Last Sunday, when we were at my mum’s, we decided to go to the Jusco sale so I could get a set of king size bedsheet for the new bed. While there, we decided to bring the kids for some ice-cream at New Zealand Natural. Of course, how can we resist also getting those yummilicious Big Apple donuts next door, right?

So before I could even finish ordering ice-cream for the kids, Amat went next door and got us 1/2 dozen donuts which were grabbed up by everyone in a matter of seconds. Oh well, I thought, better go and get another dozen. I was seriously thinking that I would have some left over to bring home for enjoyment later. But lo and behold! Gone!! All 18 donuts, in like 15 minutes? Seriously, who would have thought that with 3 adults and 4 kids (ages 12, 7, 4 and 2) we could finish 18 donuts??

By the way, which flavors do you like? I can’t get enough of the new flavour Berjaya Hills French Romance which has semi sweet chocolate on top AND more inside. The kids actually went for Duren Duren which is the durian flavored donut. 2-year-old Izac took one and a half pieces of the durian flavor and another half of the almond flavor… OMG! He was totally stuffed after that. Other flavors that I normally get are the Chocoholic, Whitnut, Hot Berry and Californian Almond. Yumm!!!