Ivan celebrated his birthday during school hours, in his class last Thursday (26th June), since this is the first year he is able to celebrate it in school. I arranged two celebrations which were very simple indeed (2nd one at home with the family, post coming soon), as having an eleborate one for 2 kids yearly (including a 3rd one coming) will be a wee bit taxing on my sanity *LOL*.

Ultraman & Spiderman Cuppies

I ordered 26 cupcakes for RM114 (varies depending on design) from Tracey one week before as I felt that cuppies will be less messy for kids in school. I kind of forgot to tell her to make it less sweet, but the cupcakes turned out great! The Ultraman and Spiderman patterns were sweet and understandably so, as the icing are all made of sugar, but the cake itself were fluffy and buttery. The cupcakes were collected a day ahead, on Wednesday night.

When I brought him to school with the cakes, the teachers instantly know that there’s gonna be a birthday celebration that day. I guess it’s all part and parcel of teaching young school goers. Izac and Supini tagged along, Izac loves sending his brother to school whenever permitted *grins*. So I checked with the teacher when they normally have their meals and suggested that the party packs be given out after class so as not to disrupt the attention of the kids.

Izac - Big Boy Soon

After dropping him off in the classroom, rather than going home and coming back again in 1 hour, we hanged out in the car (where some camwhoring of Izac went on *LOL*). When time was nearly up, we waited outside the classroom. As I sat unknowingly, the teacher set up the cupcakes and came out asking me if I wanted to take pictures. So fast *LOL*… so I went in and took some auto shots as the class was in darkness (lights were off for the candles… I really need the external flash!!).

Birthday Boy

Candles and Classmates

It was very organised how the teacher arranged the kids to stand beside Ivan and they were all told ahead NOT to blow the candles *haha*. It was over very quickly, with the teacher offering to take a family picture for us. After that, I went out of the class to let the children eat (can hear the boys saying, “I want Ultraman!”. Teacher instructed Ivan to bring out cuppies for me, little Izac and Supini.

My Boys & I

After finishing the cupcakes, I packed the leftover into the car, and had another round of waiting, as it was a waste of time to go home and come again (not forgetting waste of fuel). Although this is such a simple party, I hope this 4-year-old boy was H-A-P-P-Y, like it said on the cupcake.