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Jolie, Milestones, Motherhood

Flips and Flops, and What-Nots

Nose Scrunching

Just a short one on little miss Jolie.

At 3 months, she’s learnt to flip over completely without knowing yet how to lift her head properly.

At around 3 1/2 months, she surprised me yet again when she could flip over to her belly AND lift her head.

At 4 1/2 months old, she’s done a flip-to-belly, and then flip-to-back and another flip-to-belly! She’s practically a pro already doing multiple flips (proud mama typing here… teehee!)… Now I just hope she doesn’t fall off the bed in split seconds.

I wrote the above yonks ago, thinking I would have time to do some adjustments and post it. It’s been lying at the drafts area collecting dust. I thought I would just post it up now, since it is a major milestone for Miss Jolie here. She can flip well and prop herself up, but as of now still not able to sit unsupported.

Rolling Rolling

Like her brothers, she’s not given me much problem when she’s teething (or is it just me who didn’t notice :|). Her bottom 2 teeth started sprouting at 5 months, the top 2 started at 6 months, then another 2 at the top started at 7 months and now at 8 months another 2 at the top seems to want to come out too! So careful if she bites, it painful! (Duh~)

She’s started taking porridge twice a day at a little over 6 months and she’s lovin’ it! This means she’s taking less milk (2 bottles of 4.5oz less) but I’m still a pumping mama at work and and a cow when I’m home. I’ve also started giving her some fruits, mainly bananas and papayas. This girl just can get enough of food, she screams her lungs out when the spoon leaves her mouth and doesn’t go back fast enough.

Hmm… there are actually endless things to write, mostly with regards to the habits of these young flers, but I’ll leave that for another post. Gonna end this post with a picture of the 3 kiddos.

3 Kiddos

Yum Cha

>Drug Rehab Songs<

I notice that these days there are more and more drug rehab songs on the radio. I wonder why someone would want to write songs about drug rehabs, more so listen to it. But then again, I guess these days songs don’t really mean much, they’re just sounds. They just sound nice, but when you really listen, they don’t mean much. I remember when I was younger, songs have a meaning to them, and they really do tell a story. Ahh… I miss those good old days.

Yum Cha

>Lights Extravaganza<

Finally, after years of hoping to get the house renovated, hubs have finally agreed to have it done soon. I guess I will have to pop over at the light fixture store and have a looksee. The current lighting at the house just makes me sick coz they’re certainly not bright enough and I’m such a person for brightness! I hope when the house is thoroughly done up it will be so brightly lit, there won’t be any dark corners left.

Yum Cha

>Big Appetite<

I find that I have a huge appetite these days, and needless to say my weight gain is darn healthy too :(. I haven’t done much to reduce my food intake but wonder if doing a herbal colon cleanse will help get rid of some unwanted oils in my body. Hmm… on second thoughts, I think it might only help to reduce water retention in my body. Have any of you tried it?

Yum Cha

>Bad Times<

With the economy this bad, it’s a wonder if people are still spending money starting business. So many businesses are closing down, would you invest if you’re offered a very good franchise opportunity? For myself, I’m certainly spending less and trying to save up some money. A trip to the local hypermarket can make me end up with a few hundred ringgit less, and the trolley isn’t even full! I wonder when the economy will pick up again, and prices start going back to their un-inflated state…

Daily Happenings, Mommy


Sometimes I kinda wish I can just knock (literally!) those 2 boys out by 9pm so that I can have enough time to finish all my daily tasks. Those two night owls just cannot go to bed like other little kids. They’re awake even now! I know it’s due to the late naps they always have but it’s really out of my control since I will be at work while they create havoc in the house during the day.

I think until I start making some changes to their nap time or something, I won’t be able to kick start this ole blog and get MY things done :(