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Yum Cha

>Itchy Fingers<

Izac loves to play with my phone, that’s why I hate having unlocked cell phones lying around in the house. He has sent so many blank messages to my friends, I just hope they don’t mind receiving those once in a while. Not only it’s disturbing them with the messages, he’s wasting my money sending those messages! Too bad my phone is a flip phone, so I can’t lock it and stop him from doing it.

Yum Cha

>Cables Everywhere<

With us being in the technology age now, I’m sure every household will own a PC or LCD TV and what not. My own home is strewn with HDMI cable in every nook and corner, all of which came with the electrical products we buy. I’m now wondering if I should continue keeping them (don’t even know what’s the use of some of them) or just throw them away. My drawers are just over flowing with them.

Izac, Jolie

Izac the Terrible

Fake Smile

For the past 2 or 3 months, Izac has been testing my patience over and over and over. I think this boy has truly shown his mommy what terrible two means. He can naik angin quite quickly, kind of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Dirty Feet

Everything could be as calm as ever, and then suddenly when I move a certain pillow, he will start throwing tantrums and saying, “Not like that! Not like that!” And you know what, once that pillow has been moved, it will never ever be correct again. Plus the boy refuses to tell us how it’s supposed to be. This can happen to anything at anytime, not just the pillow incident. I tell you, it can be very exasperating and more often than not, he will make me lose it too. Hence, if you pass by my housing area, don’t be surprised if you hear someone screaming like a banshee in the evenings.


::::::::::: IZAC SAYS :::::::::::

Izac have this bad habit of pinching and biting his kor kor. After one of the many million times he pinched Ivan, I threatened to lock him in the toilet which didn’t work…

Mommy: (Talking to Ivan) “Tonight we quickly come inside the room and close the door, OK? Izac will sleep with Auntie.”
Izac: “Then Izac take so big pisau and Izac cut the door, then Izac can go in!”
Mommy: =.=”

A few minutes later…
Mommy: “So? Go and say sorry to kor kor or not? Go there and whisper in his ear, mommy won’t hear.” (Very hard to make this boy say sorry.)

After more cajoling…
Izac: (Black face and whining) “Mommy, you come with me…”
Izac: (After “reaching” kor kor who is 1 step away and facing his ear) “THANK YOU!!”
Mommy: o.O” *Hahahahahahahahahahha*
Mommy: Aiyoh Izac, it’s sorry when you did something wrong, not thank you lah!”


Busy Boy

Having said all that, he can be a very cute and lovable little fella when he’s good. Like what they say… “When he’s good, he’s very very good. When he’s bad, he’s terrible!”. And he’s very good at making mommy cool down… with hugs and kisses.

Dirty Feet Again

Friends, Photography

Photoshoot: Baby YuQi

Photoshoot for Chang YuQi

With my confinement being over and having so many newborns all around me, I just can’t help but ask a few of my friends if they wanted their babies’ picture taken. The photography itch is back.

This latest photoshoot was done last Saturday (20th September) with baby YuQi at 19 days. While we were there, we also snapped a few picture of the oh-so-cute sister of hers, YuYi. Armed with some props dug from home, I once again went with my partner in crime newborn shoots, Jazzmint. This time we had more props than before, as Jazz brought a basket and a red bag (as seen in the photo above) which were both usable. Love the outcome of this shoot!

Chang YuYi

Normally, I would prefer to take pictures of the newborns when they are 14 days or less, as they tend to sleep better and let us put them in all kinds of positions since their bodies are still so soft. But like I said, there are so many babies being born and taking into consideration that some might need photo therapy (pun intended :P), we mostly ended up taking their pictures at more than 2 weeks old unlike the first one I ever did for Baby Lyan Fung with him being 8 days old. Moreover, I’m in confinement and will soon be back to work. Jazzmint is also working and we only ever slot in these sessions on weekends or public holidays.

So far, we have another 2 shoots lined up. Now if I can just get my hands on something I’ve been eyeing — Canon 580EX II Speedlite TTL and the Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8.

So, anyone else want a photoshoot for their newborn?

For more pictures:
Chang YuQi
Chang YuYi

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Daily Killing

One of the things I will miss most when I return to work next week will be sending Ivan to school. Izac usually tags along for the car ride. On the way to Ivan’s school, these two boys sitting at the back seats would be non-stop entertainment for me (if they don’t start fighting) as more often than not, they will verbally assault each other.

Killer Boys

Ivan: “Izaaaaaac…”
Izac: “…”
Ivan: “Later kor kor put your head in the window and then I close it, then your head come out lor…” (Mummy: O.o”)
Izac: “Then Izac put back and become Superman lor…” (Mummy: =.=”)
Ivan: Eeeh… cannot put back, then you put back you become hantu lor…”
Izac: “Then Ultraman come and Superman come. Beat you ah…”
Ivan: “You don’t have Ultraman, I have Ultraman R, T, U come and then bish bish bish… you die!”

This can go on and on, sometimes ending up with hitting and pinching. They do not have verbal killings each day, sometimes it’s just plain imaginary talks about being super heroes or role playing. In the car, though, they do not fight very often (as I’m there to keep reminding them not to). I just wish I can record what they say every time I send Ivan to school and put it down on this blog. I’m sure it would be so entertaining if they were to read it when they grow up later.

Anyone know whether Sony Ericsson Z610i comes with a voice recorder??

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Photoshoot: Baby Hong Zhen & Baby Hong Then

(Backdated post, photoshoot on 19th July)

Photoshoot for Zhen & Then

This post is very backdated, I finally managed to process the pictures. I went for another newborn shoot with Jazzmint at Chinnee’s house. Yes, it was a photoshoot for her twins.I didn’t manage to get a lot of pictures as the twins were really fussing the whole time we were there. Additionally, I was unable to touch the twins due to some pantang so it was a tad difficult when I want to place the twins in some particular position for a better picture.

I must say, photographing twins is way more difficult than I expected. I just can’t imaging how Chinnee can handle both of them if there’s no helper around. Both her boys look really boyish and handsome. I hope we can have another session with them after they learn how to sit up :D.

For more pictures, go >>here<<.

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New Jabs vs Old Jabs

Last Friday, I went and met up with Chanel and Paik Ling at Chanel’s place. All three of us went to Starbucks armed with a newborn, for the sake of coffee and chit chatting. Gila, right? Those people who saw us must be thinking how come these 3 mommies in confinement are so desperate *LOL*. I brought my camera along, but didn’t remember to take a picture of us together (how can this be possible?!).

Anyway, we chatting for the whole afternoon and both of them mentioned bringing their bundles of joy for the traditional jab at 1 month old instead of the 6-in-1 jab which I was planning on getting for Jolie. I was told by the advisor that it’s less painful and we get to administer it only once at 2 months old instead of once at 1 month and once again on the second month.

Jolie @ 6 Weeks

So finally, this afternoon I brought Jolie to the clinic (at 6 weeks old) for the 1 month old jab. Seems a little kiasu but it’s better to be safe and go with the flow *haha*. The queue at the paed’s was so long, I waited for 2 hours to see the Doctor!

♥ Weight: 4.3kgs
♥ Height: 54cms
♥ Head: 37.4cms

She wailed for a while after the jab, but other than that she was OK! Her next jab will be in 2 weeks.

Other updates about the girl… she loves to coo and whenever she’s awake, she hates to be left alone. When we talk to her, she replies by cooing and smiling, sometimes even laughing. Another thing I found very endearing about newborns is they way the tend to grunt a lot when they sleep, either they’re trying to get into a comfortable position or they have some gas trapped which is trying to come out as a burp… *sigh*…

Yum Cha

>Lightweight Notebook<

My SILs love to go traveling, sometimes continuously traveling for months at a time. After traveling in Europe for 2 months a little more than a year ago, both of them started looking to get a light notebook so that they can bring it along when they travel. They had their eye on the Sony Vaio, which was close to RM10k at that time. I agree that it’s a pretty nice notebook, but due to some additional benefits, they ended up buying Toshiba notebooks.

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Jolie @ 1 Month

Sleeping Babes

Time flies, my confinement is over and I can now do whatever I want! As of today, Jolie is already 1 month and 1 week old. I was supposed to blog about her progress last week but was too tired due to…

  1. My confinement helper left on the 31st of August.
  2. Izac started crying and whining for no particular reason, at random times of the day.
  3. Ivan gave me issues of scratching (Izac’s face mainly) and hitting people (his classmate, which I was later told by his teacher that it could be accidental).
  4. Both boys are sleeping later and later, I’m pratically going bonkers with 3 kids in the bedroom in the evenings… but I’m surviving.


Both issues pertaining my boys will be in another post. With regards to Jolie…

Vital Stats:
♥ Weight: Approximately 4.00kgs (I measured by deducting our weight when I carried her and my weight)
♥ Height: No idea

Jolie in Pram

♥ I think she can drink about 3 - 3.5 ounces of breast milk every 2.5 to 3 hours. I haven’t really measured her intake and time as I have not really started pumping fully during the day.

Before Shaving

♥ Drinks well from a bottle, so sometimes I leave EBM for her if I go out without bringing her along.
♥ Able to lift her head for a short while when mommy burps her
♥ Smiles and coos when someone talks to her
♥ Able to track objects, hands and face when we move it left and right

Baldie Jolie

Mommy Says:
♥ She has started to settle down, and has really been much easier to handle than both her brothers when they were her age (I’m wondering if it’s because I’m more pro at this already!).
♥ She is a good weight now… and increase of about 1.2kgs from birth.
♥ I just love to smell her… everywhere, especially her tiny hands and feet.
♥ She fusses on time every evening, around 7.30 pm until about 10.00pm… my guess is colic or tummy upset, so we normally give her cuddles rather than put her down in the cot.
♥ She sleeps well at nights, only waking up to feed.
♥ She hates having her hands tied in with the swaddle, so she always frees them very quickly and puts them next to her face.
♥ We celebrated her full moon on the 30th of August by having dinner with family. And mommy gave out full moon packs to colleagues and some friends on the 2nd of September.
♥ Took her to the barber and shaved her bald on the 2nd of September, just like her brothers.
♥ I won’t need to bring her in for her 1st month jab like her brothers as there is a new 6-in-1 jab for her, and it’s due on the 2nd month.

Yum Cha

>TV Lifts<

Now that hubs has bought a new plasma TVs for our home, I really think it would be more organized with tv lifts. Most of the cabinets come in dark wood and they are such a good height. I am sure that the storage will come in handy too. I think I’ll have to drag hubs to the furniture store and have a look. Hopefully he will agree to get one.