(Backdated post, day trip on 3rd & 4th May 2008)

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The next morning, I woke up quite early, about 6-ish am as I planned on catching the sunrise. So I took out the camera and stood at the balcony… waiting and waiting. Eh, how come no sunrise? When I finally gave up and decided to go downstairs and have a look at the water chalets, lo and behold, sunrise on the opposite side *keke*.

Sunrise @ PD

It was quite peaceful watching sunrise when it’s all hushed and quiet. I tried sms-ing my friend and Jazz to see if they’re awake, but no reply. So I went down and had a walk.

Sleeping Babes

When I went back upstairs, my mum was just waking up so we decided to go for breakfast, just the two of us. The rest of them can eat chicken rice which my mum is preparing in the pressure cooker (yeah, we brought some food to feed the children). After breakfast and feeding the kids, we went down for a dip in the pool. My friend Jenny went to Glory beach but found the sand to be yucky, kinda like mud they said. So the pool it is. By the way, the pool is small, and there were so many people there… *sighs*.


With Jen & Marcus

Right after having fun in the pool, we headed back up to the room at 11 something, showered and finished up the food. All of us went home on our own, no point following cars which will only slow us down.

More photos can be viewed >>here<<.