::::::::: IVAN SAYS :::::::::::

Ivan: “Mommy, the bus I sit got no TV wan.”
Mommy: “Really? Yeah… some bus don’t come with TV.”
Ivan: Yala… no TV wan. How come lao shi buy cheap bus ah?”
Mommy: “(Can’t stop laughing) The bus belong to your school wan, not your lao shi buy wan.” (I told him once that some buses are bigger and more expensive, and they come equipped with TV. Mana tau this boy say his lao shi buy cheap bus to bring them to the muzium.)

Mommy: “So what did you see in the muzium?”
Ivan: “I see maaaany things!”
Mommy: “What things??”
Ivan: “Things la… so many things!”
Mommy: “…” -.-”


Yum Cha

Life Insurance

Insurance is a pretty important investment which every person should have. For myself, I always try to get life insurance quotes for my kids as soon as they reach one year old. I also get the medical care card together with their life insurance as medical costs are forever increasing. As a parent, of course we want what’s best for our children, and what’s a better gift than buying them life insurance.

Yum Cha

Dog Supplies

If you have a dog, you might want to check out Jeffers for their dog supplies. The website is just filled with all things imaginable that can be used for your pet, like mattresses, dog food, toys and much more. I know many dog lovers will simply love the variety that they offer there. They even have a bargain corner, you might just find something there for your beloved pet!

Yum Cha

Outdoor Furniture

If I have a garden, I would love to own some teak outdoor furniture and have little brunches with friends outside on good days. I’ve been drooling over other people’s yards for ages now, but my own home is just too cramped to fit in sure furniture. Hope that when the kids are older, we can get a place with a bigger yard so they can run around outside.

Yum Cha

Power Outage

I really hate it when the power goes out, either in my house or the office. The worst thing about power outages are being sweaty and the mosquitoes, which seem to love sucking my blood. Whenever there is power outage, I can’t help but to wish that there are generators available in the house. Even my work place hasn’t got one, so work will be halted when there’s no power *sigh*.

Yum Cha

Akoya Pearls

Pearls are such a wonder. How can those shiny little seed that came from a shell look so perfect? These Akoya pearls from Pearl Paradise dot com looks really classy. I’ll bet that they’re really high in quality too. I’m in love with the bracelet and I’m so tempted to get one for my mum. They’re not as dressy as necklaces and can be worn casually.

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