birdie alert
Ivan’s discovered photography. One evening while we were hanging out in the bedroom before bedtime, I took out my camera to camwhore the kids. Ivan saw it and insisted to take pictures. The above are some ramdon shots from the many he took that night.

He goes *snap* *snap* *snap* then, “Ivan want to shee-shee”. And I went and took the potty for him. Mana tau (Malay: little did I know) he went and snap a picture of the potty. While I was busying myself putting away the potty, my mum told me Ivan just snapped a picture of his birdie. I was like, “What?!”. And when I reviewed the pictures in the camera, I totally flipped and was laughing uncontrollably as he really took a picture of his birdie from the top angle *LOL*.

The next night, he insisted in taking pictures again. Many many shots of Izac, some focused, some not so. But I guess practice makes perfect, huh?