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Cupcakes for Classmates

Ivan celebrated his birthday during school hours, in his class last Thursday (26th June), since this is the first year he is able to celebrate it in school. I arranged two celebrations which were very simple indeed (2nd one at home with the family, post coming soon), as having an eleborate one for 2 kids yearly (including a 3rd one coming) will be a wee bit taxing on my sanity *LOL*.

Ultraman & Spiderman Cuppies

I ordered 26 cupcakes for RM114 (varies depending on design) from Tracey one week before as I felt that cuppies will be less messy for kids in school. I kind of forgot to tell her to make it less sweet, but the cupcakes turned out great! The Ultraman and Spiderman patterns were sweet and understandably so, as the icing are all made of sugar, but the cake itself were fluffy and buttery. The cupcakes were collected a day ahead, on Wednesday night.

When I brought him to school with the cakes, the teachers instantly know that there’s gonna be a birthday celebration that day. I guess it’s all part and parcel of teaching young school goers. Izac and Supini tagged along, Izac loves sending his brother to school whenever permitted *grins*. So I checked with the teacher when they normally have their meals and suggested that the party packs be given out after class so as not to disrupt the attention of the kids.

Izac - Big Boy Soon

After dropping him off in the classroom, rather than going home and coming back again in 1 hour, we hanged out in the car (where some camwhoring of Izac went on *LOL*). When time was nearly up, we waited outside the classroom. As I sat unknowingly, the teacher set up the cupcakes and came out asking me if I wanted to take pictures. So fast *LOL*… so I went in and took some auto shots as the class was in darkness (lights were off for the candles… I really need the external flash!!).

Birthday Boy

Candles and Classmates

It was very organised how the teacher arranged the kids to stand beside Ivan and they were all told ahead NOT to blow the candles *haha*. It was over very quickly, with the teacher offering to take a family picture for us. After that, I went out of the class to let the children eat (can hear the boys saying, “I want Ultraman!”. Teacher instructed Ivan to bring out cuppies for me, little Izac and Supini.

My Boys & I

After finishing the cupcakes, I packed the leftover into the car, and had another round of waiting, as it was a waste of time to go home and come again (not forgetting waste of fuel). Although this is such a simple party, I hope this 4-year-old boy was H-A-P-P-Y, like it said on the cupcake.


Yum Cha

>A Faster Notebook<

I really need to go shopping for a ram for my old notebook. Since I am using a few heavy duty software like Photoshop and Picasa (which takes forever to load on a 512MB), I really need more speed. I have thought of upgrading to a new notebook but with the current one still working fine, it would be such a waste to scrap it. What with notebook prices being quite low these days, I doubt anyone would offer a high price for my second hand one.

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Wet Morning in Putrajaya

(Backdated post, day trip on 7th June 2008)


As planned, we left for Putrajaya in the wee hours of that Saturday (if I remember correctly, we planned to leave at about 6.30am). It was around 7-ish am when we reached Putrajaya and the sky was overcast! There wasn’t any sunrise to be seen, so we didn’t bother to go right to the mosque (we did our research and find that sunrise looks heavenly at the mosque by the lake), but took our first shots at the Jambatan Seri Saujana.

Boating Club

This trip marks my second attempt at taking photos in manual function. It was really an eye opener as I can see obvious differences with each different settings (macam jakun aje *keke*). The weather only permitted us to make 3 stops before it started to drizzle quite heavily. We were pretty bummed, so Jazzmint (yeah, it’s her again *LOL*) drove around and we decided to have breakfast and see if the rain stops. As expected, the mamak we went to consist of all Malay customers except the two of us, until one nice Chinese lady came in and sat next to us.


After breakfast and a brief chatting with that lady, we left and drove around until we found the mosque, which was just beside Jambatan Seri Perdana. It was right by a boating club, and by then, the weather has started to clear and the sky brightened to a clear blue. It was a pleasure taking pictures in the morning light. This is the place where I took the most pictures in this trip.

Jambatan Seri Wawasan

After the mosque, we drove around again and ended up at Jambatan Seri Wawasan. This bridge looks the best, IMHO. Like Jazz told me, at some angle, the bridge actually looks like a bird taking flight. This is also a good place to camwhore… poor bridge, kena at all angles *LOL*.

Detailed Designs on Mosque

Finally, we went back to the main road where all the office buildings are. I find that taking picture of buildings is really not my cup of tea. I’m not sure if it’s because I suck at it *haha* or just the bland looking outcome that doesn’t make the building outstanding. The buildings in Putrajaya are really impressive… huge office blocks with very nice architectural designs. After stopping multiple times on this stretch of road, it was already around 11-ish am and the sky got dark again. We kinda had enough pictures already anyway, so we decided to leave. By the time we reached Bangsar, I could hardly keep my eyes opened, what with the hot sun out again and all.

For more pictures, please go >>here<<.

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A-Stamping We Will Go

Stamp. Stamp. Stamp.

We (Jazzmint and myself) have been planning for a potato and leaf stamping session for the kids for a long time now. Since we never seem to get around to actually doing it, I decided to just get the potatoes and do one session with my kids at home last Sunday. The potatoes are relatively cheap… 4 large US potatoes for RM2.99 *LOL*. They were huge and cutting them in half fits the little hands just nice. It’s a waste as I didn’t manage to get a picture of the designs I cut on them… the kids were all rearing to go.

Full concentration from the boys…

Ivan & Potato Stamp

Izac Painting on Potato Stamp

Izac was stamping with all his might *hehehe*.

Stamping H-A-R-D

I didn’t go out and get leaves for the stamping as it was evening already, and supplies were limited (art paper and paint running low). I did patterns on the first few sides of potatoes without problem but find that designs were quite limited. I was cracking my brain trying to remember what other designs there were when I was at school.

The outcome:

Ivan’s stamping art, unaided by the adults:

Ivan's Stamping Art

Izac’s stamping (and painting) art, aided by Supini while mommy was busy cutting for patterns:

Izac's Stamping Art

It was a short but fun activity. Next time I know what is needed (like newspaper for the poor table) and will be more prepared. Now I just need to brainstorm for more patterns to carve on those potatoes (not easy to dig holes in ‘em thingys, mind you)!

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End of Working Saturdays

Finally, after nearly six years of working with my current company, we have finally been granted our wish for a five-day-week. Previously, we were working on alternate Saturdays for half a day, which was deemed quite useless by us employees, as it’s such a waste of fuel, electricity and time. The only reason why this company opens on a Saturday is for the customers to bring in faulty units, and therefore only the service centre ever operates to its full use on weekends.

Starting from July 1st 2008, I will have Saturdays and Sundays free, only having to work an additional half an hour on weekdays. Yippee!! All of us couldn’t be happier… working half a day on Saturday makes the weekend pass by so fast!

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Random Confinement Ramblings

Yeah, been skipping some posts which I have planned to do, mainly because I just feel so sleepy and lazy at nights that I ended up sleeping with the kids. Here are little bits of random things that’s been fluttering through my mind these days…

The Bump
When I’m sitting, it’s pushing up on my ribs and it makes me oh-so-sore. When I’m standing or walking, it’s pushing down on my pelvis, and it makes it oh-so-painful. The best position to be is lying down sideways, which I hardly get to do unless I go to bed at night (after the 2 little owls go to sleep). This baby is falling into the same pattern as my 2 boys, my tummy tend to be small at the beginning and now it’s ballooned in trimester 3.

The Name
I’m cracking my brain trying to think of names, both girl and boy names (in case Doctor tersilap (Malay: made a mistake) lah). Please, if any of you want to suggest some names, please do… I basically welcome any letter of the alphabet but I would like to narrow it down to 2 syllables and 4 or 5 letters.

The Confinement
This time around, I will be doing confinement in my own home, instead of my mum’s like when I had Ivan and Izac. This is mainly because Ivan is already going to school and it would be terrible to leave him there with the maid while I stay at mum’s place. I just hope both boys won’t start riding my back and jumping on me like they always do when they see me lying down *sweats* (especially Izac… he goes broom broom…).

The Confinement Stock-Up
I’m sourcing for Bentong ginger, the market price for this period seem to be around RM14 per kg. I have asked from the market in Pandamaran as well as TTDI. I think I will most probably get from TTDI market as it’s nearer to my place and I always get my vegetables from this aunty. I still need to get “wong chau” (Cantonese: yellow wine) and I do not know where from. Anyone with any good recommendations? What other things do I need? I know I certainly cannot miss out on those herbs which will be used for bathing, I need my bath or I will go bonkers.

The Confinement Urut
Again, any suggestions? I will be in Bandar Utama, so I can’t possibly get the urut lady from Port Klang like previously. She was really good, by the way… a little expensive, but still good. Now I have a new namelist which I have yet to call up, I don’t mind more suggestions if you’ve tried any good ones.

Finally, I’m just wondering if I have the time and energy for just 1 more photo outing *hahahaha*…

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Meeting the Teacher

Last Saturday was a parent and teacher meet up at Ivan’s school. Before that, all parents were invited to attend a talk by Madam Ruth Liew entitled “Positive Discipline with Young Children”. I attended the talk which was from 8.30am to 9.30am, followed by meeting with the class teacher from 9.30 am onwards.

Report Card Day

The talk was great, the gist of it was what kind of relationship do you want with your kids… one which you had with your own parents (which mainly included corporal punishment) or one which is based mostly in being friends with your kids. Times have changed, most kids nowadays are not that receptive to the cane, though of course most of them will be afraid of it… but the cane could bring the kid to LIE to escape punishment, which is what most parents do no want, to end up with a lying child.


Talk aside, I met with Ivan’s teacher. She gave me the whole collection of his semester 1 work which includes drawing and coloring (I’m quite satisfied with this school, as I have had my doubts when I first enrolled him here). Teacher told me that Ivan might be lacking in confidence, as almost all the time when they do coloring, he will be waiting for the teacher to approach him and ask him why he’s not doing when all his other classmates are already coloring. He would then reply by saying he don’t know how to do. He basically needs or wants the teacher to hold his hands and start the coloring before gaining enough confidence to do it on his own. Teacher say that it could be he couldn’t make up his mind on how to start or he’s seeking for attention.

His grip for the pencil also needs improvement so teacher has told me to buy some plastecin or play dough for him. I will be doing more coloring with him at home, about 10 minutes and not more than 20 minutes as advised by his teacher. I have seen him coloring at home, it’s quite sloppy and he give up easily after a while.

Other than that, with regards to him saying that someone beat him in class, it seems that he plays with his friends just as rough. When he plays with other people, he do not play softly, and when someone pushes him back, he doesn’t like it… this boy always want to win only *kekeke*.

I can see tremendous improvement in his Cantonese and acceptance for the Chinese language after attending this school. Previously before starting school he has such an aversion to speaking the language. Now, he speaks Cantonese at his own free will (Mandarin I still don’t hear that often, other than in the songs he sings)… and teacher say he is willing to sit with non-English speaking classmates… yippee!

Canned KLCC

Finally, teacher say that overall he’s doing well, and a very smart boy. He is able to convey messages from his teacher to us well, so one time when he was asked to bring empty cans to school for an art project, he was the only kid who remembered after the 1 week break… none of the other kids brought cans to class.

Well, I’m one proud mommy… I love you, Ivan! I just hope you enjoy your kindergarten years!

Yum Cha

>Not Ethical<

One of the maids in my mum’s household has been waiting to go home ever since her contract expired. Why is she still here, you may ask… Her agent is the unscrupulous kind; he doesn’t return the passport to the respective employer right after all the paperwork is done. I’ve told my mum countless times not to deal with him anymore. This poor maid now is still around, but as a guest in my mum’s house, still waiting endlessly for her passport so that she could go home and be reunited with her family.

Yum Cha

>HDMI Cables<

I’m in the midst of clearing the house from clutter so that less dust can accumulate around the shelves and TV cabinets. I’m seriously contemplating to get some HDMI cables to replace all the component cables which we are now using. I’m sure it will clear up all the clutter and unsightly mess behind the tiered rack where the TV is. Those cables aren’t only messy, they collect dust like a vacuum!

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What’s Under That Pillow?

I know I seem to jot down a lot about what Ivan says which tickles me to no end, but it’s just that Ivan is at the stage where he just says the darndest things. Izac, on the other hand, is beginning to pick up pace on talking… hubs is wondering when this younger son of his started being such a chatter box with his endless “why”s.

::::::::::: IVAN SAYS :::::::::::

I noticed this container of lychee seeds in the fridge yesterday evening after dinner.

Boxful of Lychee Seeds

Mommy: “Supini, apasal ini di dalam peti sejuk?”
Supini: Eh? Ivan lah… Ivaaaannnn, why you put itu biji dalam peti sejuk…”
Ivan: “Because……… nanti saya mau tanam lah!”
Mommy: o.O”


Later still, as we were in the bedroom watching Ultraman before bedtime… I saw this:

Guess what's undet these pillows?

What do you think the boy hid under those pillows?

Guns, guns & more guns...

Guns, guns and more guns… oh, and don’t forget to throw in a remote or two and some swords… When I saw the huge pile of things I wanted to put them away as we were getting ready for bed. But oh no… Ivan wouldn’t have it, insisting that he wanted to sleep with those toys under his pillow… *sighs*. He must be going to war in his dreams…

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