trusty lampin

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There are many quirks when it comes to Ivan. One of them is his love for his jut-jut (Kiddy Cantonese: pacifier) and his lampin (Malay: muslin napkin). Without either one of these two items, he cannot go to sleep. When he was a baby, my mum used to give him a hanky when he sleep. After some time, since he always seem to sleep better with that piece of cloth, I decided it’s better for him to use the lampin (can’t have him walking around with a lil hanky when he’s a boy, can we? *LOL*).

Even now at almost 3 years old, he still does not seem to be getting rid of this habit anytime soon. Hubs is constantly trying to rid him of this habit, always scolding me for giving him the jut-jut when he asks for it during bedtime. I, on the other hand, do not see any problem with it. I guess I believe that once he starts pre-school or play group he will automatically quit.

When I was younger, I had my own “smelly” pillow too. I used to lug it everywhere I go, this small little “security” pillow. Even when I went travelling and when I went to Australia for studies. Perhaps you could even say that I condone this habit of his, coz mommy used to do it herself *LOL*.