Yuppers. We were there. It could be the event of the year. There were so many blogger mommies and daddies there. There are many whom I have met before, a few that I’m meeting for the first time and some that I saw but was not introduced to.

This time I wasn’t really late. When I arrived, many mommies wasn’t there yet. I managed to grab a seat with Tracy and Destinee, as well as at the same table as Shannon, Tecky and Rachel. I think maybe coz I’ve been meeting up with bloggers for a few times now that I felt less shy *LOL* (believe me, I’m not the bubbly type who can go around chatting people up).

After settling down, I went around being Santa, giving away presents to the moms of the birthday kids… Amah, Annie and Barbara. I brought my own marker to write the notes on the presents *LOL* coz I had been meaning to get cards to go with them but I ran out of time. The whole week has been too hectic. When I got to Ashley’s present, I decided to include my BLOG because I doubt her mommy knew who I was *hahaha*.

The party was a successful one, even for me when I have 2 kids who clung to me. Ivan refused to go into the playroom by himself and let mommy sit and chat with the other mommies. I managed only a few pictures myself, mainly because my camera ran out of battery. And till this day, I am still in search of the charger!

Halfway through, Jazzmint left I didn’t even notice it. I was totally engrossed in the clown playing games with the kids. But seriously, the clown is totally gross, but he was quite entertaining for the kids. Towards the end, I had to leave on time as I needed to attend another full moon party at my friend’s house (you say this month I pokai or not lah like this).

Some photos to share… enjoy!






p/s: See Jayden’s “apa-lu-mau” face *hahaha*
p/p/s: I caught the photographer Jazzmint on camera! Busy snapping away.

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