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Euro Fun Park Revisited

Ferris Wheel

I spent the Deepavali weekend over at mum’s place with the kids. Yesterday evening, we decided to give the kids a treat and brought them to Euro Fun Park since we didn’t have anything planned for them for the long weekend. The park set itself up at Aeon Bukit Tinggi’s carpark, like the last time they set themselves up at the 1Utama carpark when we brought a duck-walking Ivan almost 3 years ago.

Ride #1

Like previously, they charged entrance fees of RM3 for adults and RM2 for kids 3 to 12 years old. On top of the entrance fees, we have to pay for rides as well… mostly costing 2 tokens (RM2 for 1 token). Needless to say, the kids had fun and for just a short 2 hours of fun we spent about RM140 in total.

Ride #3

I guess it’s considered money well spent, as going for a short trip away from home would cost much more than this. And what’s more, the photography buff in me just couldn’t miss this chance of trying out panning technique on the merry-go-round.

Izac on Merry-Go-Round

As you can see from the picture, I was wondering why Izac’s got that stoned face while Ivan was absolutely ecstatic! I was afraid that he got scared on some of the rides. It turned out that he was merely so tired that he conked out as soon as we reached home.

Yum Cha


I didn’t know how expensive faucets are until we decided to renovate our home. In order to survey for prices before choosing materials, I decided to go looking at the taps and such from the stores near the house, but gosh! They’re all very pricey, but we have kind of decided on getting those which look similar to Moen faucets. They look really nice and modern, with nice clean lines.

Yum Cha


I love reading books. These days it seems like time does not permit me such luxury. Even if the kids sometimes go to bed early, I still conk off early due to exhaustion. I specially love reading chick lits, they’re considered light reading and helps relax my mind… With all the books I have in my house, I’ve accumulated a few small bookshelves over time and it’s beginning to look cluttered. What I would really like is to have a built in shelf that spans across the wall in the 1st floor living room… now that would be a dream come true. That way, the kids would have a reading area with all their books there as well.

Yum Cha

>Girl’s Best Friend<

Ahh… I guess from the title above, you would know that I am talking about diamonds. In my case, it’s diamond rings. I love diamond rings (don’t we all) more than other types of diamond accesories because they tend to be more casual and wearable (less dressy). So far, I only have 2 to my name and wouldn’t mind getting more but it’s such a splurge. Moreover, I can’t possibly wear 4 or 5 rings on my hands, can I? It would be too tempting to the snatch theifs… I wouldn’t want to lose a hand…

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Canon Speedlite 580EX II

(Backdated post, purchase on 11th October 2008)

Canon Speedlite 580EX II

Finally, after thinking long and hard on this next purchase, I finally gave in and bought the Canon flash unit for my 400D. I have been waiting to get my hands on a external flash for the longest time. Don’t all photographers wish to have natural light all day long, but that’s just wishful thinking. As soon as the sun hides itself, I become frustrated on the blurry photos caused by low light. Now I can go on snapping even in the evenings, especially in my room at nights, when I am most free to camwhore my kids *LOL*.

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Jolie @ 2 Months

Ugh… another wayyy backdated post on Jolie’s progress. I actually took her for her jab on the 14th of this month. Now looking back at her immunization card, I’m actually quite confused as per what jab she just took (see how blur I am!). Aigh… I guess as long as the Dr knows *keke*. I think I seriously need to ask the Dr in more detail next time I visit her.

Jolie @ 2 1/2 Months

Oh, and just for the record, I will not be bringing her back to Dr Lim’s clinic for jabs (I took both boys back to Gleneagles for all their jabs at Dr Iean’s), it’s just too far and time consuming since office hours have been extended and I am now a mother to 3 (hello?!?! I need to save up my leaves OK!). So I guess the next time we see Dr Lim will be at 6 months old, to do a review on her heart thingy.

Vital Stats:
♥ Weight: 5.1kgs
♥ Height: 58 cms
♥ Head: 38.5 cms


♥ Her milk intake has just increased from 3.5 oz every 3 hours to 4 oz. This means mommy’s gotta work harder at pumping coz I am now pumping only just enough for her (lots of work in the office!)

♥ She has discovered her hands and slurps away at the “drumsticks” whenever she wakes up from a nap and no one bothers to carry her.
♥ Her neck has really strengthened a lot. Whenever we hold both her hands she will try to arch forward as if she wants to get up.
♥ She sleep very little during the day now, she has many catnaps but prefers to talk to people (such a little chatterbox!)
♥ She’s starting to be very alert on her surroundings, so when she’s not extremely hungry, she will be playing a fool and not sucking properly.


Mommy Says:
♥ I find that newborns have smelly, sweaty hands as they always clench their little fists. But then, how come I love to smell stinky hands????
♥ I just love hearing her coo and coo and coo, it’s as if she has tonnes to tell, being cooped up in the womb for 9 months!
♥ There are some things I wanna compliment on this little girl but I’m afraid to jinx it *whisper whisper*…
♥ She cries whenever someone raise his/her voice… meaning I can’t scold her brother loudly. Maybe she’s protecting them… hmmmmmmm…

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Potty Pals

Potty Pals

Izac’s potty training started in June this year. I think after countless times of trying to catch his pee with the bucket and failing, the first time he actually ask to use the potty was on Ivan’s birthday on 28th June (although nothing came out that time).

We decided to go slow on his potty training. There were many accidents when he just didn’t feel like telling us that he needed to go. However, he kind of decided to go cold turkey on this and didn’t want to wear diapers even at nights. So I had to go and buy a bed protector sheet from Mothercare to protect my dear bed (newly bought too just before I delivered). There were also times when his “angin” came and he wanted to wear his diapers because he’s just too lazy to use the potty.

I’m glad to say that the training took more or less 2 months and he has been a potty going kid for 2 - 3 months now. So far there are still accidents on and off, and sometimes like two weeks ago, he refused to tell use when he needed to go during daytime. All in all, it’s great to have two potty going kids in the house. As you can see from the picture above, they sometimes go potty together *hahaha*. And the good thing is, Izac got himself trained up just in time for Jolie’s arrival too! (Help mommy save on diapers mah…)

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I’m Still Here

Ice Cool

I guess I should really update something about what’s up with me. Being gone for too long from this blog makes me lazy, as you can see from my sporadic entries these past few months. Even my feed reader’s topping the charts at 1200 unread posts after 3 weeks of absence, that’s also coz I managed to clear off those paid posts written by those in my feed and leaving behind only those I plan to read… soon… *hehe*

First off, this marks the beginning of my 3rd week at work. I started work the week after the Raya holidays (6th October) and faced a mountain of faulty parts waiting to be sent out. Even now, they’re not all cleared yet, what with new stuff to do everyday while having to deal with the old stuff as well.

About the kids… they’re just doing great… driving their mommy up the wall, that is! Ivan has been a really good boy. Izac is the one driving me up the wall. Jolie… she’s an angel, when she’s not wailing! But really, Jolie is quite a good baby, probably because I co-sleep with her at nights so I hardly ever have to get up from my slumber too. More updates about them coming up one by one :D.

On newborn photography, I have done 2 photoshoots since the last I wrote an entry… one for my friend’s first child Cody and after that for Sasha’s brand new boy Justin. Those will be coming soon too!

Do check back soon (but don’t hold your breath, ya!)…

Yum Cha

>Auto Buff<

I have many friends who are car buffs… nearly all of them are guys. The amount they spend on their cars for unnecessary upgrades (depends on how you see it, I guess) makes me cringe. Sometimes I think it would be better for them to get auto parts franchises so that they could kill two birds with one stone. But then again, who am I to say they’re spending too much on their cars… I spend way too much for my photography hobby too *hehehe*.

Yum Cha

>Acne Prone Skin<

So far, I have not really needed to use much acne products as I have pretty clear complexion (though not porcelain clear!) myself. Whenever I pass by people with acne prone skin, it makes me wonder if their acne is caused by product used, by improper hygiene or whether it is hereditary. It must be painful to have a face full of red and blistering acne. It makes me thankful that I do not need to spend much for a clear skin and no not need to think twice to rub my face on baby’s Jolie’s whenevr I like.

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