(Backdated post, day trip on 26th April 2008)

About a month ago, I went on a day trip with Jazzmint and Cheryl, just for the sake of taking pictures. This is my first real trip without the kids where I could snap away at ease. I seldom venture out by myself, without the kids, so when Jazz suggested the day trip on a day which I could escape, I jumped at the chance.

I’ve been to Malacca on a few different occasions, though it’s mostly to A Famosa Resort for the kids’ sake. This time we really made full use of our trip there with a full day of walking (well, almost!) and taking pictures. I was about 6 months pregnant when I went but was pleasantly surprised that I could keep up with them *winks*.

First stop at Mini Malaysia and Mini Asean, we were really put off by the price they were charging — 12 bucks person and 3 bucks for the camera. We decided to skip this venue and proceeded straight to Malacca town. One thing that I really loved about Malacca is all the vibrant colours they have there with the buildings and also crafts. It was a hot, hot day… by the time we reach the town was about 9-ish, and the sun was at us, full blast (which made me feel like it’s already 12pm).

Christ Church Melaka

So, we walked around snapping pictures at our own pace, then proceeded to have lunch at the Famosa Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant on Jonker Street. I guess this stop is a must for every traveller to Malacca, though for myself, I would prefer the chicken rice to the chicken rice ball anytime. The food in this restaurant was okay, but if you happen to stop there, do NOT order the assam fish. It wasn’t all they said it would be, not nice *keke*.

Chicken Rice Ball

After lunch, we took a leisurely stroll to Dataran Pahlawan, where we managed to cool down and leave the kids, and then the four of us (including Jazz’s colleague) trooped to the one and only A Famosa and St Paul’s Church. Up at the church it was a tad more cooling as there was a slight breeze. After the climb, all of us went to Nadeje Patisserie for Mille Crepe. I must say that this dessert really do taste so much better when you have it there. It was a nice little break from walking, and you should see little Vyktore wolfing down the crepe! He loves it!

Mille Crepe

After the treat, we went walking around (again!) and tried to look for a certain “buah keluak” which Jazz’s MIL wanted. This nut cannot be found anywhere! When we finally gave up, we headed to the night market at Jonker Street which just started to come alive. We had some local delicacies there like the “oh chien”, fruit sushi, otak otak and also assam laksa (the queue was damn long ok!). Also, something not to be missed are the pineapple tarts, Malacca style.

Pineapple Tarts

After Jonker Street, we were all sweaty and tired. About 9-ish (12 hours after setting foot in the city!), off we went to collect our cars and started heading home. Really surprised myself by taking over 160 pictures. It was a tiring trip, the tired-ness of it all started kicking in on the way home, it felt like after a marathon man! More pictures of the trip can be viewed >>here<<.