(Backdated post, day trip on 3rd & 4th May 2008)

This is a really backdated post. We had a weekend away at Port Dickson on the Labour Day weekend. The trip was suggested by Jazzmint as Mr Hon was back from Vietnam. We had a total of 4 rooms - Jazz, Jazz’s friend, my friend and myself. We booked the Premium Tower Seaview at the Legends Water Chalets. The rooms were quite nice, it consist of a king size bed AND a queen size bed, and Jazz got special rate for it, so it was quite worth the price.

Our room

I was working that Saturday so I met up with the rest later in the evening. Jazz went along to the ostrich farm with her friends, which I skipped, as I’ve been there twice before. After reaching the hotel at around 4pm, we proceeded to the room which was already checked in by Jazz, and kinda did nothing and rested. We wanted to catch the sunset at the beach so we planned to leave the hotel at around 6pm.

Dig dig dig

When we reached the beach next to the Avillion, I was surprised at how clean and deserted that stretch was. The Legends had no beach and Glory beach next to it was yucky. The kids went straight to the sand and the sea. Initially, Izac didn’t want to touch the sand (like when we went to Koh Samui, he didn’t want to go to the beach the whole trip). After a while, seeing the other kids having so much fun, he finally gave in. All of them had fun digging and doing what kids do best… flinging sand…

Arggghhh!! Sand!!!

OK... I love it now...

I didn’t bring the tripod and the sun was setting, so most of my pictures turned out quite blurry. Jazz also didn’t bring her tripod but it didn’t matter as her battery was running low and she stopped taking pictures *LOL*.

Sunset @ PD

So when the sun finally went down a fiery red, we left the place and went back to the hotel to shower. My friend and I didn’t join Jazz and her group for dinner as my mum brought some food and we ate in the room. Some of the kids were too tired anyway.

To be continued…