Term one ends this week for Ivan. I guess school breaks also means no traffic jam when I go to work *yippee!*.

It has been an up and down experience for this 1st timer (referring to the boy as well as the mother here) *keke*. Ivan loves school so far as I can tell, but there were two weeks during March that he refused to go to school. I was really at wits end as to what happened to make him dislike school or even how to make him return to school. After 2 weeks of tantrums, he seems to return to normal. I did ask the teacher about it as Ivan say he’s got no friends there and he was beaten, but I was assured by the teacher that he wasn’t beaten, just some fighting over toys with another boy. We also suspected that he wanted to sit with one particular friend and the teacher rotates the seats every few weeks.

Ivan the ang-moh boy also finally learned to love Mandarin after refusing to speak Chinese when he was younger. He comes home and sings Mandarin rhymes which is so darn cute (no bias here, I assure you) *LOL*. Sometimes he comes home with tales which I can only guess whether it’s made up or real, like telling me that his friend pushed him twice today and he fell down (they like to exaggerate).

During his earlier days at school he came home telling me there’s a “selfish boy” in his class which made me wonder, who taught him this word. He assured me that his teacher called the boy that. This day we finally learnt that his classmate’s name is Sarvish, and not “selfish boy”. The things this little bugger tells me about school sometimes just tickles me to no end.

However, we can see he’s grown more independent and outgoing. His Mandarin is improving and I’m also learning the language as he is learning (banana mah, what to do) *hahaha*. He conveys messages from his teacher to us well, but of course I still need to double check (kids will be kids) and they have a book which the teacher inserts notices and such into it.

I hope he’s looking forward to the next semester as I am. It will be his 1st birthday celebration in school.