I can’t seem to finish jotting down everything that’s happened last weekend, it truly is a fully packed weekend. This should be the last installment. For Sunday, after going to the wet market with my friend Jenny and stocking up on food for the week, we (maid and I) managed to finish hanging out the baby’s clothes for drying.

After that, I packed some clothes and the kids (also the maid lah) and off we went to Jenny’s house for a cooking session and later a dip in the pool for the children. Don’t know since when, but we kinda started this random weekend cookout mainly because both of us aren’t great cooks, and rather than spending the weekend aimlessly in the malls, we spend it over at her place. It’s a relaxing time, nothing much to elaborate… just some pictures to show *grins*.

The Fishes

Ivan the Fish

Jen & Marcus the Fishes

Izac the Fish

The kids took a nap after swimming. By 6pm, I woke them up and rushed home as I promised to bring Ivan to Ikano for Ultraman Max’s picture taking session. We we’re nearly late for the 1 hour picture session as Ivan-the-little-vainpot decided that he wants to be difficult and choose his own clothes. After that, he insisted that I had to wear it for him. Of course he kena scolded like mad by me (which I will talk about in another post).

So we finally reach Ikano, and the queue was a million miles long. But luckily we were just in time as after a while the authorities came and cut off the line, meaning they’re not accepting any more fans. It turned out that we have to spend RM19.90 for any CD at Speedy to be able to take pictures with Ultraman Max. I wasn’t informed of this when I bought the CD last week, so what to do… buy another for the boy lor.

Ultraman & Monster

Ivan, the ultimate Ultraman fan

After the queue and all that, I was just glad the weekend is over. (Hmm… notice Ultraman Max kept holding onto his mask? Maybe it’s too heavy. And he had to take a break in the middle of it all, I heard the authorities say he’s sweating like mad in there :S). We had a late dinner and after that we went home. I need a rest, man.

The aftermath…

::::::::::: IVAN SAYS :::::::::::

Ivan: “Mommy, so nice hoh, take picture with Ultraman!”
Mommy: “Yeah, luckily we reached there on time.”
Ivan: “So nice, but his hand so smelly.”
Mommy: o.O” “Eh, really?! I don’t know wor, Ultraman only hold your hand. Maybe he hold so many people’s hand that’s why smelly.”