Phew… I’ve been to 3 weddings for the past 3 weekends, one of which was in Penang. Two more to come this month, both in KL. Feeling sore for my poor pocket *heehee*.

The kids are great, except that Ivan just had fever which brought about rashes on his cheeks and a bit of small spots on his hands and legs. Now that he is well, Izac seem to have got the cough. He coughs with such a hollow sound it makes me scared to hear it. This little guy mau (want) ice whenever he sees it. He goes mau *nod nod*… mau *nod nod*… kinda like a little cat. Wonder why both he and Ivan learn to say “want” in Malay.

This past weekend has been hectic. I went to 2 warehouse sales with my mom, one for toys (this one was good) and one for clothes (which I regretted going because it was just so darn hot and the queue was horrendous!). The toy warehouse sales was good, imagine them selling Barbie dolls for RM10 when the normal price was RM25 each. They even went lower, RM15 for 2 which is a pretty good deal if you’re planning to get them for gifts to little girls. They had very limited Hot Wheels and Little People products which I was hoping to get for my boys.

Other than that, I had my hair trimmed which is a rare occasion. Then went shopping for shoes.

The towards the end of yesterday, Izac lost his Crocs. I was mental for a while there, but after I cooled down I was actually thankful that nothing happened to Izac. Losing a shoe like the Crocs is heart wrenching, but due to how we lost it (which we had NO idea) I was just thankful nothing happened to Izac. He could have took it off without us noticing or someone picked it off his feet(?), but the weird thing is no one noticed anything and the Curve really wasn’t crowded at 10pm. How we could have missed it was really mind boggling. Specially with bad things happening to kids nowadays, I’m really tempted to buy a harness for the little guy. What do you guys think? Maybe a monkey backpack harness or something similar?