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Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 Award

Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 Award

Thanks to Ryan’s mommy for this award. It was really a surprise as we have only started reading each other’s blog for a short while. Here are the rules that come with this award:

  1. Put the logo on your blog.
  2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
  3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
  4. Add links to these blogs on your blog.
  5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

Now, my nominees:

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  2. Ian & Iris’ Mommy
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Photography, Shopping

Girly-fied Camera

My camera is a girl *keke*. So, understandably she likes to be dressed up. I went and girly-fied her by dressing her up in new straps! After much thought, I finally went ahead and purchased 2 sets of straps from Etsy (Jazzmint got 2 for herself too, so we split the shipping cost). I’ve been eyeing on them for some time now, ever since I saw it on one of the digi scrapping designer’s blog.


Both straps come with quick release so I can change them easily when they get dirty. They are also washable and made with designer fabric (100% cotton). The straps come to about 50 inches in length so I could easily wear it across my body (it will end up at my waist / tummy).

Carnival Bloom

Fabric - Carnival Bloom


Fabric - Monterey

I saw these in my house after reaching home from the hospital after delivery. A very nice pick-me-up, you might say. And speed is not bad too, a little over a week only, from the USA.

Ivan, Izac, Teaching & Learning

Dreams & Talking Back



Ivan just woke up and told me that he had a nice dream just now.

He dreamt that he was fighting with three people and he used a soup bowl which spinned and hit all three of them. All three of them were so scared of him. *hehe* It’s so nice to hear that your kid woke up with a nice dream isn’t it? Err… but then, do you think it could be a case of too much Ultraman or Power Rangers??

There was once when he peed in his sleep, and when I asked him why didn’t he go to the potty, he told me that he dreamt he was in the toilet *hahaha*. I think probably that night he slept too late and was so lazy to wake up to visit the potty so he ended up having a dream that he was actually in the toilet…

I used to wonder what my children dream of, and when they actually start having dreams which they can remember. Do your children tell you their dreams??

Talking Back


Izac wakes up after peeing in his sleep (he’s in potty training mode) and asks for Milo. Supini makes a bottle for him and goes downstairs. He drank a little bit and told me that he’s full.

::::::::::: IZAC SAYS :::::::::::

Mommy: Aiyoh, ask aunty to make and then you don’t finish it. Next time I don’t make for you ah…”
Izac: “Next time me sendiri make for myself…” (and hides his face in the pillow)
Mommy: o.O”


And you’d think a 2-and-a-half year old boy would not know how to talk back… and he only just started talking after he turned 2! Hmm…

Yum Cha

>Changing Job<

I have a cousin who lives in Boston. Recently, he told me that he’s looking for Philadelphia jobs as he is thinking of moving there soon. I wonder if it is easy to get jobs in the USA. I guess if he can’t find a job in Philadelphia soon, he can still opt to stay back in Boston and help his dad out in the Malaysian restaurant they operate there.

Yum Cha

>Ugly Body<

I know that many people will think that men who do weight lifting have got great bodies. I beg to differ. I prefer men with toned bodies rather than those that are so pumped up with help of some legal steroids. Having a toned body is healthy enough without having to make their body so out of shape (that’s what I think). I wonder if their girlfriends feel nice when they hug them, it probably feels like hugging bricks?

Yum Cha

>Dieting With Pills<

Okay, now that my confinement period is officially over, I really need to start exercising! My pregnancy bulge is still here, and I have a nagging feeling that it’s here to stay. And me being a breastfeeding mommy, I have the idea that I need to eat more to have more milk for Jolie, so going on a crash diet is definately not an option. If I’m not breastfeeding, I would probably try something like Lipovox, I’ve heard that it works wonders.

Yum Cha

>Simple Recipes<

As a working mom, I am constantly browsing the Internet for easy-to-do recipes that can be done in minutes. Although most of the time, the cooking is done by hubs, I still like to think I can cook when he’s not around *hehehe*. A few days ago, I tried baking some pasta with a recipe that I have kind of created in my own head… You know what, the recipe worked! I think this is a great boost of confidence. I’ll definately be baking another batch of pasta soon!

Ivan, Izac, Jolie

The Kor Kors

Izac & Jolie

Izac has been promoted to Kor Kor status on the 30th of July *hehe*. Both boys were thrilled to see Jolie back from the hospital on the 1st of August, moreso Izac because that was the first time he saw her. Ivan has been going to the hospital after school the two days I was there, so he has already seen and carried her before.

3 Kiddos

Both of them accepted Jolie well, and they want to kiss her so often. Ivan is more gentle, but Izac is a little rough. I doubt both of them know how fragile a newborn is *hehe*. Izac just love to kiss Jolie (on the lips, mind you!) and sometimes when she’s in an awkward position, he will try to twist her head so that he can get her lips. That’s why we never ever leave the boys alone with Jolie.

You know what? I just can’t wait for Jolie to grow bigger so all three of them can play together. Only thing is, I hope the Kor Kors won’t make a tomboy out of their little sister! :D

p/s: Both boys decided that Jolie is a nice name, so I guess they made the final decision for baby’s name!

Jolie, Photography

Photoshoot: Jolie Chan

Sleeping Babe

Jazzmint came over to my place on the 9th of August to shoot pictures of my little girl. I didn’t take any pictures of my one, only excuse I have is that I’m a lazy bum *haha*. Jolie’s skin has started peeling already but luckily we were still able to hide those spots with some props. Also, I was glad that she slept well for the photoshoot, so Jazz was able to get quite a few photos of her.

Jolie's Peeling Hand

Little Foot

As always, I love those hands and feet shots… There were many nice shots which I like. I just can’t get enough of these photoshoot pictures, they tend to be more detailed than our everyday pictures, which are taken with the kids trying to escape from the camera. Thanks, Jazz, for coming over!

For more pictures, please go >>here<<.

Yum Cha

>Pink Fever<

I’ve always wanted super straight hair. Once, I got my SIL to do hair rebonding for me, but the straightened hair did not stay super straight for very long. That’s because I could not stand not washing my hair for a week after the treatment; which was the required time to let the chemicals go to work, it seems.

Since I’m the type of person who always ties up her hair (I hate the hair getting in my eyes), I think I should just scrap the idea of doing hair rebonding, and just go and get myself a pink flat iron. This way I can straighten my hair whenever there is any special occasions. I wonder if it will spoil my hair if I use a flat iron on a daily basis. And why pink, you might ask… well, since I just gave birth to a baby girl, it could be that I’m having pink fever??

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