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I’m awake. And it’s 4am now *sigh*.

I think there’s some activity in my tummy, I am wondering if it’s contractions *LOL*. After 2 kids, you’d think I would know it if I had contractions. My back’s also starting to hurt, mildly. If you don’t already know, I actually took Dr’s suggestion to go for induction and I requested for it to be on the 31st. For the past few days, I have been telling baby that I’m ready for her to come without the Dr’s help. Maybe she heard me??

Well, if I’m really gonna pop today, I guess I will see you guys in a few days. Till then… cheerios!!!

Ivan, Izac, Playtime

Bowling Boys

(Backdated post, bowled on 20th July 2008)

Bowling Lane with Sides Up

My 2 boys just love to go rolling bowling (yes, yes, Izac included!). Last last weekend, after having dinner at 1U and with me rushing off to buy some last minute things for baby, SIL#1 decided that we should bring the kids to U-Bowl. Upon hearing SIL#1’s suggestion, of course there was no escape as the kids kept reminding us of it. I think including this session, they have bowled a total of 3 or 4 times already.

Ivan the Strong!

After bowling a few times before, Ivan “the strong” has had all the experience he need and is able to help himself to a ball at the conveyor, carry it and roll it all by himself (by the way, we had the sides raised so there’s no way their bowling balls could go in the drain and the lightest 6-pound ball can be requested from the counter). He refused to quit at 1 game, so the kids had 2 games.

Ivan the Roller!

Izac also had fun rolling the ball, with help from SIL#1 and also Uncle Kenny. However, it took forever for the ball to reach the end of the line *LOL*. Being a pregnant mum, what can I do but sit at the sidelines with fear, watching the kids prance around the slippery wooden floor with their socks (non-slip for Izac). Ivan was like a little monkey doing a breakdance kind of move there *sweats*.

Izac With Help from Kenny

By the time we reached home, it was already around 11-ish pm. During bedtime, Ivan told me his muscle hurts so I had to massage the little king’s right leg. What a day!

Yum Cha

>Getting in Shape<

Time is drawing close to my delivery. Now I can’t help but start thinking of how I’m going lose this weight I piled on during this pregnancy. I think I might need to invest in some home gym equipment, although knowing myself; it would be gathering dust somewhere in the house before long. Moreover, the house seems to be getting more cramped than ever now, without having those bulky equipment around.

Yum Cha

>Work from Home<

With so many people starting their own online businesses, I can’t help but think maybe I should think of something I could do too. After all, I’m going to have 3 kids at home and I seriously wonder if my maid can handle all 3 of them when I return to work. If I do quit my job and start doing something from home, I will need to read up on some bpm material soon.

Jolie, Pregnancy

38 Weeks & 3 Days Pregnant, 11 5 Days To Go

Mummy’s Weight: 74.8kgs

Baby’s Weight: 2.6kgs

Baby’s Position: Head down

Doctor’s Comment: No further comment on the heart matter by Dr. He just said that baby seems small and the volume my amniotic fluid is quite low, therefore he suggested that I induce. I asked if it’s really necessary, and he said that since baby seems not be be growing at a good pace and the fluid is low, it’s better to take baby out earlier. He gave me 2 dates to choose… 30th or 31st. Hence, instead of 11 more days to go, there’s only 5 - 6 days to go. Whichever date I choose, I would probably have to be at the hospital as early as 6am.

Sue’s Comment: I do wish that baby would come naturally, whenever she wish. But since Dr say it’s best bring her home a little early, I guess I should trust him. I hope she piles on more weight from now till next week… as she’s really rather small, Ivan was 3.81kgs when he was born and Izac was 3.42kgs. I’m now thinking, should I induce on a Wednesday or a Thursday?

Health, Izac

Izac’s Turn

Ugh… Izac went out for dinner with his Kor Kor, SIL#2, Mah Mah and Supini and came back asleep, with a fever. Now the problem with Izac whenever he is sick is he refuses to eat medicine… unlike Ivan who had no problem with taking medication. How the hell am I going to make him take the syrup to bring down his fever? And worse still, he’s sleeping soundly now… I think I would have to resort to using the suppository which he also hates *sigh*.

Really hope he gets well soon as I might pop any day… I don’t want to be stuck with a clingy toddler and a dependent newborn. We will probably have to visit the GP again in the morning.

Health, Ivan

Joining the Gang…

… in being sick!

So, yeah, Ivan was down with fever from Tuesday morning. It was really out of the blue because he was fine and dandy on Monday night. I found him heating up on Tuesday morning and steadily gotten hotter so I called work to tell them that I would be late and brought him to the GP (after working at my current company for 5 years, my children are entitled to free medical at our panel clinics).

The boy refused to kepit the thermometer under his armpits, so Dr said nevermind since he was already so hot, he’s confirmed to have fever. Also, his throat was very red. He was prescribed to take 3 days worth of Zithromax antibiotics, fever medicine and cold medicine.

When I was at work, SIL#2 called up to say that he was really HOT and that made me worry like hell. Then SIL#2 turned up at my house and made Ivan take a cold bath to bring his fever down, and she called and told me that she had promised him 6 Ultraman toys to make him agree *faints*.

After 1 day of fasting (he refused to eat due to sore throat), sleeping and medication, he was way better already. He told me yesterday evening that his neck hurts when he turn right, I guess the boy must have slept too much and in awkward positions, so he’s got stiff neck.

Today will be his last day to take the antibiotics. Tomorrow, I will probably send him to school if he’s okay, since I will be going for my pregnancy checkup.

Jolie, Pregnancy

Pre-Loved Clothes

Pre_loved Clothes

Lookie what I’ve got here… a bunch of girl clothes which Jazzmint brought over for baby this afternoon while I was at work. So nice of her to give me some of Faythe old clothes… I guess that means she’s “closed shop” for good? Nevermind, Jazz, whenever you decide to get pregnant again, I’ll return the favor, okay? *LOL*

With me being such a procrastinator, I’m so surprised at myself for sorting out this bunch of clothes so quickly. I guess it’s probably because there’s only about 13 days to go till baby’s EDD?? I really hope she comes on time… I really do not want to be induced. With regards to getting old clothes, I more than welcome them. My granma once told me that it’s good to let baby wear some old clothes, especially when a friend’s child has grown up strong and healthy.

Ivan, Izac, Teaching & Learning

Little Chatterbox

Izac has started talking a lot more after he turned 2 in January. Even though his speech started a few months later than Ivan; kids being kids, once they start, they can’t stop! His speech is getting better daily, and really peppered with lots of Malay. He’s now able to string complete sentences and he WILL NOT stop asking WHY! He’s got more WHYs than Ivan ever did at this age…

::::::::::: IZAC SAYS :::::::::::

Chopstick Kid

His sentences starts with a why and ends with a why…

Izac: (When I tell him something cannot be eaten) “Why ini cannot eat… why?”
Mommy: “Because it’s dirty already.”
Izac: “Why ini dirty didi (already)… why?”
Mommy: “Because someone dropped it on the floor already.”
Izac: “Why sum…one drop on floor didi (already)… why?”
Mommy: =_=” (Sometimes it’s reeaaally never-ending…)

::::::::::: IZAC SAYS :::::::::::

Driver Boy

Ivan: (Whining and whining…) “Mummeeee… I’m tired, I want to sleep…”
Mommy: (As usual, stuck in front of my laptop before bedtime) “……”
Ivan: (Still whining, and already got down from the bed and started rolling on the floor) “Mummeee…. I want to sleeeeeep…” (He wants me to lie down next to him)
Mommy: (Still no response) “……”
Izac: (Gets on the bed and pats on the pillow) “Come kor kor, Izac sleep you…”

I guess the little one pity his brother whining and getting no response from mummy, and offered to sleep with him instead…

::::::::::: IZAC SAYS :::::::::::

Biker Boy

Other times, this little boy loves to imitate what Ivan says and does. Izac was talking to me one night, I can’t really recall what he was telling me…

Izac: (Telling mummy something)
Mommy: “……”
Izac: (Started playing his recorded message) “Mami, Izac tok…ing to you, Izac not tok…ing the wall…”
Mommy: “Ooo, sorry darling, yeah you’re not talking to the wall…”
Izac: (Continued with this chant even after lights out) “Mami, Izac tok…ing to you, Izac not tok…ing the wall…”
Mommy: (Speechless)

I don’t recall him ever telling me what he told me that night… before the chant started. o.O”


Jolie, Pregnancy

37 Weeks Pregnant, 3 Weeks To Go

Mummy’s Weight: 73.5kgs (Thank goodness I only have a weight gain of 100gms for the past 2 weeks *LOL*)

Baby’s Weight: 2.3kgs (Baby is expected to be 2.9kgs when she comes out in 3 weeks)

Baby’s Position: Head down

Doctor’s Comment:
With regards to GBS:
Sue : (Enters the Dr’s office and sits down)
Dr : (Looks at file) “So… you have germs!”
Sue : =.=”
So it seems that GBS to my Dr is actually no big deal. As soon as I find myself in labour, I am to go to the hospital to get antibiotic drips and/or injection. The baby will be injected too, depending on how fast she comes out and whether I have had sufficient dose of the antibiotics before she went through the birth canal.

With regards to the scan:
Dr : (Scanning and scanning at the baby’s heart) ” There. You can see baby’s heart there.”
Sue : (Normally when the Dr does that, I kinda KNOW something must be amiss) “So, is the baby’s heart too big or something?”
Dr : “No, that’s the normal size. You look at the heart, it’s got 4 chambers. One of the chamber here seems bigger than the other one. Normally it’s nothing, sometimes it could mean a little hole.”
Okay, this is worrying too. Dr did say that most cases even if there IS a little hole, it will heal itself as the baby grows. But then again, I can only imagine the worst if there IS because my friend Jenny’s son has a little hole in the heart and every time little Matthew gets fever, his heart rate goes bonkers! It’s brought them to the ICU time and again. Dr told me that he would request for baby to be taken care of by Dr Lee if I want and after birth Dr Lee will closely monitor baby’s heart. I guess this could mean that Dr Lee is the best paediatrician who deals with babies’ hearts?? Oh well, we all know there is nothing we can do about this, not until baby comes out. Also, if Dr Lee is recommended by my gynae, I don’t see why not.

With regards to the baby’s gender (not again?!):
Dr : (Ending scan) “Okay lah, everything looks fine.”
Sue : “So, can you scan again and see if the baby’s a girl?”
Dr : Aiya, didn’t I tell you already?”
Sue : Err… yes, but I can’t see and I have many people telling me that it’s a boy.”
Dr : “You ah. You can’t see, I can see. Go and believe those you don’t pay, pay one you don’t believe.”
Sue : o.O” *paiseh*
So, Dr shows me my daughter on the ultrasound scan. This time he points out where the 2 pieces of flesh is, and the dark line in the middle.
Dr : “Girl lah. Don’t simply listen to people.”

Sue’s Comment: It seems to me this baby loves to make her mummy worry. Worry, worry, worry. Worry and a feeling of helplessness because there’s nothing I can do about it. This pregnancy is already the most tiring one for me. When I had the two boys, things were smooth and they were out without much complains from me. I just really hope for this baby to come out healthy. My next visit is in 10 days’ time.

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